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My life unplugged

my daily thoughts and ramblings on motherhood, raising my kids, being a wife and everything else in between that matters in our life.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

before the month ends

i have been so caught up with work that this blog took a backseat. and it saddens me that i've neglected my blog for weeks. i've stored up lots of stories but i just didn't have the time at all.

so what have i been up to?

> i finally received the blessings i was waiting for a long time. this helped a lot with the family expenses. and at least now, i'm down to one loan payment. yey!

> the first 3 months of my injectibles and so far, it has been smooth sailing. the bad part though is the weight gain, but i'm not complaining, people said i looked better now. :)

> the kids are doing great. kyle's done with his 2nd quarter exams which i hope he passed with flying colors. we're also hoping for a first honor award this time. keon's still struggling with his terrible twos, he's been quite clingy to his yaya and usually ends up crying over little things. kade's growing up so fast that i can't believe he's turning 4 months already!

> we're already working on kade's baptism this november. just a little get together with friends and family.

> work has been great. it's not routine like it was before and now we've got more people on the team compared to a few months before when it was only me. one woman team for the digital department. :)

> hubby's doing great at work too. he's no longer frazzled and stressed unlike the first few months when he got promoted. but of course, the stress of manning a staff of 120 people comes with the job. thank god that there are only a handful of those who are disobedient. :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

a certified GLEEK

i discovered this from reading tweets from other people. and i got curious and now i am hooked! i'm a gleek!

some say this is like HSM, but i beg to differ. this is HSM way better. HSM on crack if you may. it's more real and superficial. amazing!

and the songs are spectacular! i love kurt to bits!

are you a gleek too?

Monday, October 5, 2009

little wonders

it's funny how something so powerful as a fart and a burp can come out from someone so tiny and helpless?

kade xedric, the burping and farting champion at home. sometimes his two older brothers get blamed but in the end, he was the culprit!

and that's one of the reasons why mommy loves you to bits!

you stole the crown from your two kuyas. amazing little kid with big powers!

your little wonders truly amaze the family.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

a year older, a year wiser

and so another year has passed. turned another year older, but wiser. with a better and bigger perspective on things. i may joke around people asking me my age and i quickly retort to turning 25 or 21 depending on my mood. it was the shallow part in me that i didn't want to let go. the fear of getting old.

but with having 3 kids, things turned around. i've started to look forward in seeing them grow up as i get older. seeing them discover things about themselves as i have experienced when i was their age. it was like seeing myself in them, times 3.

i've learned a lot of things in the many years i've had my birthdays. but it was only then that when i started to have a family of my own that the things i wish for and the things that i want weren't for myself but for those 4 people who have been in my heart. i've learned to be more serious in making decisions. i've learned to take things in perspective, being in the other person's shoes and to just let go sometimes. i've learned to laugh, wholeheartedly. not to be too serious always. it was then that i have realized that i had indeed grown up. i was an adult.

on a lighter note, since i wasn't expecting to get any gifts, it was a pleasant surprise to see my kids,kyle and keon singing to me a happy birthday the moment i woke up. with a hug and a kiss and cuddles, it was the best birthday gift ever. a gurgle from kade and his contented sigh once i rest his head on my chest and hubby's presence tops the list of my best birthday gifts ever.

and here's to more years of learning new things along the way. =)