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My life unplugged

my daily thoughts and ramblings on motherhood, raising my kids, being a wife and everything else in between that matters in our life.

Monday, August 9, 2010

yaya-less, again

since the end of july, hubby and i have been struggling with taking care of the boys. our two yayas have left for the province for personal reasons. yaya jackie, had to leave even if she didn't want to. if she ha a choice she would stay with us, but then, she has a family of her own and her hubby had to go back to work after being ill for a month or so. now, she had to go home and be there for her own kids.

as much as i would not let her go, i understand her. being a mom and all, she has to raise her own family.

yaya donna on the other hand, being young and all at 19 years, had to go home to her ailing mother. again, family duties.


i would be a hypocrite to say that we rely a lo on household help. it's no joke taking care and looking after 3 rowdy boys. and our family needs all the extra hands we can get.

the past few weeks have been a slow uphill climb. but we managed to survive, with the help of my mom, who, as much as i would want her to rest and enjoy her retirement, had to be on second mommy duty. even if she sometimes complain of being tired as i am, deep inside i can see her enjoying the moment being grandma (mama) to her grandkids. same goes for my dad as well.

admittedly, i miss having those little stolen moments of an hour or so with hubby before we hed home. but sacrifices had to be made. on the other side, the kids are enjoying more time with us. we get to see them awake, tuck them in at night, see them off to school-and even be with them in school.

work may take a back seat for now, since family has to come first. but then, it doesn't mean that i forget about deadlines and other work related things. i just need to do a little adjustment. meetings, deadlines etc.

i tweeted a few days ago that looking for a good yaya is indeed hard. it's not about the workload but the amount of trust you can give a person to take care of your child. i don't go on relying on agencies alone. i have trust issues with those types. i would prefer referrals from friends, those who have first or second hand source into the type of person who's going to take care of my kids 70% of the time.

so at night, i pray that before the month ends, we get to find 2 yaya's that would be a keeper for us.

i hope so, i sure hope so...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

short story: not so grown up yet

this story just popped in my head and i just had to write it and save it before it becomes another "stored" Story in my head.



I see his silhouette in the hallway light. He’s clutching his favorite pillow, his pajamas reaching his ankles. When did he grow so tall? I wonder to myself.

What’s wrong? I ask him.

I had a bad dream. Can I sleep beside you and daddy tonight?

Sure. I make space for him in the middle of the bed. He snuggles without hesitation. He still smells like a baby. I hold his hand. He lays his head on my chest. I hug him. I hear him sigh.

I miss moments like these when he was young and I had him all to myself. I was his one and only. Now I have to contend with the toys, his playmates, school, and other activities.

Do you want to talk about your bad dream? I ask him.

Just scary monsters. I might dream of them again when I go back to sleep. He says.

A few minutes of silence. I thought he fell asleep already.



Will you still let me sleep between you and daddy when I’m bigger and I dream of monsters again? he asked with worry in his voice. Lately he had been vocal about being all grown up and that he can do things big boys (his age) can do.

I smile.

Of course, as long as you need mommy and daddy, we’re here. Even if you’re a big boy.

That’s nice. Because I love sleeping beside you and daddy. It makes me happy.

My heart melts.

Friday, May 28, 2010

master of the kitchen

* this post was first posted in Inadvertently Domesticated. my 2nd contribution to the blog.

Link can be found in the title.


Growing up, I’ve been surrounded by relatives who know good food and know how to cook them. Both my grandmothers on both sides were superb in the kitchen. My paternal grandmother has the best leche flans by my standards in the world! Nothing compares to how each container would produce the perfect flan. My maternal grandmother has the best laing ever, that her recipe can’t be duplicated after the first try. But since they both passed away, who were the lucky ones who inherited their recipes?

Certainly not I. My attempts in cooking can only be enumerated to frying hotdogs, spam, eggs and those easy to cook dishes. In short, pang tamad (for the lazy). As much as I would want to adapt the skill, it seems that it doesn’t like me that much. And did I mention that I have this fear of lighting the stove? Whether using matches or just turning the knobs, how’s that for a wimp?

My mother has been frustrated in attempting to teach me how to cook. How can I learn when during the first few attempts she always had to do it all over again because she wasn’t happy with the way I was doing it. Which left me with a broken heart for cooking, but my mother didn’t stop there. One day she left the house without preparing anything for dinner. She just left me a note on how to prepare adobo. I followed the instructions to the letter but with a few adjustments on the taste. After laboring in the kitchen for an hour, tired, and with no more appetite, I served the “experimental” adobo to my family. I was dreading the reaction from my family. But surprise! They loved it!

It wasn’t the same as my mom’s recipe but my family sure did love my own variation. I never felt so proud. It meant there was still hope for me in the kitchen! I’ve learned to cook sinigang and tinola which is quite easy.

But then, I’d rather leave all the yummy dishes served by P, because he cooks way better than I and he sure beats those other culinary students. Ms C can attest to his famous Chili Con. :) (you have to get us drunk first before we can give you the recipe).

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Review: Here Comes the Bride

This would be my first movie review. I'm not a movie blogger so the things i make note of here are based on a simpleton's views and opinions after watching the movie.


i'm not typically into the Pinoy movie scenes. it's always the same story, different characters. but once in a while i do get to see some few gems along the way.

one would be Here comes the bride. a comedy starring Eugene Domingo and Angelica Panganiban. i love watching Eugene for her comical prowess. for the inner gay in me, she connects to me. and almost all of her quips, leave me laughing out loud.

i was able to catch the movie with a good gay friend/officemate. i didn't set any expectations about the story. all i wanted was a good laugh. and the movie delivered. there were a lot of quips and moments that left the whole moviehouse laughing and even squealing, from kilig or diri, i wouldn't know.

for a moment there, i totally forgot all the worries, the drama and the stress for that week. for an hour and a half, i was laughing my heart out. laughing really out loud.

favorite scenes can be found in the movie's trailer:

this movie will definitely be one of those i'd love to watch again and again.

Friday, April 23, 2010

when things get rough, this song picks me up

Thursday, April 22, 2010


my first contribution to Kerol and her sister's blog. i was asked to write for them, share some insights about being a woman, a wife, a friend and everything in between.

i also consider myself as a non domestic diva.

click on the title to go to their site

I wasn’t prepared for motherhood.

When P and I were still dating, both at a very young age of 23, both climbing the corporate ladder and establishing our careers in sales, P for an FMCG, while I was working for an local online portal in sales. The thought of being parents never crossed our minds. We were enjoying the moment of going out on impromptu road trips, dates after work, getting pissed drunk and not worrying about it the next day. That time, we were living the “perfect” life.

I never imagined myself being a mom. I had this idea that I would marry when I turn 30, with a well compensated job and maybe 1 kid. But then fate took a different course (not that I’m blaming fate), in 2004, I found out I was pregnant. The moment I saw those to pink lines I didn’t know what to do. I could not fathom the idea that at the age of 23, I was going to be a mom. I was still childish. I didn’t have a 5 year plan, long term goals and all that adult stuff. I lived in the moment.

How could I be a mom this young? I didn’t have any domestic skills at all. I can’t even cook a decent meal, I hated the thought of washing and ironing clothes, cleaning the house was literally a chore. What more, taking care of an infant? It took me the whole pregnancy to deal with these issues. I was scared, worried. Sure, I had taken care of my younger brothers when they were babies, but this was totally different, this person will come from me. I can’t hand the baby over to somebody else when there’s something wrong.

Everyday I was drowning in emotions. I was happy because I’ll have a baby, worried how can I take care of the baby when I don’t have any mommy instincts in me, depressed how can P and I provide for this baby? Seems like all the things mentioned in the book What to Expect, I went through.

The moment I was able to hold my son in my arms for the first time it felt like a motherhood switch was turned on. It felt like I finally knew what to do. It felt like I was meant to be a mom. Maybe I was one of the lucky ones to feel the motherhood vibe, that Johnson and Johnson mommy – child bonding, with tears rolling down the cheeks. Cheesy, but it’s true.

I wasn’t prepared for motherhood and being a mom, but I wasn’t prepared for the surprise that all the while I had it in me to be a mom. My son just had to turn on that switch. And after three wonderful kids, it feels like I have been doing this forever.

Monday, April 12, 2010

is it time for a pet?

kyle has been asking me if he can have a pet already for the past weeks. he was asking for a hamster, a dog/puppy, a lizard (gasp!) and other pet-worthy pets. i told him he can if he can answer this basic question:

will you clean up your pet after he poops and pees?

so far the answer is still a resounding NO, he would even say that poop and pee are yucky things and he will never touch those. that he even asked my why he should be the one cleaning u after his pet, isn't it my job to do that? (raising my eyebrows to high heavens). i had to explain to him that i do the cleaning/bathing etc for them because i'm their mommy and wen they're bigger, they'll choose to do those things on their own. pets can't do that.

so that means he's still not ready for one. i explained to him that having a pet is a big responsibility. you not only feed it, but also clean up and take care of it after.

although there are days when he asks me if he's ready to have a pet to take care of. and i just keep on asking him the same question. if he's willing to clean up after his pet then for sure, hubby and i would be willing to give him one. maybe starting with a pet hamster too.

let's wait and see.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

the strangest dream

a few nights ago i had the most bizarre and disturbing dream ever. it was so vivid that the moment i woke up, i could still recall the same scene over and over again.

i saw a white coffin with someone inside. but i don't know who that person was. a few moments after, i saw a green snake under the coffin. and then i woke up.

i had to research what these things mean, and here's what i found out:

To see a coffin in your dream, symbolizes the womb. It also signifies your thoughts and fears of death. If the coffin is empty, then it suggests that you are having some irreconcilable differences. Alternatively, the coffin represents ideas and habits that you are no longer of use and can be buried.

To see a body in a coffin, signifies that you are going through a period of depression. You may feel confined, restricted and that you are lacking personal freedom. There may be a dead or decaying situation or issue in your life that needs to be addressed. It is time to end this situation or relationship.

oookay. sure i was going through rough waters, and was actually thinking if i was bordering on depression. and here's the dream's meaning that i might be. and yes, there are issues and people that have been bothering me the past few months. is this a sign that it's time to let go?

how about the snake?

To see a snake or be bitten by one in your dream, signifies hidden fears and worries that are threatening you. Your dream may be alerting you to something in your waking life that you are not aware of or that has not yet surfaced. Alternatively, the snake may be seen as phallic and thus symbolize temptation, dangerous and forbidden sexuality. If you are afraid of the snake, then it signifies your fears of sex, intimacy or commitment. The snake may also refer to a person around you who is callous, ruthless, and can't be trusted. As a positive symbol, snakes represent healing, transformation, knowledge and wisdom. It is indicative of self-renewal and positive changes. meanings by

To see the skin of a snake in your dream, represents protection from illnesses.

To dream that you are eating a live snake, indicates that you are looking for intimacy or sexual fulfillment. Your life is lacking sensuality and passion. If you vomit or throw up the snake, then it may mean that you are overcompensating for something that is lacking in your life. You may be rushing into something.

now this is interesting. the coffin and the snake works together. my dreams are telling me something. i think it's time to address these issues. but first, to consult hubby about these dreams.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

summer fun!

the upside of us staying with the in laws is the big playground. so much room to run around, get all sweaty and happy.

i miss going home early and seeing them this happy and active.

the price i have to pay for saving up for their future.

nothin on you

personally, i find the message of this song very positive.

that no matter how may beautiful women are out there, they wouldn't compare to the one the guy has.

and in a way, hubby says that too when i get into one of my jealous moods. hehe

hot in the city

manila's temperature yesterday reached a sweltering 36.1 degrees celcius. and it's not funny at all when you're living in a home with no aircon. (well, one aircon but it's in my parent's room and one aircon in my BIL's house).

the past few nights were spent at my in laws where not one but three electric fans running throughout the night. one for hubby and keon to share, the other for kade and i to share, the other for SIL. kyle chose to sleep in BIL's room and at the request of his cousin, Migs.

sleeping at night was torture, especially for me since i don't have my comfort pillows and my usual evening rituals (hehe). i haven't been getting the sleep that i need since i have to constantly check the kids in the middle of the night in case they're getting soaked by their own sweat. good thing they can still sleep peacefully.

and just this morning before leaving for work, power had been cut off. meralco decided to go with their rotational brownouts again. just when the heat has been really really annoying.

i was more worried for kade because he has started to have prickly heat around his neck, which for sure all mommies would agree, is one of our worst enemies during the summer. plus the fact that kade's hair is quite long already and has been reaching his eyes. so he tends to rub, scratch and tug at his hair.(our tradition is to have their first haircut on their first birthday, so a little sacrifice on our part and our boys)

our best solution:

put his hair up in pigtails. which obviously by the looks of this picture, he's not liking it at all. haha! but a little sacrifice has to be made for more comfort for the little one.

but he sure looks cute right?

kade: "hay naku mommy..." LOL

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


is that you kade?

oh hey there kyle!

these two boys are such carbon copies of me when i was a kid. keon's no contest, came from the same mold as his dad's :)

separation anxiety all over again

kade has turned 9 months yesterday and he has discovered another milestone/feat. whenever i leave him in the crib to grab something quick, he would wail, and call out to me. or whenever i hand him over to his dad for some little daddy-son bonding, he protests, which, to hubby's dismay. i feel bad for hubby that sometimes he gets the impression that his bunso doesn't want him that much vs me. but of course he went through the same thing with our two boys before. it's just heartbreaking to see him that way.

he often jokes that our sons prefer me over him, but i've assured him a hundred times that by the time they reach grade school (which is not far by the looks of it since kyle's in kinder already) they'll be the best of friends and mommy will be the enemy.

but really, deep inside, i love the attention i get from my boys when they were this young. that i am their star, the only thing they need. well, now it's only kade who's doing it for me. kyle and keon have grown up to do things on their own and usually needs me when they want milk or go to the potty.

how time flies so fast that soon enough, these three boys would be so embarrassed to let me kiss them to death, smell their feet and armpits, cuddle and make funny noises before bedtime.

i think i'm the one having separation anxiety for the past 5 years now. hahaha

Monday, April 5, 2010

shoe envy

i've been on the lookout for the perfect purple shoes for my wedding, and i'm stuck. i've got a lot of photos over the net and i don't know which one to choose to have customized. yes, if i can't purchase it online, i'm going to have it custom made. :)

now, help me choose:

the studs are fab! but it doesn't work with our 1920's theme. but the color, to die for!

choices, choices, choices...

shaping up

my weight has seriously bothered me for quite a while. it started when i first had my shot of depo-provera aka injectibles. i was forewarned by my ob that i would feel a little bloated after a month or so.

a little bloated was a lie. boy i did gain a lot. embarrassing as it may sound, but i'm now at 130lbs. 15lbs heavier than my ideal weight.

as of my last check up/shot with my ob, she said, i had to lose those 15lbs. at first i wasn't that worried since i don't look that heavy and people have said i looked better now.

but, there's a wedding in november and I HAVE TO SHED these pounds off. i wouldn't want to look all bloated and "chubby" on my wedding day.

so, i started taking l carnatine and green tea capsules 3x a day (aka fitrum) the other slimming pills in the market scare me. sure, it's effective and all but the thought of feeling oil coming out of you involuntarily doesn't sound so appealing at all.

and i also plan to go to the gym by this month. good thing our office has a corporate package with one of the well known gyms here in the metro. as soon as i settle the LAST payment for my credit card. i'm debt free and can really save up for the kid's future.

now let's see in the coming months if i do shed off these pounds, maybe more!

wish me luck!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

to cut or let it grow

my hair's been quite a mess for almost a month now. a huge mess. it's more confused than i am. it's too long to be a short 'do, but too short for a shoulder length do.

now i'm all torn in cutting it, and go back to my usual short hair or grow it long so that there'll be more styles in time for my wedding.

but for now i'm loving this 'do:

now with this hair do, how do i maintain it? do i have to use a hairdryer everyday? wax? styling serum? anti-frizz serums?

i'd rather not post what my hair looks like now or else i might lose the handful of readers i have now. hahaha!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

hot mama!

met Eula Valdez in the flesh! can you say girl crush??

still so pretty after all these years!

and she's the only one who was all dressed up during the event.

Monday, March 29, 2010


one late night after hubby picked me up from work, we decided to treat ourselves. we have been scrimping and saving up for the wedding and the kid's school, that we thought, why not enjoy something new for a change?

while driving along wilson st. (a little short cut from our usual edsa way going home) we chanced upon Ristras along J. Abad Santos st. i read about it when i read Anton's (our awesome planet) and the reviews were quite ok. good thing hubby agreed since we're not fans of mexican food. give us tuna and salmon sashimi anytime!

here's what we ordered:

nachos: got sold with the purple chips! the dips were so-so, i thought it was a specialty but it tasted generic.

quesadillas: didn't expect it to be this huge! but i was really hungry and i finished off 2 traingles. hehe if only we knew we can choose the toppings, we would've avioded the fresh onions, bell peppers and the green leafy stuff on top.

it was really good and filling.

we didn't try the burrito since i told hubby i wasn't in the mood for one and i have a feeling that it will sure give me gas for a week. haha! we didn't expect the size of the burrito. again, it was huge! saw the people next in line order two. one for each of them. but surprisingly, they were able to finish it. grabe!

for sure, we'll come back to ristras and try it out again. :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

thought bubbles

how can you remain positive when the people around you are so negative that sometimes, it just rubs off you. as much as you want to avoid it, they seem to gravitate towards you, perhaps trying to suck you in into their own sad world.

how can i raise my kids with all the good vibes and positive energy if these people keep on blocking it off?

if i had a choice, i'd leave them all behind. after all, they only think about themselves and what benefits them, so why not do the same for my kids?

but of course i can't because, i just can't.

Monday, February 22, 2010

updates updates

since i'm on a blogging high today, might as well post things we've been up to as a family.

keon's finally going to school this june! and the people who are on the same level of excitement as ours are his future teacher! she was able to meet him for a trial run for a week. and he was the star of the class. sadly that time, he just turned 2 and he's quite young to go to school this fear of seeing him bored before he hits his highschool term scares me. keon has this tendency to get bored easily so putting him in school after he turns three sounds reasonable. since his attention span is much better compared to when he was 2. and his vocabulary has blossomed! it felt like he was talking in straight sentences from the moment he was born! such a talkative boy! make that 2 boys! conversations with kyle feels like talking to a grown up already!

wedding preps are in full blast. more updates on my wedding blog. :)

work has been fun even with a very intimidating quota/target. but i know our team can make it! the incentive's a great motivator! hahaha

whew, so far, that's what's been on my mind lately. will update/revive this blog as i go along. :)

but you can find me on twitter, tumblr, plurk and facebook LOL

we found a gem in yaya jackie

i was venting out before that i was in dire need of a yaya for kade. and god has answered our prayers. the time that the yaya we got left just before new year's day, there was an angel who was waiting on the wings. thank god for our loyal labandera/plantsadora who was able to talk to her daughter's best friend to work for us. thankfully she was also in need of work.

aling ton (our plantsadora) arrived around 7 in the morning. i woke up 30 mins after and was surprised to see a new face sweeping the floor! she introduced herself and greeted me. (plus points already). i told her to give me a few minutes since i just woke up and kade's still sleeping.

jackie is 28 years old from bicol. i knew right there she will be a good caregiver. she has this pleasant aura about her. the moment i let her hold kade i knew the two of them would get along. and they did quite nicely.

she's been with us over a month but the bond that she has with kade is commendable. when i'm home, kade's all over me, but when i'm not, it's ate jackie or no one.

i just trained her for a week about her tasks and duties but she exceeded our expectations. everything's done by the time kade's awake. clothes have been washed, floors sweeped, the crib ready for kade. also with the help of keon's yaya, who, is a gem as well.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


sometimes i just feel as if i'm the only one making sure everything falls into place for the wedding.

i felt a little hurt, when i wanted to get this hair and make up artist only to get an "ah ok..." (ellipses included) as a response. been mentioning hair and make up artist for 2 days now and no response. not even, "if you really want to get him, then go for it." nada.

and did i mention i'll be the one to pay for this? i didn't ask him to pay for it. because i know it was my responsibility to look for one.

and this is what i get.

now tell me, how am i going to be motivated after this?

Monday, February 1, 2010

wedding preps

the past few months have been quite crazy and hectic for hubby and i. we've been focused aside from work, our wedding preps. as of this posting, we've only got 7 months left. and it scares me. we've still have a lot to cover.

-meeting potential suppliers
-my assignment from my coordinator
-forms and other documents
-the dreaded guestlist
-meeting with our principal sponsors
-gown fitting - we have to find the best couturier first.

a lot!

it's a blessing that we also have a good good friend who'll help coordinate our wedding. and she had been gracious enough to provide her services for free since we've bonded over beer and seafood way way before everything had materialized. she had been making kulit and finally the day is here!

if you want to know what's going on in my wedding preps,just click on the title and you'll be directed to my wedding preps blog. (as if this blog isn't enough)

oh well. time to try to catch up on my blogging soon!

and if that isn't enough, we have a wedsite! hahaha

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


amazing how facebook can really validate the lies and the deception.

telling things to my face but the evidence i saw says otherwise.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

the quest for the yaya

as mentioned before, we were faced with the dilemma of looking for a yaya at the last minute because kyle's yaya left at the last minute because of a scruffle. i don't want to go into the details anymore since we've forgiven and forgotten the incident already. we've found a new yaya for kyle/kade, albeit temporarily since she lasted only 3 weeks with us. i can't blame her since she's a mother as well and looking after your kid is every mom's priority. again, we're grateful for the service she gave us, she was a gem but we have to let her go.

anyway, just a little rant while i'm on the topic of yaya hunting. i was able to get a referral from a friend who knows this person who let's say searches for potential yayas. i got in touch with her. after a few sms exchanges, and a short notice meeting, we agreed. hubby and i agreed to travel all the way to commonwealth with the promise that she'll meet with us binging with her the potential yaya. we arrived at 9pm. traffic was hell but we took it all in, for the sake of finding a yaya. we even had kade in tow with us.

after a few sms with her, i found it quite odd that since she's within the area, she was no yet there. i called her up, asked her where she was. the exchange that followed was quite odd:

me: ate nasaan na po kayo? andito na po kami
ate: ay sandali lang po, wala pa po kami dyan, hinihintay ko pa po yung yaya para sa inyo.
me: akala ko po ba na kasama nyo na siya?
ate: ay umalis lang po saglit. magkita na lang po tayo sa may mcdo. i text ko na lang po kayo
me: matagal pa po ba yan kasi alas-9 na po eh taga makati pa po kami.
ate: opo. pahintay na lang po

from there, it was quite odd already. my paranoid self was screaming inside. we must leave now, i think smell a scam. i told hubby to wait for a few mintues, if she texts me, then we'll meet her if she doesn't we'll leave. we waited, had a late dinner even and no text. so i sent her a last message that we can't wait for her anymore and we're leaving. she then sends a message: ay mam, paalis na po kami. mauuna na lang ako para ma meet ko na rin kayo tapos papasunod ko na lang siya dito.

but i declined and told here we've left already. i told her i'll get in touch with her next time if we need her again (i guess this is never haha)

so we went home yaya-less. again.

but blessings come in the form of surprises and the next day my mom told me that she found a yaya for us. (the one mentioned earlier that had to leave after 3 weeks).

but we weren't left yaya less again for long, after a few days, with the help of our trusted labandera/plantsadora, she broguth with her one friday morning our new yaya. and so far she's good. nice to the kids, very attentive, takes initiative and very easy to talk to. i sure hope this one stays longer. this time i'm crossing my fingers.

Monday, January 18, 2010

what have i been up to?

for the longest time, i have been neglecting this blog. much of what happens to me on a daily basis has/had been logged in 2 of my planners. one for daily thoughts and rants and the other for wedding preps.

hubby and i have been going through a lot of potential suppliers. one criteria that ranks high on our list is how much we can get from their rates, the cheaper but with a lot to give, the better. and so far, we're still trimming down our lists.

9 months into the planning and i can feel the stress and the pressure. but we've booked 2 out of the our 3 major suppliers: the church and the venue. next on the list is the photo/video. 60% of the budget goes to them. the rest, we can find cheaper ones - especially for the attire. finding a good "mananahi" that can copy our pegs works fine for me. ms. practical in me screams that i only get to wear my gown once so there's no need to make it really bongga. i'm all for the comfort.

on the homefront, things are still much the same. the kids have been reserved for next school year and we're tickled with excitement at the thought of keon going to school. he'll sure wow the class. that's how confident we are of him. our little wonder, next to kyle.

kade, has turned 6 months. and i still can't believe that it has been half a year already! he's such a little bundle of surprises. he's now into solids and quite the hefty eater! 5 scoops using his spoon is enough for him. to think he just started a week ago! how's that for matakaw? :)

i guess i shall focus now on the wedding preps blog so that i won't forget any details or pegs to use.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


at 5 mos. he can now hold his bottle on his own!

photo taken in the morning. his first milk of the day half sleeping, half drinking his milk. <3