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My life unplugged

my daily thoughts and ramblings on motherhood, raising my kids, being a wife and everything else in between that matters in our life.

Friday, June 26, 2009

huling hirit

kung sabihin ko naman na di pwede, gagawa ka naman ng paraan na masunod pa rin ang gusto mo eh. ganyan na kita kilala. you'll still "force" what you want.

kelan kaya darating ang araw na masusunod yung sinabi ko?

Farewell Ms. Farrah

before the news broke out about MJ's passing, an angel has fallen.

one of the original Charlie's Angels has left this world at the age of 62. One of the most noted sex symbols during the 70's. she was truly a stunning woman. the hair, the smile, the body.

farewell, Ms. Farrah Fawcett.

it was all the more sad because we all know she was suffering from cancer, fought hard and was about to be wed. but sadly, fate had other plans.

god wanted her to be a real angel.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Farewell King of Pop

after sending off my son to school this morning, i got an SMS from my bestfriend. it was a simple message: RIP Michael Jackson. i had to read it thrice to take it all in before i could reply back to her.

i was in utter disbelief. an icon. a living legend. gone.

in a way, he was a big part of me growing up. i basically saw him "transform". his songs were upbeat, had a message, and in a way can relate to anyone. he was that awesome, next to the beatles and elvis.

now he's gone. at age 50, he has left us - quite abruptly. it may be all the things he did to himself throughout his career or it was just God's way of telling him to slow down and rest. either way, i hope he's in a happy place.

rest in peace king of pop. you will surely be missed. your legacy will live on...

sharing the photo they took while trying to revive him, but failed.



sometimes having a conversation with my almost 4 year old son is much better than conversing with people my age or older. things make more sense with a 4 year old than a regular adult... for some reason, there's perspective.

happiness, thy name is Red Mango

i'm not really a fan of yogurt, but if i do get the chance to get my hands on one, i would gladly eat it. so far the only yogurt i had a taste of is the one from nestle.

but with the boom of the frozen yogurt business here in the country. almost everywhere you go, you see a stall selling for-yo. and as an officemate called it, fro-yo is the next shawarma. remember the shawarma craze way back when? fro yo takes the throne today.

i was given the chance to try out one of the most popular fro yo stalls/stores while doing our rounds for the restaurant reviews over eastwoord tuesday last week. aside from the happy tummy from all the good food, we get to try out a dessert place! yey!

and then i met red mango. and i got hooked!

i ordered the fro yo over shaved ice with 3 toppings. special k, peaches and blueberries. and according to the manager, the combination i chose was their highlyu recommended combinations to those who are aren't quite sure of what to get. as a first timer, i felt damn proud of my choice. haha.

the yogurt wasn't that too sour nor too sweet. it was actually just right for my preggy taste. and the mix of the blueberries and peaches and the crunchyness of the special k was a party in my tongue all the way to my tummy. and you can't go wrong with yogurt, it's much healthier than getting a huge scoop of ice cream. one small order is filling enough.

and that's not all red mango offers, aside from the usual fro yo and endless toppings, they also offer coffee and waffles for those who aren't that into yogurt. at least the owners / managemet thought of capturing a market of yogurt and non yogurt lovers.

a bonus: the ambiance is such a good place to hang out post date with you SO or that person you like. not too private, not too public. just the right coziness to chat and enjoy your fro yo.

now hubby and i are looking forward to our own red mango date.

Red Mango is located at:
Trinoma and Eastwood Mall

*photos to follow

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

false alarm / scare at 3am

almost nearing my full term, one of the downsides of being pregnant are the sleepless nights. one, due to the frequency in peeing, two, you can't find the most comfortable position to sleep and three, it's just a big hassle sleeping with a big belly.

so anyway, i was having one of those rare nights where i was getting the sleep i was needing when all of a sudden i woke up to a really painful lower back. i thought i was in a wrong sleeping position. but the pain was persistent and every movement was torture. and it didn't stop there, the pain in my lower back was slowly creeping its way into my front. and started to feel like contractions.

i was bugging hubby on what i was feeling. i was telling him that i was worried that i might be in labor already. he told me to relax and to monitor the pain and the contractions. it was a really scary moment right there. i actually never experienced this when i was carrying my two boys. the moment i started to feel those contractions was when i was in the labor room and a few minutes away from being wheeled into the delivery room. i felt like such a newbie mom.

but thank God the pains subsided after an hour, but i wasn't able to get the sleep i needed.

i was really worried going into labor this early since i'll be on my 36th week by tomorrow and technically, the baby hasn't reached full term yet.

so i whispered a prayer of thanks and a little nudge to baby to not be too excited to come out. he can go and make his grand entrance on the first week of july and on weekend and i won't complain at all.

Monday, June 22, 2009

is it time for a new pet?

we've noticed that kyle has had this early fascination with animals. and since he's turning 4 next month, we've been thinking if it is indeed time to introduce him to a new phase in his life where he has to be responsible in taking care of pets.

hubby and i are thinking about getting him his own dog or cat since usually this are the first pets as a kid. but looking back at my own childhood, my first pet was a duckling. although i was mommy to this duckling for a good 2 weeks before it passed away. it felt good.

hubby and i are thinking that being responsible and the maintenance that goes with pet care can be quite big for kyle, we're sure he'll pass with flying colors. and maybe a new pet can be good alternative to the usual robots and blocks he asks as a gift.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

a father's day post for the best dad of three

i know father's day is a yearly thing and i read my last year's post for hubby. 10 things about him being a dad.

and if i may add:

1. he's not afraid to admit that his fashion sense is going into the direction of daddy-ish. but he still has his days of shorts, sneakers and polo shirts. either way, he's still a hot dad.

2. he's willing to give up his sleeping space and literally sleep like a log so that kyle can sleep and roll as much as he can. with a little complaint here and there, but he's only human.

3. he sacrificed a lot not only for the kids, but for me. and it gives me much more respect for him.

4. he has totally learned to put the kids first before himself and his needs.

5. he still has the proud daddy laugh that is genuine and from the deepest depths of his heart.

the list can go on and on. i'm just happy that my kids are the luckiest kids in the whole world having a daddy like him. he may not be there most of the time, but as i mentioned in the old post, we chose quality over quantity when bonding with the kids.

happy father's day to the best dad my kids could ever have! this is your best year ever with little KX #3 on the way any week now. :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

buying a book for the first time again

i didn't know how euphoric it felt when the moment you hand over the book to the cashier, hand over your payment, hear the magical jingle of the cash register and the crisp sound of the paper bag being handed over to you after purchasing a book can be this... well, euphoric. it felt like the first time all over again.

it felt like i was 6 again when i had my first taste of purchasing a book of my choice. that time if i remember, it was a sweet valley teens novel. and it felt good. so good that i started saving up whatever's left of my measly allowance just so i can buy a book monthly. i was hooked.

and after all these years, it happened all over again. i got to buy a book. a novel. something concrete that i can hold and sleep beside with at night. and i missed the feeling so much.

i bought the time traveler's wife, a novel by audrey niffenegger. i got hooked when i heard it was going to be adapted into a movie. saw the trailer and found it to be a potentially good movie. but i decided to read the book first. i wanted to get a feel of the story between these two people.

and now i can't wait to curl up in our bed and read a few chapters before i fall asleep. i just hope i don't read it too fast that by the time i go into labor i've got nothing to do or to read.

it just feels good to have a good book to come home to right? :)

here's the trailer for the movie:

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

i can't make you love me

even if this is such a sappy heartbreaking song, it's such a classic. and i won't get tired of listening to this over and over and over again. the george michael version and the bonnie rait version. either way, they both rock.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

bring on the cheese

last night, hubby called me up. his voice was a bit depressed. he must be tired from work, i thought. he said he's on his way to pick me up and we need to talk.

uh-oh this is something serious. i hope it's not family related, i thought. as soon as he arrived, he looked forlorn. he started his speech like this:

bear, di ko na kaya to eh. di ko kasi masabi lahat sa iyo kaya sinabi ko na lang kay tigger lahat ng nararamdaman ko. di ko kasi alam kung paano sasabihin sa iyo kaya idinaan ko na lang kay tigger.

huh? tigger? why is a disney character involved?

and then he handed this to me:

can you say cheesy?

we were laughing our heads off with his cheesy lines. kilig factor rating 100/10. perfect score. and totally out of the blue. rare, special and definitely romantic indeed.

why the gesture? because he knows i love tigger, because he knows we have been blessed the past few days, because he knows i've been biting his head off lately about being more of a dad than just the provider to the kids.

and basically, just because.

now, how will i top that? oh yeah, another baby boy for him. haha but seriously, it's so hard to beat this sweetness.

*now basil the plant has a new companion in my cube :D

** and yes hubby did ask me to blog about it. haha

first day of school

seeing them in unfirm brings a tear to my eye. all grown up and ready to face the world.

for other photos, i've posted them in my facebook

for the full account, i shall blog about it tomorrow.

Monday, June 8, 2009

first day high

as a mom, it's quite exciting to send off your kids to school. most especially on their first day of school. but with the current health situation, it seems that keeping them at home is the next best option. not that i don't trust the school in making sure that the kids don't get sick. it's the other parents i'm worried about and how they value hygiene for their kids.

now i have to make sure that my kids have extra sets of alcohol and that they have an extra pair of handkechief in their pockets. and thank god at this early, they know how to cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze and stay away from kids that have cough. oc mom much, yes i am.

so much for the excitement in seeing them off tomorrow. now i'm all worried about them being in school for 2 whole hours starting tomorrow.

and yes, even keon will get to experience what school feels like tomorrow. wish me luck!

experiencing Eastwood part 2

now where was part 1 you might wonder? well i didn't really blog about it yet since i intend to make a few notes about the 5 restos we've raided and sampled their specialties. which, of course has been stuck in my trusty coffee bean and tea leaf notebook for quite a while and the photos, stored in my laptop's hard drive.

and so, for this part 2 update, we raided 3 restos in Eastwood.

but again, this is just a teaser since being OC and all, i have to start with the first batch right? but fret not dear readers, (if i do have readers haha) i shall post asap.

and another Eastwood resto raid is on it's way next week. another happy tummy moment for the little one and of course mommy. haha (and i have to "borrow" some photos from the cosmo girls.)

watch this space for my first ever food review. sort-of :)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

the name game

playing the name game can be tough, especially for us since our kids follow a certain pattern. their names start with K and X. why so? hubby and i think that these letters aren't that common when combined together to name the kids.

at first we thought baby #3 was a girl, we have a pre-selected name already. but as mentioned to some of my friends, we won't disclose it. we're OC and protective of our name choices. yes, we do fear that people might "copy" the name combination we want. silly i know. but we just love having ownership.

but alas, baby #3 turned out into a boy. and well, hubby and i weren't able to come up with a boy's name at all. we were convinced that it was a girl. but anyway, one Monday night, while having our late dinner at Heaven and Eggs in glorietta, we were able to come up with the perfect combination. still following the pattern that the name that starts with K should have 4 letters and the name with X should have 5-6 letters. aha! a perfect fit.

watch out for the debut of our little boy's name when he comes out first or second week of July. :)

Friday, June 5, 2009

funny little keon

i was taking a bath and i heard keon calling out to me. he was awake quite early that morning. good thing we wasn't crying his eyes out and asking for me. he was casually calling for me. i guess he knew i was in the bathroom. he patiently waited for me to finish. and when i came out this is what he said:

keon: mommy, mommy
me: yes keon?
keon: wee wee (pointing to his jammies and pillow)
me: you want me to change you?
keon: yes, wet wet wee wee
me: come here and let's change you

keon was waiting for me ti finish to tell me his nappy is full and had leaked a few onto his jammies and he needed a change asap. he was also concerend about his pillow getting wet as well.

this little boy is quite the OC type that he hates getting wet with his own pee. and as mentioned in my previous post, he's potty trained. one last hurdle left. being nappy free at night.

rainy days

after the intense heat the past few weeks, God must have had enough of our complaints and now sent over some showers. but stil we complain. we're such a hard to please crowd.

a friend from plurk once mentioned that the rains now are a blessing. it washes away the impurities in the air - at the same time the news broke out about the sudden spread of the carriers of the dreaded swine flu. isn't this God's way of telling us that we better stay indoors, in the comforts of our homes until it's over?

now if that can happen to us working parents. the only comfort is that the kids are safe and cozy at home.

thank you lord for the rain even if i get my feet wet and get that icky feeling.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

meet basil

my new plant here in the office. it's a basil plant so what else to name it than basil, right? :)

a whole lot of awesomeness!

my dad would love to play this game. now, time to wish for to own our own console to play this. :D must channel the secret.

awesome indeed!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Still rooting for the Blue team

praying to be on Team Pink was not granted. we're still rooting for Team Blue. and they say, the third time's a charm.

it was an eventful saturday. went to the hospital for the routine lab tests and pre natal check up. i took a chance to see if there's any glimmer of hope to be on team pink. i was with kyle that afternoon hoping that he'll witness for the first time his first wish coming true. but sadly, my little boy went out of the sonologist's clinic defeated and confused. i on the other hand was a giddy preggy mom. giddy and a bit disappointed i guess. deep inside i wanted a girl, but then this is god's plan for me to raise men not ladies. but over-all, i am happy the baby's doing great.

after getting the results, i immediately called up my bestfriend to tell the news. hubby at that time was in a meeting and i just had to call someone up. when i was able to talk to hubby, all he could do was let out a chuckle of relief. from being free of having a little princess to worry about growing up. so yeah, all the worrying will be up to me. by the time these 3 grow up into adolescents, i'll be the enemy and daddy's going to be the best friend. but i will put up a fight. i shall baby them until they cry their eyes out. haha!

so yes, dear readers, we're having another baby boy. and no, we don't plan to start a basketball team.

project potty: the keon chronicles

as mentioned in the previous potty updates about keon's milestone in going potty we have reached another milestone. stage 2, poopoo.

it was such good news when my mom shared with me how keon finally gave in to going potty on his own. mama was with the kids in the living room when keon approached her, took her hand and led her to the bathroom. upon entering the door to the bathroom, he proudly announced/informed my mom that he has to go poopoo. and to my mom's surprise and amusement, she gladly obliged to assist him. (my mom has expressed that she will not assist at all when the kids go weewee and poopoo since she's done with the three of us) she sat keon down and the magic happened.

my little boy had pooped in the potty. on his own!

and he has been doing it eversince. he'll approach the nearest person and take their hand and lead them to the potty. such a smart kid.

even kyle was singing him praises for doing such a good job! i've got 2 boys potty trained and ready to face the world - during the daytime. nighttime is still a hurdle we have to face, but we'll get there soon. :)