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My life unplugged

my daily thoughts and ramblings on motherhood, raising my kids, being a wife and everything else in between that matters in our life.

Monday, December 7, 2009

dr. mommy

weekends are supposed to be a fun time for my 3 kiddos. but unfortunately, this weekend was a bit of a downer. kuya kyle, woke up saturday morning with a fever. a whopping 39 degrees. thank god he's one of the lucky ones who didn't have any febrile seisures. but he was quite lethargic and was camped on the living room sofa sleeping.

he was complaining of an itchy throat. so it was a confirmation that we were on the onset of tonsilitis.

come sunday night, he was back to normal but still running a 38 degree fever. the only consolation was hbo was good to us. he got to watch shrek 3 and kung fu panda.

so tomorrow, off to the pedia for a check up just to make sure. :)

Thursday, December 3, 2009


we had a trying long weekend. hubby and i made plans to take out the three kids since it was a long weekend. but then one thing ruined all our plans.

kyle's yaya left. just like that.

she has been expressing for quite a while that she wanted to leave already but we had to persuade her to stay for a little bit longer. and the last time she asked if she can leave we agreed, on one condition. once we find a replacement, she can leave.

but with the turn of events. her sister working for my MIL, them having a bit of a aquabble, everything that was agreed upon, was left to nothing. when i heard this, i was mad. who wouldn't? taking care of 3 kids is no joke and i need all the extra hands. and here she goes packing up.

what made me more annoyed was the fact that she was just waiting for her monthly salary. once hubby handed it over to her, she grabbed her bags, said her thanks and left.

i don't want to call her an ingrate but from the way she acted. she deserves to be called such.

not to be bitter or anything bu i sure hope their decision to leave would be fruitful and they get to find a much better boss than us. we were never selfish, we always let them go on day offs even if we stated from the start that they can have one once a month. we were that nice. we never treated them as people below us. we treated them nice because they were the second caregivers to my kids when i'm not at home.

but if ever she does come back, i won't accept her anymore. she decided to leave, we decided to look for someone much better.

now i'm hoping the new yaya we'll meet tomorrow would be much better and would be a gem. and i sure hope kyle and keon would like her. the deciding factor would be my kids. they're good judges of character.

what are you thankful for 2009?

the year is about to end and it's time to look back on things that happened. but i would rather dwell on the good things. things that my family and i are thankful for.

thank you for good news at the start of the year
- finding out we were having another angel on the way was the best surprise ever.

thank you for our proud moments
- going up on stage and receiving our son's honor awards and milestones they learn and discover everyday

thank you for long nights in the office, strained eyes, hot heads, and stress
- all of these had paid off in the end, and the reward that came after was all worth it.

thank you for sleepless nights, spit ups, diaper changes, and all that jazz with a newborn
- enough said

thank you for parents and siblings
- they can be our back up babysitters when the nanny goes away

thank you for a supportive hubby
- that in those days where i was down and out, depressed, feeling ugly, he was there to cheer me up, make me feel beautiful again - without asking him to. he just knows.

and the best part of 2009?

everyone else returning the favor by saying thank you back.

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