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My life unplugged

my daily thoughts and ramblings on motherhood, raising my kids, being a wife and everything else in between that matters in our life.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

kyle's first gimik

a mom's worst nightmare is when her son finally asks permission to go out at night with friends.

well, technically this happened to me way too early.

kyle and his cousin migs went out for a night out in town. (with mig's parents of course!) the funny and scary part is when kyle said this:

mommy i'm going out with migs. gimik kami

my heart must have leapt to it's death right then and there. haha i was already imagining what if he was saying that to me when he is already of age? but of course everything was in all good fun.

oh but the hirits didn't end there. kuya vince, taught kyle to say this:

mommy we're going to look for girls.

homaygaad it was funny and scary really.

this is kyle on his first gimik:quite tame. for now. hahaha!

thank god he still has a long way to go before he can go on his first real gimik.

ways to keep the marriage interesting

a lot of marriages have gone stale because one or both partners forget to inject some laughter and light moments into their lives. isn't it one of the things that brought you closer to your spouse in the first place? he made you laugh at the silliest jokes, you'd share a private joke with each other, you'd tickle each other silly.

that's why hubby and i never forget to laugh. at each other, at things we do, with the kids and with our friends. laughter is an important part in our relationship. or else we'd die bored.

but sometimes we do forget sometimes and it's good that we get to laugh our hearts out again. especially last night. we were having such a great time. just the two of us. in our own little moment. but here's the thing: i can't remember why and what we were laughing about. all i can remember was we were laughing.

it was such a great feeling. i'm looking forward to more laugh moments with hubby.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

what would you do?

if you're faced with two kids crying over one toy?

a. let it go and let them figure it out for themselves
b. give one each of the same toy
c. give a different activity for each child
d. do nothing

i did all four and well, each option works depending on the kid's temperament. i've been through hell being mommy referee. i can't comfort one and leave the other one. it's all a matter of compromise and my kids have taught me how to.

amazing how kids can teach you life lessons.

now i'm working my muscles to be mommy referee again, this time to three fighting boys soon. good luck to me! and i hope there's another lesson in there somewhere.

letters to my 3 boys

i tried to write them letters that they get to read once they're bigger, but the moment i start the letter i get washed away with so much emotion that i can't continue. but i have to, i just don't know when. i have to control my emotions first and get these letters done.

my plan is to have a letter for them on their 7th, 13th, 21st and 30th birthday.

dear lord, give me strength and emotional capability to finish them before the tears start to fall again...

Friday, September 18, 2009

is it time to switch?

i've been discussing this issue with hubby, if we are to "upgrade" kyle to Nido since he's already 4 and is getting all the required nutrients from his daily meals. his milk intake is as follows: the moment he wakes up in the morning, before his afternoon nap, after his afternoon nap and before bedtime. sometimes he asks for milk during the night.

health-wise, kyle's quite big for his age and undoubtedly has an appetite of a 7 year old. he can finish a cup of rice in one sitting. his rice and food intake is actually larger than mine. but he does burn off those by being way active. so obesity for him is out of the question. thank god he isn't into sweets, but we do indulge him on special occasions. we don't want to deprive our kids. chips and sodas are for special occasions as well. the chips and sodas come out at night when the kids are asleep.

but i digress.

with the high cost of growing up milk, we think it would be more practical to upgrade him into the more "generic" ones.

plus the fact that we still have 2 more boys consuming growing up milk. keon, still has a year to go before he does move on up to Nido too.

i'm a bit scared that they might not like having fresh milk at this stage even if it is the most healthy. i should know, i still drink milk up to now.

if only those milk companies cut down on the cost, every mom should be happy. especially me since i've got 3 mouths to feed. LOL

first smiles

kade xedric and his first smile at 2 months
he's not done yet
now that's the smile we've been waiting for.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

another downpour

of course this was not the sight this afternoon it was much darker and zero visibility.

today was supposed my first day to meet with my clients again. admittedly, i was excited to do my "rounds" again. but then, as fate would have it, the sky went dark at the same time i was planning to leave the office.

is this a sign that i should just put off the "rounds" for now and move it to next week? but i've done my tasks for the day and just doing whatever here in the office.

and just when i have accepted the fact that i can't leave the office anymore, the rain stopped and looked like it didn't rain at all. save for the wet cars passing through the streets.

hopefully, this tuesday, no more rainfall. i need to do my job!

little surprises

it was just a typical saturday night. the kids and i were at home waiting for hubby to come home. my bestfriend dropped by. it was a great feeling seeing someone other than the usual family members.

so anyway, as soon as hubby arrived i go the best surprise ever. it was just a regular day, no special occasion but i got the best present ever!

hubby handed me a box of blueberry cheese cake and a big bouquet of flowers. and a card that said:

to the best and hardworking mommy. i love you so much!"

i was fighting off the tears but i'm sure hubby saw how much i appreciated the effort. after all those days that i've been bitchy, whiny and downright tired. this is the best "pambawi" ever. i appreciate more the simple gestures rather than the grand ones. the simple ones are usually from the heart. =)

but the forgetful in me, forgot to take photos, so boo!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

my 3rd honor graduate

it was such a pleasant surprise to find out that my little boy, kyle got 3rd honors in school. it was such a proud mommy moment for me.

funny story: Thursday morning (august 27) while waking kyle up for school, one of our yayas told us that kle got 3rd honors in school. we asked how did they find out. yaya told us that she saw the letter from kyle's teacher inside his lunchbox. the letter said that recognition day will be on Friday, which was the next day. if we didn't find out about the good news, our little boy would come up the stage without us. and that would be a sad, sad scene.

but thank god it didn't happen. :) i was able to accompany him and go up the stage. hubby unfortunately, arrived late. just after kyle and i went up the stage. but he was one proud daddy nonetheless. :)

and here's my little boy and his award:and with me getting his award on stage

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

kade at 2 months

my little wonder boy at two months. what he's up to now?

> since he turned a month old, he can lift his head for short periods of time, and now he can hold it much longer. he can now survey his "kingdom" when we carry him upright. he actually prefers to be held upright that him lying down. he gets all fussy and irritated.

> he loves staring at his mobile with his bears and insects. his current favorite is the rainbow caterpillar. he actually coos and gurgles to it. which is quite fun to watch.

> he's been sleeping through the night for almost 2 weeks. i have to wake him up for his regular feedings or else he'll be mr grumpy pants when he wakes up in the morning.

> we don't struggle anymore with him sleeping on his crib at night. but he has to sleep first on my chest to get him all settled before i transfer him to the crib. yey i can finally sleep on my side!

> even before he turned 2 months, he already showed his first smile. and to my happiness, i was able to witness. we're now looking forward to his first laugh and diligently working on it.

> he has discovered his hands and little fingers. and spends most of his waking time trying to put them inside his mouth. but usually leaves him frustrated since his coordination isn't that fine tuned yet. try and try again baby.

other than that, he's still a sleeping, feeding, pooping, peeing baby boy. not so much interaction going on yet since kade's determined to grow and grow before he can dazzle us with his antics and charm.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

kyle and keon, little bundles of energy

crazy things they do at home: