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My life unplugged

my daily thoughts and ramblings on motherhood, raising my kids, being a wife and everything else in between that matters in our life.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


amazing how facebook can really validate the lies and the deception.

telling things to my face but the evidence i saw says otherwise.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

the quest for the yaya

as mentioned before, we were faced with the dilemma of looking for a yaya at the last minute because kyle's yaya left at the last minute because of a scruffle. i don't want to go into the details anymore since we've forgiven and forgotten the incident already. we've found a new yaya for kyle/kade, albeit temporarily since she lasted only 3 weeks with us. i can't blame her since she's a mother as well and looking after your kid is every mom's priority. again, we're grateful for the service she gave us, she was a gem but we have to let her go.

anyway, just a little rant while i'm on the topic of yaya hunting. i was able to get a referral from a friend who knows this person who let's say searches for potential yayas. i got in touch with her. after a few sms exchanges, and a short notice meeting, we agreed. hubby and i agreed to travel all the way to commonwealth with the promise that she'll meet with us binging with her the potential yaya. we arrived at 9pm. traffic was hell but we took it all in, for the sake of finding a yaya. we even had kade in tow with us.

after a few sms with her, i found it quite odd that since she's within the area, she was no yet there. i called her up, asked her where she was. the exchange that followed was quite odd:

me: ate nasaan na po kayo? andito na po kami
ate: ay sandali lang po, wala pa po kami dyan, hinihintay ko pa po yung yaya para sa inyo.
me: akala ko po ba na kasama nyo na siya?
ate: ay umalis lang po saglit. magkita na lang po tayo sa may mcdo. i text ko na lang po kayo
me: matagal pa po ba yan kasi alas-9 na po eh taga makati pa po kami.
ate: opo. pahintay na lang po

from there, it was quite odd already. my paranoid self was screaming inside. we must leave now, i think smell a scam. i told hubby to wait for a few mintues, if she texts me, then we'll meet her if she doesn't we'll leave. we waited, had a late dinner even and no text. so i sent her a last message that we can't wait for her anymore and we're leaving. she then sends a message: ay mam, paalis na po kami. mauuna na lang ako para ma meet ko na rin kayo tapos papasunod ko na lang siya dito.

but i declined and told here we've left already. i told her i'll get in touch with her next time if we need her again (i guess this is never haha)

so we went home yaya-less. again.

but blessings come in the form of surprises and the next day my mom told me that she found a yaya for us. (the one mentioned earlier that had to leave after 3 weeks).

but we weren't left yaya less again for long, after a few days, with the help of our trusted labandera/plantsadora, she broguth with her one friday morning our new yaya. and so far she's good. nice to the kids, very attentive, takes initiative and very easy to talk to. i sure hope this one stays longer. this time i'm crossing my fingers.

Monday, January 18, 2010

what have i been up to?

for the longest time, i have been neglecting this blog. much of what happens to me on a daily basis has/had been logged in 2 of my planners. one for daily thoughts and rants and the other for wedding preps.

hubby and i have been going through a lot of potential suppliers. one criteria that ranks high on our list is how much we can get from their rates, the cheaper but with a lot to give, the better. and so far, we're still trimming down our lists.

9 months into the planning and i can feel the stress and the pressure. but we've booked 2 out of the our 3 major suppliers: the church and the venue. next on the list is the photo/video. 60% of the budget goes to them. the rest, we can find cheaper ones - especially for the attire. finding a good "mananahi" that can copy our pegs works fine for me. ms. practical in me screams that i only get to wear my gown once so there's no need to make it really bongga. i'm all for the comfort.

on the homefront, things are still much the same. the kids have been reserved for next school year and we're tickled with excitement at the thought of keon going to school. he'll sure wow the class. that's how confident we are of him. our little wonder, next to kyle.

kade, has turned 6 months. and i still can't believe that it has been half a year already! he's such a little bundle of surprises. he's now into solids and quite the hefty eater! 5 scoops using his spoon is enough for him. to think he just started a week ago! how's that for matakaw? :)

i guess i shall focus now on the wedding preps blog so that i won't forget any details or pegs to use.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


at 5 mos. he can now hold his bottle on his own!

photo taken in the morning. his first milk of the day half sleeping, half drinking his milk. <3