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My life unplugged

my daily thoughts and ramblings on motherhood, raising my kids, being a wife and everything else in between that matters in our life.

Monday, March 31, 2008

first fight with kyle

i had my heart broken to a million pieces last night. kyle and i had a fight.

he was hitting me and pinching me even if i had repeatedly told him to stop as he was hurting me already. so i had to do the one thing that i didn't want to do. i gave him a gentle "smack"on the hands, palm facing up for really bad behavior. the first time that i had to really make him feel hurt. the previous smacks were gentle taps on the hands as final warnings.

this time it was different. after that, he still wouldn't quit doing the hitting and punching, i had to put him in the corner. which he didn't like at all. i had to make sure that he stays there a minute or so to calm him - but i guess, it made things worse. he had a major tantrum. the crying became louder and louder, tears and snot were streaming down his face.

i was hurt, seeing him cry but he had to learn his lesson that hitting is bad.

his daddy tried to talk to him to make him apologize to me, since he does that when i tell i got hurt. this time he didn't do it. it was a battle of wills. i told him he won't get milk if he won't say sorry.

it was such a heartbreaking scene. as much as i want to hug him and say sorry, he has to learn first from his actions.

we slept without saying sorry. it was hard. he didn't want me beside him. he was even crying in his sleep. must be recalling the things that happened to us that night.

i hope when i come home later. things will be better.

sorry kyle, i didn't mean to do that. :(

Saturday, March 29, 2008

tagged #8

tagged by Mars

The Seven Deadly Sins Meme.

1. wrath:

who did you last get angry with?

-my mom, she was being all dramatic again. All because of the laundry

who did you last get pissed off with?

-keon’s nanny. I sometimes catch her staring at the tv instead of watching keon who’s walking halfway the room already with unsteady steps on a MARBLE floor.

who was the last person who got really angry at you?

-my mom. Same reason as the first question.

do you keep grudges, or can you let them go easily?

-I don’t keep grudges. Forgive but not forget.

2. sloth:

what is one thing you're supposed to do daily that you haven't done in a long time?

-continue my beading

what's the latest you've ever woken up?

-when I was single and not yet a mom: 2pm

who have you been meaning to contact, but haven't?

-some clients. Haha

how many times did you hit the snooze button on your alarm clock today?

-just once then sleep again. I usually set the alarm 30 minutes before. Hehe

3. gluttony:

meat eater?


what is the greatest amount of alcohol you've had in one sitting, outing or event?

-this was in college. An assortment of hard drinks ranging from tequila, lambanog, scotch, gin, and some I can’t remember.

have you ever used a professional diet company?


4. lust:

how many people have seen you completely naked?

-my kids and hubby. Of course not counting my parents when I was a little girl. Hehe

ever caught yourself staring at the chest/crotch of a member of your gender of choice during a normal conversation?


what's your fave part of the body?

-opposite sex? Eyes and chest.

have you ever made a proposition with a prostitute?


5. greed:

if you had $1 million, what would you do with it?

-save for the kids’education, some to finally experience splurging, give 1% to charity, some to my brothers, some to pay up my parents, pay off bills and the remaining, to save up for retirement.

would you rather be rich, or famous?

-If I'm rich, I will also be famous. – agree with you mars!

6. pride:

what is the one thing that you've done that you're most proud of?

-graduating on time, having 2 great kids, and getting the job I want

one thing you have done that your parents are most proud of?

-drama mode lang: I don’t think I ever heard them say they were proud of me – based on achievements. Except the one time when my mom said I know how to take care of my kids.

what would you like to accomplish in your life?

-travel, earn an MBA, have a business and see my kids finish school and see my grandkids.

what did you do today that you're proud of?

-didn’t procrastinate.

7. envy:

if you could be anyone else in the world, who would you be?

-I’m happy being me. Why would I want to be someone else?

have you ever wished you had a different physical feature?

-more junk in the trunk and a size c with toned arms and thighs.

feel free to grab this tag! :D enjoy!

Friday, March 28, 2008

friday feast # 185


What does the color dark green make you think of?

:: my bath towel


How many cousins do you have?

:: my mom's side, i have 7. in my dad's side, a LOT. some of them i haven't met yet. my grandma had 13 siblings so imagine the number of cousins i have.


On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being highest, how honest are you?

:: i'd say an 8.5. but usually it would depend if the person can take how brutally honest i can get. so sometimes i just tend to keep my mouth shut.

Main Course

Name something that is truly free.

:: hugs and kisses, true friendships and love. what more can you ask for?


Using the letters in the word SPRING, write a sentence.

:: Some People Rarely Inquire if they Need God and i thought of another

Sunsets make People Relaxed and Inspired with Nature and Good friends.

kulasa ako!

blogged hopped and this is what i found. i got nostalgic again and with the 10 year high school reunion looming in the horizon, might as well indulge.

oh and i posted a list like this as well in my multiply.

join me as i remember some things. maver, i'm sure can relate ka dito hehe

my comments in purple :)

  1. Nakatikim ka ng stone soup
  2. Nakatikim ka ng German cookies hindi siya masarap! haha
  3. Aware ka sa Hiroshima bombing
  4. Nakapag noise barrage ka
  5. Kilala mo si Tita Naty (A Midsummer Nights Dream in my case. hehehe alamat na ata siya sa st scho eh
  6. Alam mo kung na saan ang Tunnel of Truth/Lies eto ba yung papuntang GS bldg?
  7. Alam mo ang SRA at ang iba't ibang colors nito (favorite ko ito! hindi ako nag grade school eh. hs to college lang
  8. Alam mong may star section at honor's class kahit ideny ng mga teachers
  9. Lahat ng accessories mo ay blue, black at white. more or less true nga
  10. Pag nakakakita ka ng music notes nirerecite mo ang ta ta ti ti ta ta titi ti ti ta ta (at naalala ko si Mr Reyes at ang hanger nya sa likod) - mr reyes!! one time tinago nun yung coleman kong lunch box! hmph
  11. Kilala mo si Ms. Camu
  12. Kilala mo at may phobia ka kay Gng. De Vera at ang Pulang Kotse ng Kamatayan (ano yung pulang kotse??? –well mas naalala ko ang pajero ni Ms De Vera) - ang alam ko honda civic ang kotse nun.
  13. Kilala mo at may phobia ka kay Ms.Salazar (sobra!) naku naabutan ko siya. pero after nun si mrs pengson na whee!!
  14. Nagaayos ka ng uniform pag papalapit si Mrs. Ferrer o kung sino mang discipline head (I guess this one's for the lower batch kasi if I'm not mistaken, kami ang last batch na hinandle ni Salazar) - korek!
  15. Nagtaka ka bakit hindi umuulit ng damit si Mrs Pengson. (Hahaha! Idol!) eh model ba naman ang lola nyo eh. pero oo nga, never siya nag ulit ng damit. haha
  16. Tinry mo gayahin ang signature ni Mrs Pengson.(not really…) hindi ata
  17. Natry mo na din gayahin ang signature ni Ms. Salazar (that's more like it) hindi rin. pero tempting noon
  18. Pag lower batch ka hindi ka dapat tumatambay sa stone tables - didn't mind it at all. haha
  19. Nag Arnis class ka in lieu of CAT.(or martial arts class to the tune of EYE OF THE TIGER) - can't remember!
  20. Nag SEEP ka. (Ano to??? –i think sa batch ko e BIVOUAC to–tama ba spelling? our batch had ours at Lemery, Batangas) - outreach na ata to hehe
  21. Nung Senior ka ginamit mo ang POWER OF THE "G" BADGE bully the kids!! haha
  22. Wala kang problema umupo sa sahig (which I still have the habit of) until now. which results in weird stares from friends. masaya kaya!!
  23. Mabigat ang bulsa mo. May wallet, suklay, ballpen at cellfone kasi. (Wala akong cellphone nung HS…i agree! inside my pocket: yung mahabang wallet ng girbaud, hair doctor, face poweder, panyo/tissue, beeper, 1 cattleya filler, jnj cologne, at face wash pag after lunch - wash tayo!! ahaha
  24. Pag tumatakbo ka nakahawak ka sa bulsa mo. of course!
  25. Pag after periodical exams, nasa Glorietta ka. of course!
  26. Pag nagkikita kayo ng friends mo sa ibang place, kung magbatian kayo parang 10 years na kayong hindi nagkikita. - until now. hahaha
  27. Mabigat ang paa mo pag naglalakad lalo na sa hagdan ganun pa rin ako maglakad. haha
  28. Sanay ka sa debates and impromptu speeches (GIRLS, this is one skill that will come useful in the REAL WORLD, meaning: at work and in your married life–trust me. Thanks to all our speech teachers esp RONO) - AMEN!
  29. Gumawa ka ng physics toy
  30. Ayaw mo gumamit ng banyo malapit sa physics room may multo kasi dun. meron talaga!
  31. Alam mo ang Let's cheer for St.Scholastica, Fealty Song ("We are here,dear SSC..", Come loyal, St Benedict,To thee we turn. wahahahaaha korek!
  32. Alam mo kung ano ang SCHOLARI - at alam ko pa rin ang sections ko. 1R 2H 3R 4H naks!
  33. Alam mo kung ano ang late slip, absent slip at index cards hehe
  34. Kilala mo si tita Vicky
  35. Tumutungo ka sa "God" sa "That In All Things God May Be Glorified" di na ata to mawawala eh
  36. Marunong ka gumawa ng parol na puro recycled materials ang gamit. (well, making the advent wreath was more memorable for me. I cant seem to perfectly cut the green crepe paper to make it look like the actual leaves)
  37. Marunong ka gumawa ng Advent Wreath gamit lamang ang dyaryo at crepe paper (refer to my comment in no. 36)
  38. Pag may birthday after mo kantahan sasabihin mo "Happy Birthday ___! How old are you? Jump ____ times!"
  39. Alam mo ibig sabihin ng Ora et Labora galing mag isip ni st benedict noh? swak na swak
  40. Game ka sa lahat ng bagay. Hindi ka maarte. Korek! (TALAGA!!!!!!!) - korek to the highest level
  41. Tinatawag mo lahat ng matatanda sayo sa campus manong at manang. oo nga no...
  42. Pag late ka after recess or lunch ang ilalagay mo sa late slip mo "traffic along the stairs" or pwede rin, had to change into my uniform/came from debate class.
  43. Ang tawag mo sa song sa grad march ay "tan tananan tan tan…" wahahahaha
  44. You are a feminist
  45. Natatawa ka pag may nababarok (Hahaha! Hanggang ngayon!) (Alam mong there's a Kulasa in the "same room", pag nagtinginan kayo pag may nababarok) OMG, tunay!!
  46. Hindi mo kayang di mag-comment pag may wrong grammar or diction. (Oo nga…) click here to prove my point
  47. Alam mo yung dark stairs na matarik sa high school building. freaky talaga yun. yung stairs malapit sa GSR.
  48. Nag Agri Arts and Sewing with Miss Ponce. (ang naabutan ko was the Typing Class) - typing class din ako
  49. Alam mo yung "Blame It On The Rain" na pinapatugtog ni Mrs. Ponce sa typing class. (And other 80s music like Friday I'm In Love) di ko na maalala yung song. basta may suot kaming manila paper na parang malaking supot sa ulo. dito rin naganap nung nahulog si mrs ponce. hehe
  50. Nag fashion show ka suot ang damit na tinahi mo sa Sewing class
  51. kaya mong magsulat, magdirect, magproduce ng play in one week
  52. fave lunch nyo ay cutlet, sizzling or bLT pumpernickels!!
  53. kaya mong magpalit ng PE uniform and school uniform sa gitna ng gym at naaply ko siya until now.
  54. kaya mong magpalit from uniform to swimsuit and vise versa ng di nakikitaan.
  55. alam mo ibig sabihin ng O, VS, S, MS, NI
  56. pastime nyo ang magkalikot ng wallet during Morning Praise and school gatherings sa field, gym & St. Cecile's. hahaha
  57. Napakalaking adventure na sayo ang takasan ang mga guard sa gate 1 para pumunta sa U.M. ng naka uniform (True!)
  58. nung grade school ka, naniwala ka na gumagalaw sa gabi ang statue ni Mama Mary sa Mary's Garden na Peace Garden na ngayon (at may time na natsismis na umiyak sha with matching tracks of her tears dun sa statue)
  59. favorite mo ang manggang hilaw at bagoong sa gate 6 habang wala pa ang school bus
  60. nung prep ka pa, naiingit ka k hindi ka pwede sa reference section ng LRC, pero nung naging grade 4 and above ka na, naiinggit ka dahil di ka na pwede sa children's corner sa LRC na madaming pillows at stuffed toy
  61. New Building ang tawag mo sa New Building kahit hindi na siya ang pinaka-new building. korek!
  62. alam mo ang mga kwento ni mrs bucad pag health class. *wink wink*
i think the list in my multiply's more longer than this one.

good times to reminisce. i'll try to post the trivias that was included in our yearbook. those were good times as well.

batch 98! the best!

happy giddy excited

just got a call from aishi and it was one of the good news i have heard.

can't wait to get my/our hands on it. aishi and i will be sharing this (for now, it's up to your imagination)

will post again once we do get our hands on it!!

ple, most probably alam mo na agad to when i say the magic word: adidas


Thursday, March 27, 2008

i can't even think of a good title

saw this when i blog hopped to Mars' site.

bring out the tissues!!

ok, i'm going to cry again...

tagged # 7

Tagged by DAIZ. =) i'm one of her featured friends!

1.Meeya is one of my featured friends.
2. So when Meeya makes her featured friends for the week, she has to include my name and she should pick 4 or 5 more from her own list of friends.
3. She has to inform ALL her featured friends to keep the ball rolling. If you use Blogger, you can add your featured friends using the new page element ‘Link List’. And here are my Featured Friends: Colby, Mel, Maver and of course, Daiz .

You can read everything about how this Featured Friend started by reading here and here. So keep it rolling.

For my featured friends here's your badge :) from a tiggerholic!

Glitter Photos
Here’s the direct link for the graphic.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

tagged #6

TAG! You're it! haha

Cut and paste the following starting here.

I have randomly selected 5 of you below to be tagged and I hope that you will similarly publish this post in your blog. You will have to tag 5 other bloggers and just keep adding on to the list. (Do not replace, just keep on adding! Yes we hope it will be a long list!) It’s real easy! Tag others and see your Technorati Authority increase exponentially!

The benefits of Viral Linking:- One of the fastest ways to see your technorati authority explode!- Increase your Google PageRank fast- Attract large volume of new traffic to your site- Build your community- Make new friends!

Actually, I don’t really care much for my technorati chuva, I’m just doing this to help out. (Naks, parang totoo! Haha!)

Anyway, here are the links, just add yourself at the end, if you like :)

The Strategist Notebook, Link Addiction, Ardour of the Heart, When Life Becomes a Book, The Malaysian Life,, What goes under the sun Roshidan’s Cyber Station,Sasha says,Arts of Physics,And the legend lives,My View, My Life,A Simple Life,Juliana RW,The Callalily Space,Petra,Summer in Blue,Confessions of an Army Wife,Bless’ Sanctuary,Happy Life,Living @ Evergreen State,La Place de Cherie,Chez Francine,Le bric a brac de Cherie Little Peanut, Pea in a Pod, The Creative In Me,Me and Mine,Pinay Mommy,Expressions from the Heart,TeacherJulie, Sweetbites by Bang, Paul, Toni and Lance - Bridging the Distance, Our Growing Family, The Uncensored life of me, My Untamed World, Yan-Ple’s Party Shop, Childstar Band, My Scrappy Side, BLOGGERHAPPY.COM, Fun.Fierce.Fabulous, Nap Time Rocks!, Juls Random Thoughts, Working It, CODPG, MyPurse.Finds.A.Home, , My Escape
add your site here

feel free to grab this. let's see how this list grows. =)

Prayer for my kids

grabbed from mommy Eileen . A nice prayer for your kid/s.

Prayer for Kyle and Keon.

Lord Jesus, bless and protect my dear Kyle and Keon. Keep them safe from all harm and danger, sickness and disease. Preserve and strengthen them from the corrupting influences of the world,
and deliver him from the secret snares of the enemy.

Give them Godly friends and holy company who will encourage and inspire them to a life of purity and selflessness. May they have a listening ear to parental instruction, and develop virtues such as
diligence, kindness, honesty, compassion, patience, obedience & self control.

Lord God, I commend Kyle and Keon to Your care. Pour Your grace upon their heart and multiply in them the gifts of your Holy Spirit. Let them grow in wisdom and in favor with You, and raise them up to be God-loving and holy, faithfully serving You throughout their life.


this can actually apply to our family in general.

nice prayer mommy eileen!

Wordless Wednesday

photo credit: Colby De Leon

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

nobody told me preschool hunting was stressful

indeed it was. the first time we inquired about the tuition fees, i almost had a heart attack and wished dr. house would diagnose some fatal disease. is it really that expensive to put your kid through school? 80 friggin thousand pesos?!?! for a whole school year!

80k to let your child play with toys and other kids. i could do that if i'm not a working mom. hehe (i'm in kuripot mode.. kill me)

but, seeing kyle not wanting to leave the school because he found it "nice" was convincing enough to find a way to pay that bloody tuition. priceless i tell you when you get to hear your little boy say:

"moomy, nice o! wow! i like this one" and when you tell him to leave, he'll give you the saddest face ever.

ok, little man, you're going to that school in june. the only thing i ask is you be a good boy like you are at home. mommy or ate aisa can't be with you there but i know you'll do great. =)

tagged #5

tagged by MAVER


2. Type in your answer in the "search" box.
3. Use only the first page [of results]
4. Insert the picture in your blog.

Here goes:

1. What is your relationship status?

happily married to my aishi!

2. What is your current mood?

a bit worried now. a lot has been on my mind lately

3. Who is your favorite band / artist?
pwede bang 2? hehe

hands down!

hands down again!

4. What is your favorite movie?

of all time

it was like... magic

5. What kind of pet/s do you have?

a cross between a japanese spitz and an askal, but the askal blood won.

6. Where do you live?

just a jeepney ride away from the makati city hall. actually boundary of makati and manila

7. Where do you work?

our office is inside a mall. how cool is that?

8. What do you look like?

a petite person who loves wearing chucks =) minus the guitar skills though haha

9. What do you drive?

same as maver, backseat driver for now.

10. What did you do last night?

finished the first season. bitin as usual

11. What is your favorite TV show.

same as above. for now

12. Describe yourself

hehehe. bawal kumontra haha

13. What are you doing today?

and then start working in a bit.

14. What is your name?


15. What is your favorite candy?

no pics of nestle alpine white. :( it was a favorite til now, so i have to settle with the next best thing that makes me happy:

thanks maver!!

now, who am i tagging? Daiz, Mec, Lang, and anyone else who wants to do it :)

enjoy! i did!

Monday, March 24, 2008

why not?

i just realized, of all the bedtime stories i want to tell my kids, why not publish it as well. might be a budding career as a writer?

hehe and perhaps see myself in the future with a best selling collection of bedtime stories for kids!

i've got a lot of ideas in my head, and they're waiting to be put into writing!!

ok, have to go home now to the kids!

a graduation speech that brought tears

if you watched the movie JACK, you'll understand and perhaps relate to this one...

Woodruff: Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor to introduce this year's valedictorian, Jack Charles Howell.

Eric: Yo, Jack, go get 'em.

Howell: I got it, Eric. I'm speech. I don't have very much time these days, so I'll make it quick -- like my life. You know, as we come to the end of this phase of our life, we find ourselves trying to remember the good times and trying to forget the bad times. And we find ourselves thinking about the future. We start to worry, thinking, "What am I gonna do? Where am I gonna be in ten years?"

But I say to you, "Hey, look at me." Please, don't worry so much, 'cause in the end none of us have very long on this earth. Life is fleeting. And if you're ever distressed, cast your eyes to the summer sky, when the stars are strung across the velvety night, and when a shooting star streaks through the blackness turning night into day -- make a wish think of me. And make your life spectacular. I know I did.

I made it, Mom. I'm a grown-up.

Thank you.

dancing with two left feet

during the holy week, we were able to catch up with our dvd collections. we watched step up 2 the streets. and i must say, it was an entertaining movie. upbeat and light at the same time.

we weren't up for some heavy movies to watch at that time so this was a fitting movie to watch.

we actually enjoyed watching. makes you wish you have the talents of a dancer. that's what aishi and i thought after watching.

but personally that wouldn't happen to me because, for the life of me, i can't dance that way. one, it scares me, two, i don't have the flexibility of jello to begin with.

so i'll just stick to dancing in my head where i'm the expert in everything. ha!

now, must find the prequel to this one to get the story.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wordless wednesday

under the table and dreaming

caught my little boy under the table and imagining that this is his own little castle and he has to hold fort and protect his kingdom. a very candid shot of my little boy.

this one's for wordless wednesday.

commute tales

this happened last monday.

just came from a 2pm meeting. We have the privilege of having a driver to take us to and from our meetings.

This one was quite funny and unusual. And the first time I rode in his vehicle.

Upon entering, there was something unusual about it.

1.he was playing pinoy hip/hop / rap thing. The one you hear in XRMs and jeepneys. I personally find it quite baduy and weird.
2.the van smelled like durian mixed with day old baon that was exposed in the sun for too long. It was that bad. I was trying to hold my breath in fear that too much inhalation of this scent might transform me into a different being and the possibility of the scent clinging to my clothes scared me. paranoid much? maybe.
3.was trying to make small talk but I guess manong driver isn’t in the mood for small talk. Baka gusto niya big and heavy topics. Haha ako naman ang wala sa mood nun. Beh.

So there goes my first adventure alone in going to meetings.

more adventures in the coming weeks for sure

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

realize to materialize

Travel goals with the family:

1. zambales
2. vigan , laoag, pagudpud, ilocos
3. bohol
4. palawan
5. davao
6. cebu
7. Singapore
8. hk
9. usa
10. Europe – especially UK
11. New Zealand - where hopefully we'll start a new life there. =)

This will come true. Itaga mo man sa bato.

Visualize to materialize – sabi yan sa the secret. Ayos di ba?

Matutuapd lahat yan!!

colby this is for you

credits to IGGY

Who needs a whole band?

OMG ang galing nya!!

and i quote iggy's entry in multiply:

Who needs a band? When you have mad awesome skills like this guy. Oh wait... he DOES have a band... maybe you've heard of them? They're called Incubus. Baka lang narinig nyo na, di ko lang sure....

panalo di ba?


ever heard a song for the first time and it gave you goosebumps? the good kind of course. the feeling that somehow the song speaks to you or perhaps the song has this personality of really gripping you to listen to it until the very end.

it is rare that i get to have this feeling when it comes to songs but when it does, one way or another it's a sure hit.

when i heard for the first time leona lewis'bleeding love, imagine the goosebumps in my arms, back and even legs. that's how powerful the song's impact was on me. and as far as i know, it's quite the popular song now.

so anyway, enjoy. and let me know if you do get goosebumps when you listen to the song.

and i thought i was the only one

kamusta naman yun! tried to search my nickname in google and whaddyaknow... there's another being in this world with the same nickname as i am. and she's in manila too.

buti na lang at nauna ako sa username na yun sa multiply, sorry na lang siya and she has to add a number to her name. hahaha.

bragging moment lang - unless someone wants to object: nung first year highschool ko pa nickname ang YAGIE, courtesy of a good friend, BJ. di ba Van? di ba Ple?

yun lang.

more entries throughout the day!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

movie date at home

i noticed that i am on a roll here posting a lot of entries today. heehee

anyway, as mentioned in the title, aishi and i had our movie date at home, with my brother. after mass we went to MCS to buy us some DVDs. (yeah sue us for patronizing pirated stuff - we would rather buy things for the kids you know) Aishi wanted to buy the dvd version of The Secret - i wanted to read the book. bought a few other movies and series.

we decided to watch Jumper last night. it was good in the beginning until the middle. but when it came to the ending, all i could mutter was yun lang? ganun lang? i even figured out halfway that his mom was one of those who gets those jumper people. dun pa lang sa part na sinabi na umalis ang mom niya when he was five. tapos na mention nung isa na they get to realize their powers when they turn five, huli na eh.

so there, i didn't enjoy much the movie. but it was fun imagining that what if you do have that kind of ability. i'd do the same. travel the world and not minding the airports, the passports, the visas. that would be quite cool.

so, what movie will we watch later?

libot: Anawangin Cove, Zambales

libot: Anawangin Cove, Zambales

i want!!

paging friends!! summer na, wala ba tayong plans?

take me to this paradise!!

now na.

rave reviews and tips here


read the short story i wrote september last year. still couldn't imagine that i was able to write that story out of nowhere one bored afternoon in the office.

times like these i miss writing really good stuff.

where will the inspiration come? when will it come back?

one bored september afternoon

will this end?

i told myself not to blog about this but it's quite disturbing already. in less than a month a blog has sprouted in cyberspace and disrupted to the delight of chismis hungry people. scandals, revelations and degrading comments were dished out.

admittedly, i got hooked for a while. but in the long run, i got tired of it. ti was the same thing over and over again. names were dropped, stories were disclosed. but really, it all boils down to someone not paying someone a hefty amount of money.

makes you wonder that regardless of class, people would do anything to get to the top.


i hope this ends soon. someone's life is in danger already.

tagged #4

tagged by mari and meldita

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

creative huh?


Friday, March 14, 2008

6 years...

I’m going to meet up with my college friends after 6 long years. The last time I saw them was when we graduated, we’ve gone our separate ways and pursued our own careers. Literally 6 long years.

It just equates that I have also been working for 6 years. Fresh our of college, I had a job waiting for me. I lasted 6 months. It wasn’t the career path I wanted. I took it for the experience.

A month after, I was working in a bank for as a junior assistant manager for customer service. The title sounds so proper and high paying, but behind that I was on the phone all day talking to clients, answering inquiries, requests and most of all complaints. Can’t complain really and answer back, I was under customer service, you got to have a smile on your face. Everytime. I got tired of the job after a year and 9 months. the upside though is here is where i met hubby. =)

Then worked for an internet search engine. Found my passion and I felt I’ll stay in this industry longer. I did, 2 years and 6 months I think. Had two kids during that. But somewhere along the way, people changed and I wasn’t or didn’t like the change at all.

Took a break, became a full time mom for about 6 months, found another job, stayed there for 4 months. Politics became quite dirty. It was like working in the government. For some reason, I think my boss hated my guts, the way I work and the way how I easily made friends. (in short – insecure).

Currently, working for almost 2 months in one of the companies I have dreamed of being part of. It was all under “how I wish I could work for this oompany” and here I am. And this time I have this gut feeling that I’m going to last longer than 2 years.

Not unless we migrate earlier than expected though. =)

Looking forward to catching up with my friends too.

-funny how this blog entry was supposed to be about meeting up with my friends, turned into a flashback of who I worked for.

That’s what I get for free writing/typing.

Friday Feast 183


On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 as highest), how much do you like your own handwriting?

:: i'd say 8. a 9 if i'm using those fine tipped signpens.


Do you prefer baths or showers?

:: baths. showers makes me feel rushed.


What was the last bad movie you watched?

:: this local movie i watched on cable. can't remember the title though.

Main Course

Name something you are addicted to and describe how it affects your life.

:: i'm addicted to blogs and reading other people's blogs. how it affects my life, in one way, mekas me feel connected to other people in a different level of interaction. it's a bonus if i get to meet the people in the flesh and see them the way i perceived them to be.

i'm also addicted to smelling my kids. =)


Which instrument is your favorite to listen to?

guitars - whether acoustic or electric. and drums too. there's something magical that i can't explain when i hear them. and it's one of my frustrations to learn how to play them.

10 years ago... tagged # 3

THINK BACK TO 4th year hs... Let's see how much you remember and how much you regret..

What section were you?- 4H

Who were your seatmates?- Mia VIllavicencio and Bernadette Young

Still remember your english teacher?- for Lit, it was Ms. Nerissa Guevarra, for speech/debate: Mr. Dela Cruz

What was your first class?- Homeroom with Mrs. Bucad. momma bear!!

Made friends to the lower years?- yeah. majority of the lower batches were my busmates.

How was your class schedule?- we had no choice but to follow it. but we had a great time.

Made any enemies?- does ako ang inaaway count?

Who was your favorite teacher?- Mrs. bucad, Mrs. Sigue, Poppa bear, ang dami talaga! lemme get my yearbook... haha

What sport did you play?- not the sporty type. but if eating is a sport, then i'm in the varsity. haha

Were you a party animal?- Nope. parents were too strict. and i didn't care if i didn't get to go out.

Were you well known in your school?- i guess so.

SKIP CLASSES?- if it meant not attending grad practices, hanging out in the library. but skipping classes like going out of the school premises, no.

Did you get suspended/expelled?- nope.

Can you sing the alma mater?- Yeah.

What was your favorite subject?- recess and lunch! haha joke! loved world history and lit.

Did you go to the dances?- Yeah. hehe

Where did you go most often duringbreaks?- you can find me and the gang in the quadrangle or if early dismissal, at colby's house, buying half a cake at becky's and eating it under 10 minutes. haha good times!!

What did you do on the last day ofschool?-can't remember, i think we went out.

tagging everybody who gets to read this. let me know if you answered it ok? =)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

mommy's day off

Dining out with the mommies - March 12, 2008

So I took a mommy’s day off last night along with the other mommies I had met in this forum we frequent. And I must say, these mommies I met do not look like mommies at all! ( well, based on typical descriptions of moms – none of them, well, ok, us don’t fit that description) we all looked young and energetic but deep inside we were screaming for more sleep and quite/me time. Right mommies?

It was a fun get together. Along with great food and conversations. Majority of the mommies were armed with cameras, including me. We were documenting everything – much like documenting our babies’milestones. I had a great time.

It is rare that I get to be with people of the same gender as I am. I am usually seen around boys/men because personally I find myself more at ease, but I’m not saying that I don’t like the company of women? I also crave the long converdations about anything and everything. Being with men, sometimes conversations get a bit old. With women, you’ll never run out of things to talk about.

But I digress…

As I was saying, being with my mommy friends was fun! We were boasting of our kid’s milestones without the mockery and the silent thoughts that we’re really “mayabang”” because the mommies knew that it’s ok to boast about your kids, your birthing story, the ups and downs of being a parent and just being a mommy in general.

And so to you ladies, I hope we get to do this quite often if our schedules permit us and if our kids would let us.

Sa uulitin and I really had a great time! Pictures will be uploaded in multiply. =)


Side story:

I asked my dad if he could fetch me after the get together which he did. Halfway on the road going home, I had the urge to pee. I rally hate those moments when you’re en-route to going home, in the middle of edsa, your baldder starts to create a commotion and demands that you empty it right away. Which I didn’t, I had to endure 15 minutes more of pee stopping before reaching home.

I hate you bladder! Next time you want to empty yourself, make sure we’re within the vicinity of a bathroom.

father and son moment

these are the times when i just take a backseat from being a mom and just be proud that i have such a wonderful hubby who's willing to take the spotlight in being a parent.

moments like these, are priceless and thankfully captured for the kids to see when they're older.

you go to love my boys. =)


we have to watch this!!

and this!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

i'm falling for you..

one of the best songs ever. =) ple would understand why... hehe

love the song, the lyrics, even the girl in the video is pretty. =)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

all we need is love

haven't told my dad about this movie yet, but for sure he's going to like it. must set a date with dad.

time to be a daddy's little girl againmuch credit to my dad for opening the world of the Beatles for me. so it's time to pay him back.

another thing about my dadabudada.

last saturday, after going to the mall with my mom, guess what he bought? he got himself a new phone which he has been gushing about since forever. and now he's a happy bunny.

he got the n82 all to himself. he deserves it actually after all the efforts and late nights - along with playing call of duty.

i sure got the coolest dad ever!

and my kids can agree with me on this.

missed out...

yeah so we did (colby and i). but we didn't miss the first time they were here. due to some unaviodable circumstances, we weren't able to watch the "second coming"of Incubus.

they said it was worth the ticket price. they said, the band loved being back. they said... makes me weep all over again.

here was the line up of their songs:

kiss to send us off
nice to know you
wish you were here
anna molly
favorite things
the warmth
oil and water
made for tv movie
sick sad little world
aqueous transmission

now tell me that's not worth a ticket price of P4,000 pesos? !

the only consolation i have is that i have the look alive dvd waiting for me somewhere in Virginia with one confused godmother thinking who the __ is this band my god child goes gaga over?

but for now, i still have the stories to tell my kids the first time they went here and how ninang, mommy and daddy had so much fun watching. and i sure hope the ticket is still readable. haha

come back for a third visit brandon, i promise i'll watch you. cross my heart. but i won't leave my hubby for you. he's way hotter than you even without your shirt.

* the pictures, obviously weren't mine but borrowed from some friends who were able to watch.

and if the rumors are true, then i'm saving up starting now for madonna and u2. :D

Monday, March 10, 2008

just one hour...

For the Earth.

For our Kids.

For their Future.

One Hour. One World.

Will you be part of it?

be careful what you say

the next time you open your mouth, be sure you won't regret it. because WE can and will do what you say. and you think we're scared of you?

i'll give you 2 weeks before you come pleading asking us to come visit you. well you made the wounds deeper. we won't come near you anymore.

why bother? when all the words come out of your mouth are filth and lies. you'd rather listen to people who would benefit you. we're not them. and besides i don't like you one bit. the first time you hated me so why would i think you changed your mind? by the way i hated your guts to. you're PLASTIC. my kids obviously don't like you too. kids are great judges of character. and i trust my kids' judgment.

so there. cutting off ties from people suits you well. let's just see you alone. when the time comes that you need help, don't expect us to be there after what you did and said.

i'm ok, just venting out after what i heard this morning. some people can be really selfish and would not listen. pity..

Friday, March 7, 2008

Friday Feast 182


If you could be any current celebrity for one whole week, who would you want to be?

:: i'd be Victoria Beckham. just so i can see how she lives as posh spice and imagine all those free clothes and bags and the shopping sprees, the shoes, the bags, the hair, the clothes... nice! but 1 week is enough and i'd like to have my normal life back =)


On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being highest), how much do you enjoy talking on the phone?

:: ti depends on who i'm talking to, if i'm talking to aishi or my kids that's an 11. for clients etc. i guess an 8 when i'm in a good mood. haha


Name a charitable organization to which you have donated (or would like to).

:: i'd like to donate to Gawad Kalinga or any charity for kids.

Main Course

What is a food you like so much you could eat it every single day for a month?

:: pasta especially those with white/cream based sauces. and of course good ol Kare-Kare.


Have you or anyone in your family had the flu this year?

:: i did. still suffering from stuffy nose in the morning. the kids had their share of the flu too that's why i caught the bug. =)

tagged 02: 6 things about me

The rules: Link to the person that tagged you. Post the rules on your blog. Share six un-important things/habits/quirks about your self. Tag 6 random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs. Let these random people know that they are tagged by leaving comments in their blog. Let your tagger know when your entry is up.

1. i can't sleep without a blanket. no matter how hot the weather, i should have a blanket. but when i'm sleeping i kick it off - that's what hubby says.

2. i love the smell of cabinets under the sink and cement and old books.

3. i eat champorado with cheese.

4. when i eat anything fried, there should be mayonnaise. yum!

5. i still play with my kid's toys. hehehe

6. i can't sleep if kyle's leg is not on top of me. or just the feeling he's making siksik beside me.


If you still keep your baby’s first 3 days photos, we would love to see them. Label them as 1st, 2nd or 3rd day. After that, please post the most recent one, one photo will do. You can post as much as you want though. I’m sure you will realize and tell yourself "seems like yesterday".

Keon was tagged by Riel

anyway, here are the pictures:
fresh from the delivery room

3 days old

2 months old


happy face after his birthday party

i'm tagging mama meeya, mel, cata, maver

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Snapbomb: the next best thing to earning online

I have heard a lot of buzz about paid blogging from friends who are getting paid for blogging. And the feedback's quite positive especially for a working mom like me, that earning on the side wouldn't hurt as long as the income would be spent for the family or a little treat here and there.

I have been quite exposed to online marketing and buzz marketing since i currently and have worked for companies that require a lot of online exposure. I had to research on the latest trends on networking, social media, and the latest, blog marketing. The potential is quite amazing. Who would have thought that blogging can generate income - a hobby for others that turned into something with value!

I'm sure all my friends online and offline would welcome the opportunity to try out paid blogging. And one site that would and could help out is SNAPBOMB . You get paid for blogging about topics that have relevance to you and in your scope of interest. Not the usual topics that you're required to blog about. They can also match you with opportunities that is within your scope of interests so that your blog can still retain the same personality as you. It's quite off if you get to find an entry that's quite off from the usual entries you get to read right? And the way Snapbomb process goes, and this is as far as i have read their FAQs, you get the editorial freedom to write about the topic. How cool is that?

And I think it's about time that after being online for almost 5 years and having a blog since 2005, why not turn it into a blog that can generate extra income for me at the same time still provide the space to let out my thoughts and ideas.

Are you willing to try it out? I sure did. Drop me a line and let me know what you think about Snapbomb.

bring your girlfriends for some bonding

ladies of the world will unite on May 30, in their most stylish and fearless go-getting attitude as they head on over, stilletos in tow to watch their most beloved foursome:
view the full trailer HERE

the trailer looks quite intriguing.. ahlavet!


Tagged by mama meeya (who by the way has a lot of blogs! haha will update my links soon!)

here goes:

Here are the rules: Remove one (1) question from below, and add in your personal question, make it a total of 20 questions, then tag eight (8) people in your list. List them out at the end of this post.

1. At what age do/did you wish to marry?
:: I wanted to get married at 25, but it came a bit early. So i got married at 23. hehe

2. What color do you like most?
:: Purple!

3. Have you ever shoplifted?
:: Nope. tried to but got guilty and returned the candy. I was what, 8? haha

4. Where is the place that you want to go the most?
:: Bohol or Boracay or Palawan or Davao or Cebu. Bring me to the beach please!!!

5. Which part of you that you hate the most?
:: The flabs everywhere. tummy, legs, arms pfffft. i am getiing fat. i need to go to the gym asap

6. When you encounter a sad moment, what would you do?
:: Be really quiet for a while then the waterworks start.

7. What are you afraid to lose the most?
:: My sanity, hehe. My memory, and my family, of course. - i have to agree on mama meeya with this hahaha!

8. If you win $1 million, what would you do?
:: Save for the kids, give a bit to charity, save for our retirement, the remaining, splurge!! on travel and things we never go to buy at all - for us and the kids. =)

9. What do you loved the most last year (2007)?
:: Being a mom to two kids. 2007 was a semi good year for us.

10. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you:
:: I may know mama meeya online but from the looks of it she's a very passionate person, a loving mom to her ninna, and a baghag like me - but more obsessed than me. hehe and i'm sure of we meet, we'll never run of out things to talk about. =)

11. (I am switching out this question) Is there anything about you that people misunderstand?
:: People think i'm this stuck up, mataray person. but once you get to know me i'll be your typical madaldal kalog classmate you had in highschool. plus the bwahahahaha laughter. and yeah, i do get shy sometimes.

12. Till now, what is the moment that you regret the most?
:: I don't believe in regrets. you get to do things the first time and there's no do-overs or an undo button in life. it's either you do good the first time or learn from it and never do it again.

13. Which type of person do you hate the most?
:: Know it alls and those who monopolize conversations with topics about themselves and not even listening to others.

14. What is your ambition?
:: as any mom would want, to be a SAHM, have a booming jewelry business and to own one really expensive bag and more shoes!!

15. If you had one wish what would you wish for?
:: that everyone i love to have good health

16. How did you celebrate new year?
:: with my family at home, it was also my mom's birthday.

17. Name your body part that hubby tells you he adores.
:: boobies! =)

18. It is already 2008, do you have a new year’s resolution?
:: i don't do resolutions, i take things one day at a time.

19. What do you look forward to in 2008?
:: Kyle going to school. Earning income for my business. finally staying longer in the job i have now. spending more time with my family. and fixing our papers - we're planning to migrate to NZ and hopefully, we get accepted.

20. What new skill have you learned?
finally learned how to cook! and in fairness, hubby and the family loved it!

haha i forgot to add those who i'm supposed to tag. anyway, i'm tagging: ple, che, shelley, daiz, lang

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

clearly not for me

we currently ran out of our usual shampoo which is head and shoulders, especially the menthol variant so we had no choice but to use clear. we bought clear out of curiosity and well, the lure of the advertising world. hehe

and i must say, clear is not friendly to my scalp. not at all. for the past week, my scalp has been itchy and my hair dry and hard to dry. so, no we're not going to buy clear again.

we're sticking back to head and shoulders. even if we don't have dandruff, this brand has been really kind to my scalp. and the reason why i love h&s? because this is the only shampoo that delivers its promise. if it says menthol, you'll really feel that your scalp is a bit menthol-y? or you feel that usual tingling sensation when you eat menthol candy. there.

i'm going to buy h&s later when i get home. itchy scalp, this is too much!!

7 wonders of nature.. please vote!

got this from my email:

Currently, there are 77 candidates to the 7 wonders of nature. Of the 77, there are 2 from the Philippines:

Tubbataha Reef and Chocolate Hills.

Tubbataha is ranked 32 while Chocolate Hills is at 66. While there is still time, please take a few minutes
to vote. The organizers will take only the top 21 and will do second voting after that.

Here is the site.

http://www.new7wond en/liveranking/

I hope you can share this to other Filipino people.

let's vote and show the world that we still have the natural beauty to be proud of. please share the links with your friends too!

starting off wrong

i woke up today thinking that the day will start off great. but i guess i was wrong.

i take the jeep to the MRT guadalupe station then get off ortigas station. that's my morning routine to get to the office. on most days everything runs smoothly from falling in line to riding the MRT. but today was different. some girl pissed me off today. as i was falling in line at ortigas station, the line was unusually slow. it happened that these group of girls were holding up the line and made the usual 2 lane exit into a one lane. so imagine two lines merging. hassle.

so what has this got to do with me? well, of all bad timings, this certain girl cut my line, inserted her card, her card got rejected therefore she couldn't move the swivel bars. so i thought it was ok already, she got the card so i inserted mine, but what do i get? a rejected card. how can my card get rejected when it still has 78 pesos in there. so to avoid another hassle to the other people behind me, i directly went to the booth to fix my card. and what do you know the girl's there.

what did i do? i sort of told her off. i talked to the cashier and told her that this girl messed up the line and had my card rejected. i even added some finger pointing so that she'll know she's the one i'm talking about. what did the girl do? NOTHING she was literally oblivious to what happened and what she did.

but i wouldn't let her ruin my day. and i hope it won't happen to us again.

ipapasa-diyos ko na lang siya

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

birthday date

last sunday, a day after aishi's birthday, we decided to go out. just the two of us, like before. we missed those days when we would just go out and eat and just enjoy each other's company. so after hearing mass, we decided to have dinner. he knew i was craving for pasta so we decided to eat again at A Veneto in Glorietta.

Never in our lives have we tasted carbonara so atasty and creamy and filling than in a veneto. it was heavenly and priced just right to share for two or three. and the pizza is equally divine. most of our friends and family would know that we like our pizza all meaty. i remember aishi and i would sometimes fight over the meat toppings in our shakey's pizaa because it was that good.

but i digress.

we went there around 7pm after hearing mass and braving the pouring rain on the way to glorietta. but after parking his car, the rain stopped. which is a good thing since we have to cross the street to get to the place.

what i didn't like about the place is the fact that there was a sign that said we have to wait to be seated but there's no one to greet us at the door. we stood there for a good 20 seconds in hte hopes that there would be someone to lead us to where we can sit. but i changed my mind since i was really hungry and craving their carbonara already. i could hear them calling my name. haha

so we decided to find a seat so that we could start eating. over-all service was ok, considering it was dinner-time and there were a lot of people. we didn't have to wait long for the food it arrived just in time for my stomach to give out one last growl.

i think we were done eating in 30 minutes. haha the food was that good. and we went home with happy tummies.

we ordered by the way:
carbonara with chicken
all meat pizza
and onion rings

next to a veneto, we love the carbonara from pasto too. but aishi can replicate the recipe. :)

touching lives

Don’t you just find it comforting sometimes that when you’re down and depressed, with no one to talk to and let out what you feel, the moment you park yourself in your blog and check on your past entries, you see someone who stumbled upon your blog and made his/her presence felt. That in one way or another, makes you feel that you are not alone; that there are these silent and not so silent souls in cyberspace willing to lend a comforting cyber hug. Or simply reading your entry makes it a big deal altogether.

I myself am guilty of this. There are days that I’m thinking that after all the blogs I’ve read that day, was there someone I touched or just cheered up in my own little way.

Monday, March 3, 2008

time to start anew

i just decided that it's time to start a new one. i just didn't feel the personality of the blog i had. it had brought so much "whatevers" that had taken away the intention of putting up the blog in the first place.

so anyway, time to start all over.