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My life unplugged

my daily thoughts and ramblings on motherhood, raising my kids, being a wife and everything else in between that matters in our life.

Monday, June 22, 2009

is it time for a new pet?

we've noticed that kyle has had this early fascination with animals. and since he's turning 4 next month, we've been thinking if it is indeed time to introduce him to a new phase in his life where he has to be responsible in taking care of pets.

hubby and i are thinking about getting him his own dog or cat since usually this are the first pets as a kid. but looking back at my own childhood, my first pet was a duckling. although i was mommy to this duckling for a good 2 weeks before it passed away. it felt good.

hubby and i are thinking that being responsible and the maintenance that goes with pet care can be quite big for kyle, we're sure he'll pass with flying colors. and maybe a new pet can be good alternative to the usual robots and blocks he asks as a gift.

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