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My life unplugged

my daily thoughts and ramblings on motherhood, raising my kids, being a wife and everything else in between that matters in our life.

Monday, December 7, 2009

dr. mommy

weekends are supposed to be a fun time for my 3 kiddos. but unfortunately, this weekend was a bit of a downer. kuya kyle, woke up saturday morning with a fever. a whopping 39 degrees. thank god he's one of the lucky ones who didn't have any febrile seisures. but he was quite lethargic and was camped on the living room sofa sleeping.

he was complaining of an itchy throat. so it was a confirmation that we were on the onset of tonsilitis.

come sunday night, he was back to normal but still running a 38 degree fever. the only consolation was hbo was good to us. he got to watch shrek 3 and kung fu panda.

so tomorrow, off to the pedia for a check up just to make sure. :)

Thursday, December 3, 2009


we had a trying long weekend. hubby and i made plans to take out the three kids since it was a long weekend. but then one thing ruined all our plans.

kyle's yaya left. just like that.

she has been expressing for quite a while that she wanted to leave already but we had to persuade her to stay for a little bit longer. and the last time she asked if she can leave we agreed, on one condition. once we find a replacement, she can leave.

but with the turn of events. her sister working for my MIL, them having a bit of a aquabble, everything that was agreed upon, was left to nothing. when i heard this, i was mad. who wouldn't? taking care of 3 kids is no joke and i need all the extra hands. and here she goes packing up.

what made me more annoyed was the fact that she was just waiting for her monthly salary. once hubby handed it over to her, she grabbed her bags, said her thanks and left.

i don't want to call her an ingrate but from the way she acted. she deserves to be called such.

not to be bitter or anything bu i sure hope their decision to leave would be fruitful and they get to find a much better boss than us. we were never selfish, we always let them go on day offs even if we stated from the start that they can have one once a month. we were that nice. we never treated them as people below us. we treated them nice because they were the second caregivers to my kids when i'm not at home.

but if ever she does come back, i won't accept her anymore. she decided to leave, we decided to look for someone much better.

now i'm hoping the new yaya we'll meet tomorrow would be much better and would be a gem. and i sure hope kyle and keon would like her. the deciding factor would be my kids. they're good judges of character.

what are you thankful for 2009?

the year is about to end and it's time to look back on things that happened. but i would rather dwell on the good things. things that my family and i are thankful for.

thank you for good news at the start of the year
- finding out we were having another angel on the way was the best surprise ever.

thank you for our proud moments
- going up on stage and receiving our son's honor awards and milestones they learn and discover everyday

thank you for long nights in the office, strained eyes, hot heads, and stress
- all of these had paid off in the end, and the reward that came after was all worth it.

thank you for sleepless nights, spit ups, diaper changes, and all that jazz with a newborn
- enough said

thank you for parents and siblings
- they can be our back up babysitters when the nanny goes away

thank you for a supportive hubby
- that in those days where i was down and out, depressed, feeling ugly, he was there to cheer me up, make me feel beautiful again - without asking him to. he just knows.

and the best part of 2009?

everyone else returning the favor by saying thank you back.

This is my entry to’s Moleskine contest. Click here to find out more.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

what is happening to our country now?

it was heartbreaking to hear the news about 46 lives lost all because of political gain. why must one take innocent lives to gain power? to make sure the said position would remain theirs? life unfair, why does it have to be politically as well?

my heart goes out to the families of the victims.

this event solidly justified how corrupt and dirty our politics are here in the country. that even our own president had close ties with these soul-less murderers. i just hope when the time comes, they get the karma they deserve.

justice for the departed reporters and victims. i hope this would be the last. our hearts and country can't take it anymore. :(

that facebook status

a lot of people have asked me after i posted this facebook status yesterday. i'm in no way looking for a fight. it was a mere observation and let's just say, a big nudge from my sixth sense (kutob). this has never failed me and i trust it 100%.

no matter how much a person hides their intention/agenda, i'm bound to sniff it out.

i've been through this several times. so it's no use to try to hide in in the guise of being all rowdy and funny with other people while hoping this person notices you. you've been read my dear and there's no use in hiding.

as much as i can i try not to confront the person. i'd rather not embarrass the person. but i make sure this person knows i mean business.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

well hello there

a little reward for myself :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

kade at 4 months

a new milestone for kade :) athough he can't roll over yet on his own, he sure can support himself once we put him on his tummy. he even attempts to crawl already :)

a little brotherly love. :) my boys sure grow up so fast. :(

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

before the month ends

i have been so caught up with work that this blog took a backseat. and it saddens me that i've neglected my blog for weeks. i've stored up lots of stories but i just didn't have the time at all.

so what have i been up to?

> i finally received the blessings i was waiting for a long time. this helped a lot with the family expenses. and at least now, i'm down to one loan payment. yey!

> the first 3 months of my injectibles and so far, it has been smooth sailing. the bad part though is the weight gain, but i'm not complaining, people said i looked better now. :)

> the kids are doing great. kyle's done with his 2nd quarter exams which i hope he passed with flying colors. we're also hoping for a first honor award this time. keon's still struggling with his terrible twos, he's been quite clingy to his yaya and usually ends up crying over little things. kade's growing up so fast that i can't believe he's turning 4 months already!

> we're already working on kade's baptism this november. just a little get together with friends and family.

> work has been great. it's not routine like it was before and now we've got more people on the team compared to a few months before when it was only me. one woman team for the digital department. :)

> hubby's doing great at work too. he's no longer frazzled and stressed unlike the first few months when he got promoted. but of course, the stress of manning a staff of 120 people comes with the job. thank god that there are only a handful of those who are disobedient. :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

a certified GLEEK

i discovered this from reading tweets from other people. and i got curious and now i am hooked! i'm a gleek!

some say this is like HSM, but i beg to differ. this is HSM way better. HSM on crack if you may. it's more real and superficial. amazing!

and the songs are spectacular! i love kurt to bits!

are you a gleek too?

Monday, October 5, 2009

little wonders

it's funny how something so powerful as a fart and a burp can come out from someone so tiny and helpless?

kade xedric, the burping and farting champion at home. sometimes his two older brothers get blamed but in the end, he was the culprit!

and that's one of the reasons why mommy loves you to bits!

you stole the crown from your two kuyas. amazing little kid with big powers!

your little wonders truly amaze the family.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

a year older, a year wiser

and so another year has passed. turned another year older, but wiser. with a better and bigger perspective on things. i may joke around people asking me my age and i quickly retort to turning 25 or 21 depending on my mood. it was the shallow part in me that i didn't want to let go. the fear of getting old.

but with having 3 kids, things turned around. i've started to look forward in seeing them grow up as i get older. seeing them discover things about themselves as i have experienced when i was their age. it was like seeing myself in them, times 3.

i've learned a lot of things in the many years i've had my birthdays. but it was only then that when i started to have a family of my own that the things i wish for and the things that i want weren't for myself but for those 4 people who have been in my heart. i've learned to be more serious in making decisions. i've learned to take things in perspective, being in the other person's shoes and to just let go sometimes. i've learned to laugh, wholeheartedly. not to be too serious always. it was then that i have realized that i had indeed grown up. i was an adult.

on a lighter note, since i wasn't expecting to get any gifts, it was a pleasant surprise to see my kids,kyle and keon singing to me a happy birthday the moment i woke up. with a hug and a kiss and cuddles, it was the best birthday gift ever. a gurgle from kade and his contented sigh once i rest his head on my chest and hubby's presence tops the list of my best birthday gifts ever.

and here's to more years of learning new things along the way. =)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

kyle's first gimik

a mom's worst nightmare is when her son finally asks permission to go out at night with friends.

well, technically this happened to me way too early.

kyle and his cousin migs went out for a night out in town. (with mig's parents of course!) the funny and scary part is when kyle said this:

mommy i'm going out with migs. gimik kami

my heart must have leapt to it's death right then and there. haha i was already imagining what if he was saying that to me when he is already of age? but of course everything was in all good fun.

oh but the hirits didn't end there. kuya vince, taught kyle to say this:

mommy we're going to look for girls.

homaygaad it was funny and scary really.

this is kyle on his first gimik:quite tame. for now. hahaha!

thank god he still has a long way to go before he can go on his first real gimik.

ways to keep the marriage interesting

a lot of marriages have gone stale because one or both partners forget to inject some laughter and light moments into their lives. isn't it one of the things that brought you closer to your spouse in the first place? he made you laugh at the silliest jokes, you'd share a private joke with each other, you'd tickle each other silly.

that's why hubby and i never forget to laugh. at each other, at things we do, with the kids and with our friends. laughter is an important part in our relationship. or else we'd die bored.

but sometimes we do forget sometimes and it's good that we get to laugh our hearts out again. especially last night. we were having such a great time. just the two of us. in our own little moment. but here's the thing: i can't remember why and what we were laughing about. all i can remember was we were laughing.

it was such a great feeling. i'm looking forward to more laugh moments with hubby.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

what would you do?

if you're faced with two kids crying over one toy?

a. let it go and let them figure it out for themselves
b. give one each of the same toy
c. give a different activity for each child
d. do nothing

i did all four and well, each option works depending on the kid's temperament. i've been through hell being mommy referee. i can't comfort one and leave the other one. it's all a matter of compromise and my kids have taught me how to.

amazing how kids can teach you life lessons.

now i'm working my muscles to be mommy referee again, this time to three fighting boys soon. good luck to me! and i hope there's another lesson in there somewhere.

letters to my 3 boys

i tried to write them letters that they get to read once they're bigger, but the moment i start the letter i get washed away with so much emotion that i can't continue. but i have to, i just don't know when. i have to control my emotions first and get these letters done.

my plan is to have a letter for them on their 7th, 13th, 21st and 30th birthday.

dear lord, give me strength and emotional capability to finish them before the tears start to fall again...

Friday, September 18, 2009

is it time to switch?

i've been discussing this issue with hubby, if we are to "upgrade" kyle to Nido since he's already 4 and is getting all the required nutrients from his daily meals. his milk intake is as follows: the moment he wakes up in the morning, before his afternoon nap, after his afternoon nap and before bedtime. sometimes he asks for milk during the night.

health-wise, kyle's quite big for his age and undoubtedly has an appetite of a 7 year old. he can finish a cup of rice in one sitting. his rice and food intake is actually larger than mine. but he does burn off those by being way active. so obesity for him is out of the question. thank god he isn't into sweets, but we do indulge him on special occasions. we don't want to deprive our kids. chips and sodas are for special occasions as well. the chips and sodas come out at night when the kids are asleep.

but i digress.

with the high cost of growing up milk, we think it would be more practical to upgrade him into the more "generic" ones.

plus the fact that we still have 2 more boys consuming growing up milk. keon, still has a year to go before he does move on up to Nido too.

i'm a bit scared that they might not like having fresh milk at this stage even if it is the most healthy. i should know, i still drink milk up to now.

if only those milk companies cut down on the cost, every mom should be happy. especially me since i've got 3 mouths to feed. LOL

first smiles

kade xedric and his first smile at 2 months
he's not done yet
now that's the smile we've been waiting for.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

another downpour

of course this was not the sight this afternoon it was much darker and zero visibility.

today was supposed my first day to meet with my clients again. admittedly, i was excited to do my "rounds" again. but then, as fate would have it, the sky went dark at the same time i was planning to leave the office.

is this a sign that i should just put off the "rounds" for now and move it to next week? but i've done my tasks for the day and just doing whatever here in the office.

and just when i have accepted the fact that i can't leave the office anymore, the rain stopped and looked like it didn't rain at all. save for the wet cars passing through the streets.

hopefully, this tuesday, no more rainfall. i need to do my job!

little surprises

it was just a typical saturday night. the kids and i were at home waiting for hubby to come home. my bestfriend dropped by. it was a great feeling seeing someone other than the usual family members.

so anyway, as soon as hubby arrived i go the best surprise ever. it was just a regular day, no special occasion but i got the best present ever!

hubby handed me a box of blueberry cheese cake and a big bouquet of flowers. and a card that said:

to the best and hardworking mommy. i love you so much!"

i was fighting off the tears but i'm sure hubby saw how much i appreciated the effort. after all those days that i've been bitchy, whiny and downright tired. this is the best "pambawi" ever. i appreciate more the simple gestures rather than the grand ones. the simple ones are usually from the heart. =)

but the forgetful in me, forgot to take photos, so boo!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

my 3rd honor graduate

it was such a pleasant surprise to find out that my little boy, kyle got 3rd honors in school. it was such a proud mommy moment for me.

funny story: Thursday morning (august 27) while waking kyle up for school, one of our yayas told us that kle got 3rd honors in school. we asked how did they find out. yaya told us that she saw the letter from kyle's teacher inside his lunchbox. the letter said that recognition day will be on Friday, which was the next day. if we didn't find out about the good news, our little boy would come up the stage without us. and that would be a sad, sad scene.

but thank god it didn't happen. :) i was able to accompany him and go up the stage. hubby unfortunately, arrived late. just after kyle and i went up the stage. but he was one proud daddy nonetheless. :)

and here's my little boy and his award:and with me getting his award on stage

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

kade at 2 months

my little wonder boy at two months. what he's up to now?

> since he turned a month old, he can lift his head for short periods of time, and now he can hold it much longer. he can now survey his "kingdom" when we carry him upright. he actually prefers to be held upright that him lying down. he gets all fussy and irritated.

> he loves staring at his mobile with his bears and insects. his current favorite is the rainbow caterpillar. he actually coos and gurgles to it. which is quite fun to watch.

> he's been sleeping through the night for almost 2 weeks. i have to wake him up for his regular feedings or else he'll be mr grumpy pants when he wakes up in the morning.

> we don't struggle anymore with him sleeping on his crib at night. but he has to sleep first on my chest to get him all settled before i transfer him to the crib. yey i can finally sleep on my side!

> even before he turned 2 months, he already showed his first smile. and to my happiness, i was able to witness. we're now looking forward to his first laugh and diligently working on it.

> he has discovered his hands and little fingers. and spends most of his waking time trying to put them inside his mouth. but usually leaves him frustrated since his coordination isn't that fine tuned yet. try and try again baby.

other than that, he's still a sleeping, feeding, pooping, peeing baby boy. not so much interaction going on yet since kade's determined to grow and grow before he can dazzle us with his antics and charm.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

kyle and keon, little bundles of energy

crazy things they do at home:

Thursday, August 27, 2009

let the rain fall down...and still be in style

i am in love. call it love at fisrt shop/surf. i want to covet these. just looking at the pictures i know it's a very comfortable shoe. i want i want i want!

how can you go wrong with flats worth 1,450?? exactly! you don't!

this is what i want... and will own soon!i'm eyeing the one named Vivki.

bye bye wet feet! =)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

on the homefront...

the past few weeks have been quite hell for me. i won't go into the details since it's quite personal and i dont want to step into people's toes. but things on the homefront in my perspective are quite misplaced.

i've been keeping quiet so as not to put pressure into involving hubby. my planner/diary has been a silent witness to all my rants and complaints. i've stood my ground, sticking to my decision, hoping that hubby can also see my side before he could go and make his own. at least he could weigh the options better.

an added responsibility other than or own family is quite too much to handle right now and added pressure won't remedy the situation. especially on our end.

and as much as possible, i would prefer if we could focus first on wiping out our debts this year to finally save up for our family and soon move out to our own home. it's time for us to be independent. and the best bet for this is to move to another country. avoid all the drama, the issues and the negativity.

as selfish at that may sound but i think we deserve that. since we have a family of our own, we have to focus on our priorities and expenses. other things take a backseat in the meantime. we are in fact raising 3 kids, another mouth to feed or sustain isn't practical right now. especially those who don't know how to reciprocate even in kindness and kind words.

protecting myself

after 3 kids, my ob had scolded me for having kids 2 years each apart. she was worried that my boy hasn't recovered yet from the previous pregnancy. but, what were we to do now that i was carrying our third child right? so she told me, imposed actually that after i give birth, she'll put me on contraceptives. i obliged since it was in the plan initially after keon, but due to some miraculous intervention, kade was created.

we discussed what would be the right one for me. i told her i'm not reliable to take pills daily since i have the memory of a goldfish when it comes to taking medicine. patches, i might not afford it, IUD, too scary for me and so, we decided injectibles are the way to go. and all i have to do is to come back every three months for my injections.

of course i did my research about the good and the bad effects of injectibles (Depo Provera) from this source

i just had my first shot two weeks ago. so far i just have some spotting. the bloated feeling my ob warned me about hadn't taken effect yet, but i am praying it won't happen at all. what i am dreading is the weight gain. so right now, i'm starting to watch my weight and do everything i can to maintain my ideal weight of 115lbs. once i go back to work, i'm sure things would be easier since i'm more mobile and up and about.

hubby and i will soon test it's effectiveness. but not now or in the coming weeks or months. it's to risky yet since this is my first dose. i guess after my 3rd dose.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

short hair dilemma

which one?? and how short should i go?

i'd love to post how hideous my hair looks like now, but that would scare off anyone who reads my blog hahaha.

how hideous? it's like a mullet with a dead electrocuted rat on it. my hair is awfully dry and oily at the same time. going in different directions. it's a pain to have this hair in this weather. hopefully this weekend, i'll be saying goodbye to bad hair.

and hopefully i get to rock a new color too. (do i hear a red? haha)

a little pocket of time

goodness! i have so much stuff to blog about but the moment i get my hands on my laptop and start typing away, my precious bunso starts fussing and cries. so everything takes a backseat when my kids call for attention.

the past few days have been quite a rollercoaster of a ride. been feeling high and low in a span of minutes. i'd hate to blame this on the contraceptive i'm having because it wasn't stated as a side effect that i'll be having any mood swings. i guess with the current situation our family is facing right now made me all the more sensitive.

and since i have a little pocket of time while the kids are still asleep, i shall attempt to even create one blog post/story in my to do list. this does not count by the way.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

kade xedric's birthing story

i was due july 23, but i was sure as hell that this little boy would make his grand entrance on the first week of july.

towards the end of the month of june, my ob and i were discussing when to schedule my routine IE to check up on kade if he's ready and if my body's ready. i asked to move the check up the following week (july 3) since that weekend, my family and i were going to celebrate my dad's birthday the whole weekend. thankfully my ob agreed, with a lot of pleading and charms used. i assured her that by the time she does the IE on my, i'll be giving birth already so she should be ready.

the week went by and come july 3, friday, i popped over to her clinic over lunch to have my IE. and surprises of all surprises, i was already 4cm dilated but not yet effaced. meaning mycervix isn't open yet. so i was still given directions to go home and rest it out. but knowing me, and having gone through 2 previous pregnancies, i returned to work and finished all my turnovers for the day. i even announced through facebook that i was 4cm dilated already and sent some officemates into shocked and almost panicked replies. but i assured them i was doing ok and not feeling any pain at all.

i was even the last one to go home that friday night at 930pm. but around that time i was already feeling the strain on my lower back. i knew anytime i'll be heading to the hospital.

once we got home, i slept it off. come the next day, i woke up around 730am and felt pain on my back going to my tummy. i knew it was time. hubby left for the office since i knew this can take a while. i was counting the contractions already. round 830, the pain was a bit uncomfortable but manageable. i texted my ob that i was having 5 min contractions every 30 mins. she replied that i should head to the hospital asap since i could give birth already. since i wasn't panicking yet, i even asked her if i can still grab something to eat after i take my shower. i got a big NO and that i should get a move on asap. so i did. texted hubby to head home and bring me to the hospital. (i was that relaxed that i wanted hubby to bring me to the hospital when in fact my dad or brother can drive me to the hospital)

around 930am i we were knocking on the door of the delivery room. left all my things to hubby. was subjected to the usual round of questions. at that time i was still wearing my red nail polish on my hands and feet. sadly i had to remove them and so the resident nurse took them off while i was being monitored. another round of IE and i was 7cm dilated and 8cm dilated when having contractions.

i was surprised when they wheeled me directly to the delivery room. i asked them: aren't i going to stay in the labor room? they told me there's no need since i was already 8cm dilated and i can give birth anytime.

i was prepped and strapped on to the table. it was a good 30-45 mins of chikahan with the doctors since my ob was still on her way. it was around 1045am. i was shaved, given my IV, another round of interviews, more chikahan. during those times i was already feeling the intense pain, i was asking the doctors if i can sit down a bit since it eases the pain, but since i can't anymore, i had to bear the pain.

a tip: those breathing exercises really help. the more you scream off the pain, the more it gets painful. seriously.

after another round of chikahan with my ob, she did another IE on me and then my water bag broke. this is it! in a few mintues, kade will make his grand entrance!

i was told to push if i felt like i was pooping. after a good 3 or 4 pushes... and feeling the head crowning, i passed out and woke up to the noise of the nurses in the recovery room. that was around 2pm already.

by the time i was wheeled into my room, i fell asleep again and woke up in the evening. and the first thing i asked is how was kade and how did he look like.

so that's the story of kade and how he came into this world. :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

trouble in yaya-land

currently, we're facing a new problem on the homefront. by the end of this month, we'll be one yaya short. kyle's yaya has decided to leave and go home to the province to "rest".

this frustrates me to no end since she knows that i'll go back to work first week of september and leaving 3 kids at home is no joke. she could have been a little considerate and told us way before i gave birth.

now we're still waiting for the new yaya to arrive and i've only got less than a week to train her on how to take care of the kids.

dear lord, i hope we get to survive this.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

i just don't get it

i was supposed to blog about this mini pet peeve i had while i was pregnant.

why do some people take it against you or seem a bit off when they find out you're pregnant for the third time? like it's a big crime to them finding out you're pregnant for the third time? it's not that i'll go ask them for support financially and ask them to buy things for the baby.

i just find it quite offensive when they tend to say things like: "you're pregnant again?" "gawa naman kayo ng baby girl" or "girl naman this time"

beef over.

i just turned a deaf ear and a generic smile when i was told these statements.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

5 weeks

pardon the post partum drama laden blog post...

i was reading Daphne Osena's blog a few minutes ago and i came across one of her blog entries. she recently gave birth as well and more or less, we're in the same boat. and this blog entry validates what i have been going through.

in a way i can relate to her. having three kids, opting to not have a nanny for the third child and taking care of the household while at the same time, taking care of a demanding newborn.

the only difference is that she blogged about it on her 17th week of being with her newborn, i, on the otherhand, is just a few days shy of my 6th week post partum and here i am all drained, exhausted, semi depressed, and moody. 2 weeks or more to go and i'm back to work. half of me is dreading going back to work, half of me is looking forward to it.

it feels like after having this third angel has finally taken its toll on me. i seriously had a few years of rest, then i'm back to being pregnant again. i guess my body never had the full chance to recover from the first pregnancy. i have been looking in the mirror lately and i am not liking what i see. i look older than my age, i'm starting to grow some lines - worry lines, getting old lines in my face, my skin looks blotchy and dry, and a ton more. it's quite depressing really. and as much as i would want a total makeover, i'd rather spend the money i'm going to use on it for the kids.

i just hope that in the coming weeks, months or year, i can redeem myself and hopefully return to what i should look like in my age - or even just half of it.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

the delinquent blogger mommy

i missed blogging so much. but taking care of a newborn - well, almost a month old baby, takes up 80% of my day. the 20% goes to the other two kids, and a little me time that i get as much as i can.

this me time would be spent online checking up on my friends, my social networks etc. i really can't let go of my online life.

i have a lot of things lined up to be blogged about:

> kade's birthing story
> kyle's 4th birthday
> keon's milestones
> taking care of a newborn all over again
> having the baby blues
> hubby's promotion - the ups and the downs
> and the other things i discovered here and there

but i'm taking it one day at a time. soon, i'll be able to complete this list.

and yeah, i am looking forward to going back to work but i'm torn in leaving kade at home. we still have to work on a schedule since we won't get kade a nanny. our 2 nannies would take turns in taking care of him in the meantime. i sure hope, our schedule works. but we're still crossing our fingers on this - wish us luck!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

kade xedric

meet the newest heartbreaker...

Monday, July 20, 2009

being stuck at home

it has been 2 weeks since i gave birth and i have been stuck here at home. thank god for internet access, books and of course tv to entertain me or else i would have gone crazy while being stuck with kids under the age of 5.

i may be lacking sleep taking care of a newborn, giving attention to two active toddlers but the feeling is very much rewarding. i'm making up for all the lost time and the late nights i came home. it's such a fun feeling, them seeing you the moment they wake up and before they go to sleep. i'm also thankful for my nannies who are there to lend a hand even if they're busy as well.

i'm happy that i can still sneak a liitle me time while the kids are asleep in the afternoon. i can check my mail, visit blogs, catch up on my favorite websites, and just watch tv. if only there was a Direct TV Service much like my godmother in the US where she gets to watch more than a hundred channels. now that would make the most of my maternity leave.

maybe this Direct TV would be the next best thing to hit the philippines.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

sweeter than usual

last night, while hubby and i were taking a break after kyle's simple birthday dinner, hubby suddenly asked out of the blue:

" do you want to do anything this weekend? just the two of us?"

it was a sweet gesture. but i just had to ruin the moment (unintentionally of course) by saying:

"who will take care of kade then?"

if i were in my right mind, i should've said yes in a heartbeat for a little quality time with my hubby after a long time. but he mommy mode just had to kick in.

it was too late to take back what i said but hubby was kind enough to make sure that we will have our quality time soon. at least he now realizes that we both need a break from being parents and from being corporate slaves.

and once in a while we need to bring back the sweetness. *kilig*

now time to schedule that harry potter movie date :D

Monday, July 13, 2009

kade xedric is here!

just dropping by my blog to announce the birth of our third angel, kade xedric.

born on the 4th of july at 1146am. just in time, just the right moment. he waited for me to finish all my pending tasks in the office before he made his grand entrance. he even made sure i was able to go out with his older brothers a weekend before his birth, a dinner and movie date with hubby a few days before the big day.

and when the big day finally came, it was the smoothest and by far the easiest deliveries i had (and as far as i know, the one i can remember quite vividly).

seeing him after, was truly breathtaking.

all the details, all the stories will have to wait for now (plus photos) since i have to devote all my time to this little one. and i've got the best 2 months to bond with him until i go back to work and start missing him.

Friday, June 26, 2009

huling hirit

kung sabihin ko naman na di pwede, gagawa ka naman ng paraan na masunod pa rin ang gusto mo eh. ganyan na kita kilala. you'll still "force" what you want.

kelan kaya darating ang araw na masusunod yung sinabi ko?

Farewell Ms. Farrah

before the news broke out about MJ's passing, an angel has fallen.

one of the original Charlie's Angels has left this world at the age of 62. One of the most noted sex symbols during the 70's. she was truly a stunning woman. the hair, the smile, the body.

farewell, Ms. Farrah Fawcett.

it was all the more sad because we all know she was suffering from cancer, fought hard and was about to be wed. but sadly, fate had other plans.

god wanted her to be a real angel.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Farewell King of Pop

after sending off my son to school this morning, i got an SMS from my bestfriend. it was a simple message: RIP Michael Jackson. i had to read it thrice to take it all in before i could reply back to her.

i was in utter disbelief. an icon. a living legend. gone.

in a way, he was a big part of me growing up. i basically saw him "transform". his songs were upbeat, had a message, and in a way can relate to anyone. he was that awesome, next to the beatles and elvis.

now he's gone. at age 50, he has left us - quite abruptly. it may be all the things he did to himself throughout his career or it was just God's way of telling him to slow down and rest. either way, i hope he's in a happy place.

rest in peace king of pop. you will surely be missed. your legacy will live on...

sharing the photo they took while trying to revive him, but failed.



sometimes having a conversation with my almost 4 year old son is much better than conversing with people my age or older. things make more sense with a 4 year old than a regular adult... for some reason, there's perspective.

happiness, thy name is Red Mango

i'm not really a fan of yogurt, but if i do get the chance to get my hands on one, i would gladly eat it. so far the only yogurt i had a taste of is the one from nestle.

but with the boom of the frozen yogurt business here in the country. almost everywhere you go, you see a stall selling for-yo. and as an officemate called it, fro-yo is the next shawarma. remember the shawarma craze way back when? fro yo takes the throne today.

i was given the chance to try out one of the most popular fro yo stalls/stores while doing our rounds for the restaurant reviews over eastwoord tuesday last week. aside from the happy tummy from all the good food, we get to try out a dessert place! yey!

and then i met red mango. and i got hooked!

i ordered the fro yo over shaved ice with 3 toppings. special k, peaches and blueberries. and according to the manager, the combination i chose was their highlyu recommended combinations to those who are aren't quite sure of what to get. as a first timer, i felt damn proud of my choice. haha.

the yogurt wasn't that too sour nor too sweet. it was actually just right for my preggy taste. and the mix of the blueberries and peaches and the crunchyness of the special k was a party in my tongue all the way to my tummy. and you can't go wrong with yogurt, it's much healthier than getting a huge scoop of ice cream. one small order is filling enough.

and that's not all red mango offers, aside from the usual fro yo and endless toppings, they also offer coffee and waffles for those who aren't that into yogurt. at least the owners / managemet thought of capturing a market of yogurt and non yogurt lovers.

a bonus: the ambiance is such a good place to hang out post date with you SO or that person you like. not too private, not too public. just the right coziness to chat and enjoy your fro yo.

now hubby and i are looking forward to our own red mango date.

Red Mango is located at:
Trinoma and Eastwood Mall

*photos to follow

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

false alarm / scare at 3am

almost nearing my full term, one of the downsides of being pregnant are the sleepless nights. one, due to the frequency in peeing, two, you can't find the most comfortable position to sleep and three, it's just a big hassle sleeping with a big belly.

so anyway, i was having one of those rare nights where i was getting the sleep i was needing when all of a sudden i woke up to a really painful lower back. i thought i was in a wrong sleeping position. but the pain was persistent and every movement was torture. and it didn't stop there, the pain in my lower back was slowly creeping its way into my front. and started to feel like contractions.

i was bugging hubby on what i was feeling. i was telling him that i was worried that i might be in labor already. he told me to relax and to monitor the pain and the contractions. it was a really scary moment right there. i actually never experienced this when i was carrying my two boys. the moment i started to feel those contractions was when i was in the labor room and a few minutes away from being wheeled into the delivery room. i felt like such a newbie mom.

but thank God the pains subsided after an hour, but i wasn't able to get the sleep i needed.

i was really worried going into labor this early since i'll be on my 36th week by tomorrow and technically, the baby hasn't reached full term yet.

so i whispered a prayer of thanks and a little nudge to baby to not be too excited to come out. he can go and make his grand entrance on the first week of july and on weekend and i won't complain at all.

Monday, June 22, 2009

is it time for a new pet?

we've noticed that kyle has had this early fascination with animals. and since he's turning 4 next month, we've been thinking if it is indeed time to introduce him to a new phase in his life where he has to be responsible in taking care of pets.

hubby and i are thinking about getting him his own dog or cat since usually this are the first pets as a kid. but looking back at my own childhood, my first pet was a duckling. although i was mommy to this duckling for a good 2 weeks before it passed away. it felt good.

hubby and i are thinking that being responsible and the maintenance that goes with pet care can be quite big for kyle, we're sure he'll pass with flying colors. and maybe a new pet can be good alternative to the usual robots and blocks he asks as a gift.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

a father's day post for the best dad of three

i know father's day is a yearly thing and i read my last year's post for hubby. 10 things about him being a dad.

and if i may add:

1. he's not afraid to admit that his fashion sense is going into the direction of daddy-ish. but he still has his days of shorts, sneakers and polo shirts. either way, he's still a hot dad.

2. he's willing to give up his sleeping space and literally sleep like a log so that kyle can sleep and roll as much as he can. with a little complaint here and there, but he's only human.

3. he sacrificed a lot not only for the kids, but for me. and it gives me much more respect for him.

4. he has totally learned to put the kids first before himself and his needs.

5. he still has the proud daddy laugh that is genuine and from the deepest depths of his heart.

the list can go on and on. i'm just happy that my kids are the luckiest kids in the whole world having a daddy like him. he may not be there most of the time, but as i mentioned in the old post, we chose quality over quantity when bonding with the kids.

happy father's day to the best dad my kids could ever have! this is your best year ever with little KX #3 on the way any week now. :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

buying a book for the first time again

i didn't know how euphoric it felt when the moment you hand over the book to the cashier, hand over your payment, hear the magical jingle of the cash register and the crisp sound of the paper bag being handed over to you after purchasing a book can be this... well, euphoric. it felt like the first time all over again.

it felt like i was 6 again when i had my first taste of purchasing a book of my choice. that time if i remember, it was a sweet valley teens novel. and it felt good. so good that i started saving up whatever's left of my measly allowance just so i can buy a book monthly. i was hooked.

and after all these years, it happened all over again. i got to buy a book. a novel. something concrete that i can hold and sleep beside with at night. and i missed the feeling so much.

i bought the time traveler's wife, a novel by audrey niffenegger. i got hooked when i heard it was going to be adapted into a movie. saw the trailer and found it to be a potentially good movie. but i decided to read the book first. i wanted to get a feel of the story between these two people.

and now i can't wait to curl up in our bed and read a few chapters before i fall asleep. i just hope i don't read it too fast that by the time i go into labor i've got nothing to do or to read.

it just feels good to have a good book to come home to right? :)

here's the trailer for the movie:

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

i can't make you love me

even if this is such a sappy heartbreaking song, it's such a classic. and i won't get tired of listening to this over and over and over again. the george michael version and the bonnie rait version. either way, they both rock.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

bring on the cheese

last night, hubby called me up. his voice was a bit depressed. he must be tired from work, i thought. he said he's on his way to pick me up and we need to talk.

uh-oh this is something serious. i hope it's not family related, i thought. as soon as he arrived, he looked forlorn. he started his speech like this:

bear, di ko na kaya to eh. di ko kasi masabi lahat sa iyo kaya sinabi ko na lang kay tigger lahat ng nararamdaman ko. di ko kasi alam kung paano sasabihin sa iyo kaya idinaan ko na lang kay tigger.

huh? tigger? why is a disney character involved?

and then he handed this to me:

can you say cheesy?

we were laughing our heads off with his cheesy lines. kilig factor rating 100/10. perfect score. and totally out of the blue. rare, special and definitely romantic indeed.

why the gesture? because he knows i love tigger, because he knows we have been blessed the past few days, because he knows i've been biting his head off lately about being more of a dad than just the provider to the kids.

and basically, just because.

now, how will i top that? oh yeah, another baby boy for him. haha but seriously, it's so hard to beat this sweetness.

*now basil the plant has a new companion in my cube :D

** and yes hubby did ask me to blog about it. haha

first day of school

seeing them in unfirm brings a tear to my eye. all grown up and ready to face the world.

for other photos, i've posted them in my facebook

for the full account, i shall blog about it tomorrow.

Monday, June 8, 2009

first day high

as a mom, it's quite exciting to send off your kids to school. most especially on their first day of school. but with the current health situation, it seems that keeping them at home is the next best option. not that i don't trust the school in making sure that the kids don't get sick. it's the other parents i'm worried about and how they value hygiene for their kids.

now i have to make sure that my kids have extra sets of alcohol and that they have an extra pair of handkechief in their pockets. and thank god at this early, they know how to cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze and stay away from kids that have cough. oc mom much, yes i am.

so much for the excitement in seeing them off tomorrow. now i'm all worried about them being in school for 2 whole hours starting tomorrow.

and yes, even keon will get to experience what school feels like tomorrow. wish me luck!

experiencing Eastwood part 2

now where was part 1 you might wonder? well i didn't really blog about it yet since i intend to make a few notes about the 5 restos we've raided and sampled their specialties. which, of course has been stuck in my trusty coffee bean and tea leaf notebook for quite a while and the photos, stored in my laptop's hard drive.

and so, for this part 2 update, we raided 3 restos in Eastwood.

but again, this is just a teaser since being OC and all, i have to start with the first batch right? but fret not dear readers, (if i do have readers haha) i shall post asap.

and another Eastwood resto raid is on it's way next week. another happy tummy moment for the little one and of course mommy. haha (and i have to "borrow" some photos from the cosmo girls.)

watch this space for my first ever food review. sort-of :)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

the name game

playing the name game can be tough, especially for us since our kids follow a certain pattern. their names start with K and X. why so? hubby and i think that these letters aren't that common when combined together to name the kids.

at first we thought baby #3 was a girl, we have a pre-selected name already. but as mentioned to some of my friends, we won't disclose it. we're OC and protective of our name choices. yes, we do fear that people might "copy" the name combination we want. silly i know. but we just love having ownership.

but alas, baby #3 turned out into a boy. and well, hubby and i weren't able to come up with a boy's name at all. we were convinced that it was a girl. but anyway, one Monday night, while having our late dinner at Heaven and Eggs in glorietta, we were able to come up with the perfect combination. still following the pattern that the name that starts with K should have 4 letters and the name with X should have 5-6 letters. aha! a perfect fit.

watch out for the debut of our little boy's name when he comes out first or second week of July. :)

Friday, June 5, 2009

funny little keon

i was taking a bath and i heard keon calling out to me. he was awake quite early that morning. good thing we wasn't crying his eyes out and asking for me. he was casually calling for me. i guess he knew i was in the bathroom. he patiently waited for me to finish. and when i came out this is what he said:

keon: mommy, mommy
me: yes keon?
keon: wee wee (pointing to his jammies and pillow)
me: you want me to change you?
keon: yes, wet wet wee wee
me: come here and let's change you

keon was waiting for me ti finish to tell me his nappy is full and had leaked a few onto his jammies and he needed a change asap. he was also concerend about his pillow getting wet as well.

this little boy is quite the OC type that he hates getting wet with his own pee. and as mentioned in my previous post, he's potty trained. one last hurdle left. being nappy free at night.

rainy days

after the intense heat the past few weeks, God must have had enough of our complaints and now sent over some showers. but stil we complain. we're such a hard to please crowd.

a friend from plurk once mentioned that the rains now are a blessing. it washes away the impurities in the air - at the same time the news broke out about the sudden spread of the carriers of the dreaded swine flu. isn't this God's way of telling us that we better stay indoors, in the comforts of our homes until it's over?

now if that can happen to us working parents. the only comfort is that the kids are safe and cozy at home.

thank you lord for the rain even if i get my feet wet and get that icky feeling.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

meet basil

my new plant here in the office. it's a basil plant so what else to name it than basil, right? :)

a whole lot of awesomeness!

my dad would love to play this game. now, time to wish for to own our own console to play this. :D must channel the secret.

awesome indeed!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Still rooting for the Blue team

praying to be on Team Pink was not granted. we're still rooting for Team Blue. and they say, the third time's a charm.

it was an eventful saturday. went to the hospital for the routine lab tests and pre natal check up. i took a chance to see if there's any glimmer of hope to be on team pink. i was with kyle that afternoon hoping that he'll witness for the first time his first wish coming true. but sadly, my little boy went out of the sonologist's clinic defeated and confused. i on the other hand was a giddy preggy mom. giddy and a bit disappointed i guess. deep inside i wanted a girl, but then this is god's plan for me to raise men not ladies. but over-all, i am happy the baby's doing great.

after getting the results, i immediately called up my bestfriend to tell the news. hubby at that time was in a meeting and i just had to call someone up. when i was able to talk to hubby, all he could do was let out a chuckle of relief. from being free of having a little princess to worry about growing up. so yeah, all the worrying will be up to me. by the time these 3 grow up into adolescents, i'll be the enemy and daddy's going to be the best friend. but i will put up a fight. i shall baby them until they cry their eyes out. haha!

so yes, dear readers, we're having another baby boy. and no, we don't plan to start a basketball team.

project potty: the keon chronicles

as mentioned in the previous potty updates about keon's milestone in going potty we have reached another milestone. stage 2, poopoo.

it was such good news when my mom shared with me how keon finally gave in to going potty on his own. mama was with the kids in the living room when keon approached her, took her hand and led her to the bathroom. upon entering the door to the bathroom, he proudly announced/informed my mom that he has to go poopoo. and to my mom's surprise and amusement, she gladly obliged to assist him. (my mom has expressed that she will not assist at all when the kids go weewee and poopoo since she's done with the three of us) she sat keon down and the magic happened.

my little boy had pooped in the potty. on his own!

and he has been doing it eversince. he'll approach the nearest person and take their hand and lead them to the potty. such a smart kid.

even kyle was singing him praises for doing such a good job! i've got 2 boys potty trained and ready to face the world - during the daytime. nighttime is still a hurdle we have to face, but we'll get there soon. :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

a message from God

On this day of your life, Hazel, we believe God wants you to know...
... that doubt is the greatest gift, - it's the space between two certainties.

Any change on its way from one place of stability to the next one, passes through a period of doubt. Your old perspective has to disintegrate, and doubt comes in for a visit - even if only for a moment, before the new perspective takes root. Doubt is your greatest gift, because from doubt you can go anywhere.

and i thought that doubting is wrong. i guess now i have to change perspectives to see things more clearly.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

quoting incubus

whatever tomorrow brings, i'll be there
with open arms and and open eyes..

and it somehow uplifted my weary spirit at times like this. incubus couldn't have said it better when it comes to thinking positive and just facing the world.

so i say, bring it on world. i'm ready.

Monday, May 25, 2009

to the best hardworking hubby in the world

a big congratulations on your promotion! good job! the youngest ever to run a sales office for ABI. idol! =)

good job aishi! i know you can do it. prove them all wrong.

all the late nights of going home paid off. i hope this time you get to follow your own schedule and pace. your boys and baby and i are all behind you.

good job aishi!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

this recession got me depressed

it's sales report day again and i have succumbed into depression. all my updates were pending accounts and sadly no closed sale for this month. most of the pending accounts that i have would book starting june or july. and it's quite depressing to submit a mediocre report to my boss who expects so much.

times are definitely hard right now. i've even resorted to begging my contacts/clients to speed up the approvals so that we could at least book an ad placement. but no dice. people are really holding on to their cash for dear life.

i sure hope that next month would be positive for us and the business.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Black Heart Inertia

pardon the fangirl in me. but i am an Incubus fan eversince. and seeing brandon boyd in nerdy glasses makes me all giggly and kilig like a highschool student.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

His and Hers

Thanks to hubby's connection with the people from Adidas (ex office mates to be exact) we were able to score some rocking sneakers. hubby has about 4 pairs of these and i guess it's about time i have to have one for my own too.

behold, our first his and hers item: sneakers!!


this is one of the lightest sneakers i have ever worn!

New Moon: The Leaked Poster

i know, i know a lot of people have posted this already. but come on, admit it, you're interested as well.

thanks to a booboo by a site for publishing the poster online a day in advance.

enjoy! i may watch this and hope and pray it wouldn't turn into a laughing session with constipated actors...

*side comment: bakit parang ang liit ni bella? bumansot ba siya? hihi

Monday, May 18, 2009

Preggy update #5: 30 weeks and counting

8 weeks more to go and baby#3 will be full term. more or less that would be around the week of july 12 to 18. the only thing i hope won't happen is that kyle won't share his birthday with his baby sister/brother.

on with the updates then.

so far it's a bit annoying that people comment how small i carry this baby. how they can go about saying that i carry small in such a way that sounds like i don't eat enough, i don't take my vitamins etc. but i still have the willpower to ignore them and just say in a polite manner that i do carry my kids small. but they come out pretty healthy. kyle was a 7 pounder and keon was a 6. so it wouldn't be a surprise if this little one would be within these range.

anyway, here's what babycenter has to say about me being on my 30th week:

Good news — at this point your baby's lungs and digestive tract are nearly mature, meaning she'll do much better in the event of premature birth. Researchers also believe your baby can actually see now, in utero, but no one knows exactly how much she can make out. She's also becoming more cramped in your uterus and less able to move so freely, although when she does move, it's very noticeable.

comparing baby #3 from my two, this one has the most noteable movements. the twists and turns are quite disturbing and painful on most days. sleeping on my left side is a chore, i think baby #3 hates it when i do.

but other than that, the feeling has been great, the pregnancy a breeze, the food trips amazing.

8 more weeks to go and we'll see this bundle of happiness.


we still don't know the gender because she/he refuses to show the genitals. totally covered up! next week i guess - if funds permit for another ultrasound. :)

a little more each day

my kyle is a little boy no more. everyday, he learns something new and it amazes me that in just a few months, i'll have a 4 year old as a first born. how time flies that he has been quite dependent. a few things he can do on his own:

> go to the potty to pee
> take off his clothes before taking a bath
> get water
> eat on his own using adult sized utensils (bitin siya when he uses those kiddie sized ones)
> try to tie his shoelaces

and the latest achievement since last night: he can finally write his name without any assistance.

i got so teary-eyed that here is my little boy gaining more independence each day. part of me got scared that one day, he won't need me anymore. part of me wanted to keep him like that forever.

it was such a milestone for kyle and i because all the effort we went through in learning the letters of his name, to actually trying to write it on paper. he can already spell out his name (in case he gets lost daw (oh dear) and tell the guard his name.

i can't wait for his next milestone. i may not get to spend 100% of my time with him but i am happy that i still get to see his milestones. that i somehow get blessed in getting the chance to actually witness it for the first time. this is such a reward for me as a mom. not only to kyle but also to keon who, is sharing his own milestones with me.

i am truly blessed to have such wonderful kids. i can't wait what this third little wonder can do in the future.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Mommy Moments: Silly Moments

mommy moments

first time to join Mommy Moments and i love the theme!

Here are a few snapshots of the kids in their silly moments. :)

such silly boys! :)

a burger joint beside a carwash

a few minutes ago, hubby and i went on a food hunt. since he was in the pasig area near my office, he decided to try out this burger joint he has seen a few times when he was passing by the Kapitolyo area. when i heard it was Charlie's i couldn't be happier. i heard about this place when i read Anton's blog.

and from his reviews, and from some friends who tried it, i was beside myself with excitement. hubby and i are of course burger lovers and die hard carnivores. so, we're sure this place wouldn't disappoint at all.

and in fact it didn't. waiting for the burgers were rewarding in itself. if you're the impatient kind, this would be torture for you. but i assure you, it is so worth the wait.

we ordered the black angus beef burgers with fries.

(had to borrow the photo from Anton since i forgot to bring my camera). the burger's size is just right, a bit leveling on the size of Jollibee's Champ. but only better. the fries were salted just the way we like it. they were also very generous with the catsup serving, and if you want more, you can just borrow the huge bottle of Heinz from the counter, along with the mustard.

we also ordered the half dozen buffalo wings with blue cheese mayo (sorry, no photo. next time na lang). and so far this is one of the best buffalo wings i have tasted. just the right amount of heat, sourness and spice. even the veggie sticks were yummy! :)

we left the place with our faces and tummies happy. we would definitely go back and try out their other menu.

*photo credits: Anton of Our Awesome Planet

16 Kapitolyo Drive, Pasig City
(the same street as Cafe Juanita but you have to go straight past Good Burger)just look for the carwash and the little sign above or when you see a good amount of people lined up. :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

LP#57: Nang Matapos

dalawa ang aking ilalahok para sa tema ngayon.

ang una: nang matapos ang kaininan, eto lang ang natira:

yan din ang nilahok ko sa nakaraang LP.

nang matapos na kami kumain, tila toge lang ang natira sa aking plato. hindi kasi ako kumakain ng toge kung katabi siya ng pagkain ko. pang lumpia lang siya para sa akin. haha


ikalawang lahok: nang matapos ka sa pag-aaral ng nursery

nang makatapos ang aking panganay sa nursery, di mapinta ang kanyang tuwa dahil big boy na daw siya at ready na daw sa big school. tila yata excited nang lumaki ang anak ko. sana naman wag muna, baby ko pa rin siya eh.


at ang sequel sa nakaraang lahok sa LP... nagsimula kaming maliit lang na pamilya, ngayon magkakaroon na kaming 3 anak! isipin mo yun? :)

maligayang LP sa inyo!

WS: Fabfinds Thursday#2: Couple Candy

this is a very shallow post for WS. haha bear with me misis!

one couple comes to mind when you mention the word fashionable. Posh and Becks. Seriously these two can pack a mean punch in terms of being fasyown. hot and sexy can best define the two. eye candy. outfits are always wow - especially posh. i love love her fearless fashion sense. and never did i see this woman not wearing heels! and don't get me started on becks, he may not be my favorite football player, but admit it ladies, he's such an eye candy noh? have you seen those emporio armani ads? whew!

and of course, posh, pushing out 3 boys and still having that great body! i wish i could be even half as sexy as her after i give birth to my 3rd. haha wish me luck!

and did i mention i love love her hair? haha still attempting to copy her hair. haha!

if you want to join the chikahan, click on the button above.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Project Potty: Keon a Success!

for the past 2 months, we have been successful in training keon to use the potty for both weewee and poopoo. and so far he has been diaper-free in the mornings with a few accidents here and there. which, is ok with us since it's a bit early for him to even tell us he wants to go.

what i do is i watch his cues. if he keeps on touching his tutuy it means he wants to go weewee. and i would ask his dad to lead him to the potty and carry him. my kids have taken to use the potty for adults and hates those kiddie potty things. after the deed is done, he would then flush the toilet and wash his hands. how's that for a 2 year old?

as for the poopoo, we have to be really vigilant and keep a watchful eye on him. but thankfully, he goes poopoo on scheduled times during the day. save for the usual accidents again where he would be so engrossed in playing that by the time we go to the potty, we've left a trail of poopoo like breadcrumbs haha.

overall, i have been so proud of my kid's milestones and progress. i could not believe that at this early my boys have learned to go on their own.

before i know it, they're too grown up for me to even give them their baths. huhuhu...

Monday, May 11, 2009

another week of waiting

as mentioned, i was supposed to announce to the whole world baby#3's gender last saturday after my scheduled ultrasound. i was able to have my ultrasound but the baby's too shy to show those genitals. imagine baby's 2 knees blocking the view and if that's not enough, the umbilical cord was pleasantly lodged in between.

the sonologist was having a hard time. and it was more frustrating for me as i was trying to make sense of the image in the black and white screen. but failed.

and poor hubby had to be there to see nothing. so we opted to give it another go and check baby's gender next week.

mahirap na ang mabitin...

WS Memoir Monday #2: Ideal Marriages

For this Week's theme: Ideal Marriages that inspire you

personally i don't have a specific couple whose marriage inspires me. i don't even consider my parent's marriage as ideal or as a benchmark on how we should pattern our marriage. same goes for hubby's parents. i personally think that marriage is and should be a work in progress between two people. like starting out with the same type of clay and it's up to the partners to mold it into whatever they want.

but what i would consider to be part an ideal marriage would be:

1. contstant communication
2. openess
3. trust
4. you bringing out the inner child in your partner
5. you both know when to be serious and when to act all crazy and carefree
6. never ever letting money get in the way of your relationship
7. and of course, having a relationship with god.
8. growing old together and still see each other the way you saw them the first time.
9. accepting the good traits and the bad as one whole package.
10. being good examples to the kids.

this would be the glue that would make it stick. some marriages would opt for an open one, some would even choose to just stay together without any legalities or contracts, as long as they have something that would make their marriage work, then it's good right?

there isn't a perfect marriage really since if there ever was, that marriage would be boring. it's healthy to have quarrels and tampuhan once in a while. it makes the relationship spicer and interesting.

and from the 5 years that hubby and i are together, we're still getting there. these 10 are always in our to do / to be list in marriage.

so i just found a nice photo online of an old couple since #8 on my list is hubby and i growing old and yet staying in love with each other. but with still the usual asaran, away and tampuhan that we signed up for when we decided to get married.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

mother's day for the 4th time

i may not have photos to capture the moment but spending time with my kids are the best gifts ever. hearing them call out to mommy with such need and urgency makes me love my job.

and the best part, i get to be mom all over again, once this little bundle comes out. which by the way still keeps the gender a big mystery! it would have been a great mother's day gift to know right? but that's for next week i guess.

and of course, to my mom who has been enduring all our drama for 28 years. nobody does it better. :)

happy mother's day to all the mommies out there!

Friday, May 8, 2009

how apt for the moment...

just a few minutes ago... blame friday madness...

Nothings so loud
As hearing when we lie
The truth is not kind
And youve said neither am i
But the air outside so soft is saying everything

All I want is to feel this way
To be this close, to feel the same
All I want is to feel this way
The evening speaks, I feel it say...

Nothings so cold
As closing the heart when all we need
Is to free the soul
But we wouldnt be that brave I know
And the air outside so soft, confessing everything

And it wont matter now
Whatever happens to me
Though the air speaks of all well never be
It wont trouble me

And it feels so close
Let it take me in
Let it hold me so
I can feel it say...

highlighted parts are the best...

happy feet

this is what i got from the tektite sale. 70% off baby, yeah!! got it for P700.00

purple and blue and black scribbles. lovely!

oh hello there office stuff on the floor! haha

but still wishing for my own pair of vans sneakers like this: