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My life unplugged

my daily thoughts and ramblings on motherhood, raising my kids, being a wife and everything else in between that matters in our life.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

commute tales

this happened last monday.

just came from a 2pm meeting. We have the privilege of having a driver to take us to and from our meetings.

This one was quite funny and unusual. And the first time I rode in his vehicle.

Upon entering, there was something unusual about it.

1.he was playing pinoy hip/hop / rap thing. The one you hear in XRMs and jeepneys. I personally find it quite baduy and weird.
2.the van smelled like durian mixed with day old baon that was exposed in the sun for too long. It was that bad. I was trying to hold my breath in fear that too much inhalation of this scent might transform me into a different being and the possibility of the scent clinging to my clothes scared me. paranoid much? maybe.
3.was trying to make small talk but I guess manong driver isn’t in the mood for small talk. Baka gusto niya big and heavy topics. Haha ako naman ang wala sa mood nun. Beh.

So there goes my first adventure alone in going to meetings.

more adventures in the coming weeks for sure

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