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My life unplugged

my daily thoughts and ramblings on motherhood, raising my kids, being a wife and everything else in between that matters in our life.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

a message from God

On this day of your life, Hazel, we believe God wants you to know...
... that doubt is the greatest gift, - it's the space between two certainties.

Any change on its way from one place of stability to the next one, passes through a period of doubt. Your old perspective has to disintegrate, and doubt comes in for a visit - even if only for a moment, before the new perspective takes root. Doubt is your greatest gift, because from doubt you can go anywhere.

and i thought that doubting is wrong. i guess now i have to change perspectives to see things more clearly.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

quoting incubus

whatever tomorrow brings, i'll be there
with open arms and and open eyes..

and it somehow uplifted my weary spirit at times like this. incubus couldn't have said it better when it comes to thinking positive and just facing the world.

so i say, bring it on world. i'm ready.

Monday, May 25, 2009

to the best hardworking hubby in the world

a big congratulations on your promotion! good job! the youngest ever to run a sales office for ABI. idol! =)

good job aishi! i know you can do it. prove them all wrong.

all the late nights of going home paid off. i hope this time you get to follow your own schedule and pace. your boys and baby and i are all behind you.

good job aishi!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

this recession got me depressed

it's sales report day again and i have succumbed into depression. all my updates were pending accounts and sadly no closed sale for this month. most of the pending accounts that i have would book starting june or july. and it's quite depressing to submit a mediocre report to my boss who expects so much.

times are definitely hard right now. i've even resorted to begging my contacts/clients to speed up the approvals so that we could at least book an ad placement. but no dice. people are really holding on to their cash for dear life.

i sure hope that next month would be positive for us and the business.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Black Heart Inertia

pardon the fangirl in me. but i am an Incubus fan eversince. and seeing brandon boyd in nerdy glasses makes me all giggly and kilig like a highschool student.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

His and Hers

Thanks to hubby's connection with the people from Adidas (ex office mates to be exact) we were able to score some rocking sneakers. hubby has about 4 pairs of these and i guess it's about time i have to have one for my own too.

behold, our first his and hers item: sneakers!!


this is one of the lightest sneakers i have ever worn!

New Moon: The Leaked Poster

i know, i know a lot of people have posted this already. but come on, admit it, you're interested as well.

thanks to a booboo by a site for publishing the poster online a day in advance.

enjoy! i may watch this and hope and pray it wouldn't turn into a laughing session with constipated actors...

*side comment: bakit parang ang liit ni bella? bumansot ba siya? hihi

Monday, May 18, 2009

Preggy update #5: 30 weeks and counting

8 weeks more to go and baby#3 will be full term. more or less that would be around the week of july 12 to 18. the only thing i hope won't happen is that kyle won't share his birthday with his baby sister/brother.

on with the updates then.

so far it's a bit annoying that people comment how small i carry this baby. how they can go about saying that i carry small in such a way that sounds like i don't eat enough, i don't take my vitamins etc. but i still have the willpower to ignore them and just say in a polite manner that i do carry my kids small. but they come out pretty healthy. kyle was a 7 pounder and keon was a 6. so it wouldn't be a surprise if this little one would be within these range.

anyway, here's what babycenter has to say about me being on my 30th week:

Good news — at this point your baby's lungs and digestive tract are nearly mature, meaning she'll do much better in the event of premature birth. Researchers also believe your baby can actually see now, in utero, but no one knows exactly how much she can make out. She's also becoming more cramped in your uterus and less able to move so freely, although when she does move, it's very noticeable.

comparing baby #3 from my two, this one has the most noteable movements. the twists and turns are quite disturbing and painful on most days. sleeping on my left side is a chore, i think baby #3 hates it when i do.

but other than that, the feeling has been great, the pregnancy a breeze, the food trips amazing.

8 more weeks to go and we'll see this bundle of happiness.


we still don't know the gender because she/he refuses to show the genitals. totally covered up! next week i guess - if funds permit for another ultrasound. :)

a little more each day

my kyle is a little boy no more. everyday, he learns something new and it amazes me that in just a few months, i'll have a 4 year old as a first born. how time flies that he has been quite dependent. a few things he can do on his own:

> go to the potty to pee
> take off his clothes before taking a bath
> get water
> eat on his own using adult sized utensils (bitin siya when he uses those kiddie sized ones)
> try to tie his shoelaces

and the latest achievement since last night: he can finally write his name without any assistance.

i got so teary-eyed that here is my little boy gaining more independence each day. part of me got scared that one day, he won't need me anymore. part of me wanted to keep him like that forever.

it was such a milestone for kyle and i because all the effort we went through in learning the letters of his name, to actually trying to write it on paper. he can already spell out his name (in case he gets lost daw (oh dear) and tell the guard his name.

i can't wait for his next milestone. i may not get to spend 100% of my time with him but i am happy that i still get to see his milestones. that i somehow get blessed in getting the chance to actually witness it for the first time. this is such a reward for me as a mom. not only to kyle but also to keon who, is sharing his own milestones with me.

i am truly blessed to have such wonderful kids. i can't wait what this third little wonder can do in the future.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Mommy Moments: Silly Moments

mommy moments

first time to join Mommy Moments and i love the theme!

Here are a few snapshots of the kids in their silly moments. :)

such silly boys! :)

a burger joint beside a carwash

a few minutes ago, hubby and i went on a food hunt. since he was in the pasig area near my office, he decided to try out this burger joint he has seen a few times when he was passing by the Kapitolyo area. when i heard it was Charlie's i couldn't be happier. i heard about this place when i read Anton's blog.

and from his reviews, and from some friends who tried it, i was beside myself with excitement. hubby and i are of course burger lovers and die hard carnivores. so, we're sure this place wouldn't disappoint at all.

and in fact it didn't. waiting for the burgers were rewarding in itself. if you're the impatient kind, this would be torture for you. but i assure you, it is so worth the wait.

we ordered the black angus beef burgers with fries.

(had to borrow the photo from Anton since i forgot to bring my camera). the burger's size is just right, a bit leveling on the size of Jollibee's Champ. but only better. the fries were salted just the way we like it. they were also very generous with the catsup serving, and if you want more, you can just borrow the huge bottle of Heinz from the counter, along with the mustard.

we also ordered the half dozen buffalo wings with blue cheese mayo (sorry, no photo. next time na lang). and so far this is one of the best buffalo wings i have tasted. just the right amount of heat, sourness and spice. even the veggie sticks were yummy! :)

we left the place with our faces and tummies happy. we would definitely go back and try out their other menu.

*photo credits: Anton of Our Awesome Planet

16 Kapitolyo Drive, Pasig City
(the same street as Cafe Juanita but you have to go straight past Good Burger)just look for the carwash and the little sign above or when you see a good amount of people lined up. :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

LP#57: Nang Matapos

dalawa ang aking ilalahok para sa tema ngayon.

ang una: nang matapos ang kaininan, eto lang ang natira:

yan din ang nilahok ko sa nakaraang LP.

nang matapos na kami kumain, tila toge lang ang natira sa aking plato. hindi kasi ako kumakain ng toge kung katabi siya ng pagkain ko. pang lumpia lang siya para sa akin. haha


ikalawang lahok: nang matapos ka sa pag-aaral ng nursery

nang makatapos ang aking panganay sa nursery, di mapinta ang kanyang tuwa dahil big boy na daw siya at ready na daw sa big school. tila yata excited nang lumaki ang anak ko. sana naman wag muna, baby ko pa rin siya eh.


at ang sequel sa nakaraang lahok sa LP... nagsimula kaming maliit lang na pamilya, ngayon magkakaroon na kaming 3 anak! isipin mo yun? :)

maligayang LP sa inyo!

WS: Fabfinds Thursday#2: Couple Candy

this is a very shallow post for WS. haha bear with me misis!

one couple comes to mind when you mention the word fashionable. Posh and Becks. Seriously these two can pack a mean punch in terms of being fasyown. hot and sexy can best define the two. eye candy. outfits are always wow - especially posh. i love love her fearless fashion sense. and never did i see this woman not wearing heels! and don't get me started on becks, he may not be my favorite football player, but admit it ladies, he's such an eye candy noh? have you seen those emporio armani ads? whew!

and of course, posh, pushing out 3 boys and still having that great body! i wish i could be even half as sexy as her after i give birth to my 3rd. haha wish me luck!

and did i mention i love love her hair? haha still attempting to copy her hair. haha!

if you want to join the chikahan, click on the button above.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Project Potty: Keon a Success!

for the past 2 months, we have been successful in training keon to use the potty for both weewee and poopoo. and so far he has been diaper-free in the mornings with a few accidents here and there. which, is ok with us since it's a bit early for him to even tell us he wants to go.

what i do is i watch his cues. if he keeps on touching his tutuy it means he wants to go weewee. and i would ask his dad to lead him to the potty and carry him. my kids have taken to use the potty for adults and hates those kiddie potty things. after the deed is done, he would then flush the toilet and wash his hands. how's that for a 2 year old?

as for the poopoo, we have to be really vigilant and keep a watchful eye on him. but thankfully, he goes poopoo on scheduled times during the day. save for the usual accidents again where he would be so engrossed in playing that by the time we go to the potty, we've left a trail of poopoo like breadcrumbs haha.

overall, i have been so proud of my kid's milestones and progress. i could not believe that at this early my boys have learned to go on their own.

before i know it, they're too grown up for me to even give them their baths. huhuhu...

Monday, May 11, 2009

another week of waiting

as mentioned, i was supposed to announce to the whole world baby#3's gender last saturday after my scheduled ultrasound. i was able to have my ultrasound but the baby's too shy to show those genitals. imagine baby's 2 knees blocking the view and if that's not enough, the umbilical cord was pleasantly lodged in between.

the sonologist was having a hard time. and it was more frustrating for me as i was trying to make sense of the image in the black and white screen. but failed.

and poor hubby had to be there to see nothing. so we opted to give it another go and check baby's gender next week.

mahirap na ang mabitin...

WS Memoir Monday #2: Ideal Marriages

For this Week's theme: Ideal Marriages that inspire you

personally i don't have a specific couple whose marriage inspires me. i don't even consider my parent's marriage as ideal or as a benchmark on how we should pattern our marriage. same goes for hubby's parents. i personally think that marriage is and should be a work in progress between two people. like starting out with the same type of clay and it's up to the partners to mold it into whatever they want.

but what i would consider to be part an ideal marriage would be:

1. contstant communication
2. openess
3. trust
4. you bringing out the inner child in your partner
5. you both know when to be serious and when to act all crazy and carefree
6. never ever letting money get in the way of your relationship
7. and of course, having a relationship with god.
8. growing old together and still see each other the way you saw them the first time.
9. accepting the good traits and the bad as one whole package.
10. being good examples to the kids.

this would be the glue that would make it stick. some marriages would opt for an open one, some would even choose to just stay together without any legalities or contracts, as long as they have something that would make their marriage work, then it's good right?

there isn't a perfect marriage really since if there ever was, that marriage would be boring. it's healthy to have quarrels and tampuhan once in a while. it makes the relationship spicer and interesting.

and from the 5 years that hubby and i are together, we're still getting there. these 10 are always in our to do / to be list in marriage.

so i just found a nice photo online of an old couple since #8 on my list is hubby and i growing old and yet staying in love with each other. but with still the usual asaran, away and tampuhan that we signed up for when we decided to get married.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

mother's day for the 4th time

i may not have photos to capture the moment but spending time with my kids are the best gifts ever. hearing them call out to mommy with such need and urgency makes me love my job.

and the best part, i get to be mom all over again, once this little bundle comes out. which by the way still keeps the gender a big mystery! it would have been a great mother's day gift to know right? but that's for next week i guess.

and of course, to my mom who has been enduring all our drama for 28 years. nobody does it better. :)

happy mother's day to all the mommies out there!

Friday, May 8, 2009

how apt for the moment...

just a few minutes ago... blame friday madness...

Nothings so loud
As hearing when we lie
The truth is not kind
And youve said neither am i
But the air outside so soft is saying everything

All I want is to feel this way
To be this close, to feel the same
All I want is to feel this way
The evening speaks, I feel it say...

Nothings so cold
As closing the heart when all we need
Is to free the soul
But we wouldnt be that brave I know
And the air outside so soft, confessing everything

And it wont matter now
Whatever happens to me
Though the air speaks of all well never be
It wont trouble me

And it feels so close
Let it take me in
Let it hold me so
I can feel it say...

highlighted parts are the best...

happy feet

this is what i got from the tektite sale. 70% off baby, yeah!! got it for P700.00

purple and blue and black scribbles. lovely!

oh hello there office stuff on the floor! haha

but still wishing for my own pair of vans sneakers like this:

Thursday, May 7, 2009

LP#56: Simula pa lang

Ganito kami noon, mga batang magulang. Medyo ligaw pa sa pag-aalaga ng isang sanggol. sa tingin ng iba kami'y naglalaro lamang ng bahay-bahayan. halatang hindi pa handa sa bigay ng tadhana. ngunit sa mga ngiti namin, kami ang pinaka swerte na tao sa buong mundo dahil may anghel kami sa lupa.

at ito ang simula ng aming masayang pamilya.

happy LP sa inyo!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

WS Foodie Wednesday #!

this week's running topic of commitment takes on food this time and what better way to share how much you love your spouse through food.

admittedly i am not a domestic goddess and nor do i have the skills in the kitchen. hubby has that covered. his recipes are soul food - to me and most especially the kids. all the food he prepared for the kids were polished off in mere seconds.

here he is preparing his ever famous chili con. (sorry we can't share the recipe. family secret eh) sharing the moment is my best friend. :)

and the finished product:

if you convince us enough, hubby might send some over. hehehe

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

the long weekend with the kids

thanks to the long weekend, hubby and i was able to spend the long weekend with the kids while they spend their summer vacation with my in laws.

how we spent it is better said in pictures:

kyle wanted a photo while drinking milk. like a baby daw

keon's morning face and his dutdut pillow: tigger

first time in Pepper Lunch with Migs

while i spied Chuvaness and got all giddy and happy. sayang, she didn't stay long for me to have a photo op.

little boys playing house. obviously they're not yet sleepy.

i then realized that it was sunday and hubby and i had to leave and go home to our "other" house. we had to devise a plan to sneak out without the kids knowing or else there would be crying fits between the kids and mommy (har har).

upon reaching home, i just consoled myself with this:

but it just can't compare to how much i miss sleeping beside my boys at night.

WS: Chika Tuesday: Commitment

Topic of the day:

How did your hubby propose?
Hubby was never the type who would propose. And based on the number of years being together, he actually never proposed – either asking me to be his gf or asking me to marry him (more on that later). It was more of an understanding between us that since we both like each other, it’s given that there’s no need to propose right?

And considering that a baby came way before the planned wedding, the thought of preparing a proposal took a backseat. Mommyhood and parenting took the spotlight. and then keon came along, and now baby #3 haha. so how wil hubby ever think about proposing now?

But for some reason, hubby had a change of heart. with the upcoming wedding pegged for 2010. I “required” hubby in a not so subtle way that he has to come up with a mind blowing proposal and a ring to present as well (ha!). A girl can still dream and get her wish right? And so far so good, hubby’s planning it (as he claims). And my only requirement? Something out of the box, different from the usual proposals we get to read in wedding magazines etc. I just want a proposal to call my own and brag about to my friends and a story to tell to my kids. i mean he does owe me a proposal after three kids right? haha

*click on the button if you want to join the blog carnival.

Monday, May 4, 2009

WS Memoir Monday#1: Commitment

the wives of wifespeaks are back! and this time with something new and exciting! weekly themes and blog carnivals makes everyone happy. and for the first issue, it's Memoir Monday. a themed photomeme, the topic: Commitment.

here's my entry:

this is my favorite photo of hubby being spontaneous in being mushy and cheesy and romantic at the same time. out of the blue, he started assembling the letters while we were watching tv and shyly handed it to me. if i weren't that oblivious, wouldn't notice the little message in the middle.

as cheesy and as simple as it may be. it's quite a big gesture for me. the simplest forms of commitment. i may get my dream wedding next year but the past 4 years tops other dream/fairytale wedding anytime.

this is hubby's commitment at its simplest form.

happy monday memoirs mga misis!

sharing another photo. :)

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