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My life unplugged

my daily thoughts and ramblings on motherhood, raising my kids, being a wife and everything else in between that matters in our life.

Monday, June 30, 2008

project potty training: success!

Potty training days are over. We have succeeded!

I have mentioned a few months back about our struggle to potty train kyle for the mere fact that he has this unexplainable fear of the potty. But, all the bribery, the rewards, the threats and pleading had paid off (yeah, bad mommy moment, but when you have kids, you sometimes resort to desperate measures).

So anyway, last satruday was the most amazing day ever. Kyle had finally peed in the potty. With a little help from yaya and mommy.

So, what was the tactic? At first, it was with the help of hubby to demonstrate to kyle how boys make weewee. It was hard for me to teach him since he knows mommy is a girl. One technique I figured out to have him pee was to let him play with water in a pail. But these moments were brought about by peeing on the floor, choosing to pee outside the house “watering the plants” which I let him but with a firm reminder that the next time he does that, he’ll pee in the potty.

After weeks of accidents and nappy-less mornings, kyle can now walk nappy free at home and informs us if he wants to pee.

Such an amazing milestone! No pictures yet since he prefers to have me there while he pees. Unfortunately for hubby who has been a great influence on his peeing skills haven’t seen kyle in action. Always late in seeing him pee. The moment he reaches the toilet is when kyle starts to flush his pee.

Oh, and imagine our reactions everytime he finishes peeing. It’s a celebration, even keon joins the clapping for his kuya. And the look of pride and accomplishment on kyle’s face. Priceless.

So now, project potty training has moved to potty training 2: the poo sessions.

We’re looking forward to a nappy-free kyle before the year ends.

Next on the agenda: project potty: keon xyrus. Which is in progress already.

Let’s cheer for kyle’s new milestone! This for sure merits a new toy for him for a job well done!

This is what a great mommy moment feels like. And thank you to the mommies who have shared their encouragement and tips! Special mention to KEROL!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

for a beach wedding in november

this what i had in mind to wear for the beach wedding. hopefully i could find these items in stores here in manila.

by the way, try out the site too for all you kikay girls there. mix and match to the next level!

Friday, June 27, 2008

so, where to now gimikeros?

looks like a lot of people are blogging about this incident and of course a lot of speculations arising here and there.

personally, i think it's about time, to settle the issue about this place once and for all. who knows, some chismis about what really happens inside would be put to rest.

but the first and last time i was there, didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. or maybe it was still early to catch some action. haha!

oh well. hope they settle this soon.

but there's still ascend, alchemy and the likes for those who like those party scenes.

how i wish they bring back purple haze. right kerol? :P

my mom's nesting again

For some weird reason, my mother had been bugging my dad to make a few changes around the house. Especially the furnitures. She started with the sofa, then the chairs in the dining room, then my brother’s bedsheets.

What’s her latest fixation? The ceiling fan in our living room. She has been browsing through appliance and furniture magazines looking for the best inspiration for ceiling fans . there were quite a few that she liked. And out of curiosity, I checked them out. Some were impressive, some were over the top compared to our simple home.

Even if I suggest what design I want, I’m sure she wouldn’t listen. She has her heart set on a modern ceiling fan design which I’m sure she’s going to get this weekend.

This is what we get when my mom has retired from being a banker.

LP#13: Pagaaral

nasa iyong mga kamay ang pag pili ng mga taong magiging kaibigan mo habang buhay. maliban sa amin, iyong mga magulang, kailangan mo ng kaibigan para gumabay sa iyong paglaki, at saan mo pa sila mahahanap kung hindi sa paaralan kung saan ka nag aaral. pumili ng mahusay anak...
mataas din ang respeto ko sa mga guro, lalo na sa mga guro ng mga bata. sa lahat ng pag tiyaga nila at pag pasensya. kung hindi dahil sa kanila, paano na ang pag aaral natin?

can you handle this?

nakakaloka! ple, patulan kaya natin tong movie? haha

Thursday, June 26, 2008

happy food

i was chatting with a client thru ym yesterday and we were discussing our happy food, i mentioned several of my happy food which included: burgers, chips, pasta in white sauce, and the ever favorite of women: chocolate. and so the conversation then moved to chocolate.

she shared with me that she has this passion for loving to munch on dark chocolate while watching sappy movies. i have to agree with her on this. there's something about chocolate that makes it all better.

she also told me that she has been dreaming about the perfect chocolate gift from her hubby who was the one who introduced her to dark chocolate. and for a good few minutes of the conversation, it all revolved around chocolate, what brands we love, what we wished were still in production ( hello, alpine white!), and what food best matches chocolate when you have the munchies.

so now, even i am thinking about getting her a dark chocolate gift for her birthday. i'm sure she would be really happy when she gets one.

Manila Circa 1930

what happened to manila now?

view the clip HERE and see how it felt like living in manila, pre-war era.

PPBC#4: Guess how much i love you

PPBC Entry: Hosted by Doc Joey in her other blog.

a parent's love for their child can not be measured. but what exceeds this is the way a child expresses love to their parents. an feeling that is hard to describe, to put into words.

so i'll just enumerate the things my boys do to make their daddy and i melt with the warmth of their love.

> kyle and keon loves waking us up in the morning by snuggling
> my boys loves running to us, arms open wide, big smiles on their faces when we come home from work
> kisses and hugs are always free.
> kyle loves telling me he loves me when i call home to check up on him when he comes home from school. keon on the other hand, would squeal his i love yous.
> the feeling of seeing them run after you when we leave for work, shows just how much they need us.
> that the moment we are home, they leave their yayas behind and involve themselves with what we are doing.
> that the appreciation on their faces after receiving something from us, be it a simple toy, a happy meal, or the grandest gift on their birthdays or christmas.

and most of all, the moment when they arrived in this world, i have never felt this loved in my life. the moment we both looked into each other's eyes, we knew we belong to each other. we were meant to be.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

tagged! the flame of friendship

Thanks Gossip Gehl - maver for the tag!


A symbol of spirit of unity. The burning icon of love. Undying picture of hope. The hot symbol of oneness. And now, it's your turn to flame yourself! Meet new friends. Discover friendship. Make bonds.Copy this post starting from the PICTURE ABOVE to the end and add your blog on the list below.

Let's start FLAMING!

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spreading the love to everybody in my list. =) you know the drill

how music soothes the tired and weary soul

thank god for yahoo launchcast. and the music it spills out especially the top hits of the 90's requires two thumbs up.

one song after the other is a walk down memory lane when i was younger and had no clue what the lyrics meant. as long as the melody matched my mood, i was fine.

now listening to them all over again, the melody takes a backseat and the lyrics take centerstage. oh how it hits right places and emotions. sapul talaga.

in a way, it calms and uplifts me at the same time.

thank you music for being a constant companion.

apologies for all the drama, but i'm just going through some rough patches in life, work and everything else. i need to do some alignment.
so busy lately it's not even funny anymore. but i love the challenge. it takes my mind off this thing that has been bothering me the whole week.


now i'm really hell-bent on looking for a job abroad. something that would really motivate me. finally, in one way or another, my family's plans will push through.


it's quite comforting that even if i can't see my bestfriend that often, somewhere across the city, she knows what i'm feeling and i feel the same way for her. that we are both, somewhere in the middle of things that are quite tearing us apart inside. she may not know all the details, i may not know all about hers, but in some cosmic way - we understand. all it needs is a quick email, and a lot of cyber hugs.

so ple, must meet up soon! coffee or something?


Friday, June 20, 2008

about me + true/flase tag

snagged from Che

here goes my answers:

- Shelle
- Ms Mauie
- mga 15 copies lang
- nope
- nope
- i really have no idea
- kyle and keon
- no - haha
- daing na bangus for lunch
- baka drugged nanaman siya - inside joke with a colleague
- only on wednesday - csi night
- nope
- never in my life
- it is
- a while ago when i checked up on the kids
- working. haha
- yes
- not really
- keon, but there's a new cousin on the way. 5 months to go! yey!
- I think my mom should answer this
- ages ago
- taramindu, batangas.
- hopefully never
- the break up courtesy of HBO haha
- aishi and my bestfriend. the only 2 people in the world whom i trust.
- they're just bored i guess

1) person you saw: an officemate who passed by my cube
2) talked to on the phone: kyle and keon
3) person you hugged: kyle and keon
4) person you texted: aishi

1) date: june 19
2) plans: find more opps to do and blog hop to LP members
3) dislikes about tomorrow: going to work walking under the heat of the sun!

1) missing someone: yes, my kids
2) mood: waiting to go home

i am a morning person: false
i am a perfectionist: true
i am an only child: false
i am currently in my pajamas: false
i am online 24/7: false
i am very shy around the opposite gender: false
i can be paranoid: true
i currently regret something that i have done: true
i enjoy talking on the phone: true
i have a lot to learn: true
i have a secret: true

thanks che! =)

feel free to snag this meme.

preschool is fun - kyle / bumming at home is fun - keon

indeed it is my boy. indeed.

ok, time to wipe those tears now.

now our home is your kingdom while kuya is away. enjoy it while it lasts. =)

but please the two of you, don't grow up too fast.

i miss having babies at home :(

ninang b back in the phils!

i'm just happy that my ninang b is here again. she has been in the US for quite a while because of her teaching job. she's a teacher to special needs children. here in the philippines, she was a teacher to deaf-mute students.

anywa, we're just so happy she's here because we can really catch up on things. the past few months mama and i have been talking to her through instant messenger. imagine the lag and the delay of the messages. and especially when mama wants to do something while talking to ninang at the same time but she can't because she has to be in front of the pc. so i decided to search the net for something that would ease mama and ninang's moments, i finally found something that would make our communications much easier. i told ninang b to purchase an ip phone . less hassle for us since its like using a regular phone. the only difference between a normal phone and an ip phone is that it has to be connected thru the internet using the VOIP technology. now mama can cook, watch tv, play her sudoku, even play with my kids while talking to ninang. how fun and convenient is that?

so now, our only dilemma is what kind of ip phone we're going to get. mama wants something that would still match our home. haha!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


sa oras na kailangan mo ako, anak
andito lang ako
inaabot ang aking kamay
para gumabay sa iyo

hindi mo alam ang lubos na tuwa
sa aking puso
kapag pinagsisilbihan
ko kayo, mga anak

para naman sa tatay ko:
at ganun din ang pakiramdam naming mga anak mo, dada
(kahit na iniwan niyo ako nung nang HK kayo. huhu :P)

maligayang araw ng mga ama sa mga taga LP!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

this one doesn't deserve a title. a quick rant.

i'm quite pissed off at kyle's service, for the past 2 days they have been consistent in picking kyle up past 730am and his class starts at 8.

when in fact aishi spoke with the owner, he was assured that the scheduled time for pick up is around 7am.

and in the 2 days they were late, i called the owner up and all i got was the same reply: "mam papunta na po diyan. kanina pa po nakaalis". and to think they're also a service for kids studying in don bosco. and for a fact i know, (but i stand corrected here) that their classes start at 7 (that's for the flag ceremony etc..)

i'm just pissed really. petty perhaps but it still pisses me off.

i just hate it when people commit a certain time but never fulfills that promise.

i may be gulity of this sometimes, but i do have the decency to inform the person that i'll be arriving late if certain situations cannot be avoided.

is it that hard to tell someone that you're running late?

and yeah, even kyle is getting pissed off. mana talaga sa nanay. hehe i just hope this won't happen again or else, the whole morning routine will get ruined.

ok moving on...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

so, you want to be a model?

every girl has this fanatsy of being the most beautiful model. the next tyra banks, the next kate moss, the next heidi klum. and to pursue that dream, they enter beauty contests, try out commercial modelling, any gig that can get them one step into fame.

i too had dreams like this when i was young. i wanted to be like barbie, that beautuful woman people look up to. that men drool over.

and i guess that dream is over. at least i have the man that drools over me. and that ain't bad at all.

happy burger day!! burgers at 50% off!


Monday, June 16, 2008

kyle's first day in school and a few tears were shed

quite eventful getting him to wear clothes since he was having a hard time sleeping or adjusting to our bed again in makati. (we stayed in mandaluyong a good 2 months methinks).

but on the way to school was smooth sailing. he was quite excited really.

when we arrived, he readily approached teacher monique and played with the toys. i left him for a while with his nanny to buy his uniform. i came back, yaya aisa was coming out of the room already. she said kyle was having fun and not a tear shed.

so whose tears were shed? mine.

when i last peeked in his classroom. kyle saw me and said: "bye mommy!" it was his way of saying, mommmy, i'm ok. i'm having fun. there's no need for me to cry since i know my classmates already. i'm a big boy now

and there i started to cry.

his is a big boy now. and the conversations we have are quite adult already.

in a few years, it's keon's turn.

no more babies. all i have are grown boys. =)

Share the Love

Thanks to Maver, this is a touching tag. The tag originated from Crystal, whose son's life was saved by an organ donation. Share the love with people you know.
Rules in sharing Crytal's Love:

Share this award with all those blogs out there that you love. All the people who make you smile. All those that make you laugh. All those that make your day. All those that leave uplifting comments on your blog. **All I ask, is that you include a link to this post with the award and ask your recipient to do the same**

As you may have recently seen on my side bar, I have finally created a custom blog award!! I have wanted to do this for a long time but never came up with something that “fit”. I didn’t want just anything. It had to be something that meant something to me. And what could mean more than Sharing the Love by giving you pieces of my heart??

So I created this award in Honor Of The Donor That Saved Noah’s Life. I share this award with those of you whose love and friendship have enriched my life and made my world a better place. I hope by passing this award around the blogging world we can all help raise awareness of the need for Organ Donation.

so i'm passing this tag to colby, kerol, keh, emi, maybelle, mai, and anyone who's reading this blog right at this moment. you're tagged! spread the love!


with the price increase of commodities left and right, we all need to earn a little extra money. and it has been a while since i last had a spur of the moment splurge for something for myself. personally, my salary can only cover so much of the basic needs of my family and with hubby's salary, it more or less helps us get by every month.

i envy those who still has time to shop for things for their homes, a little extra for their kids, their out of town trips etc.

so what better way than to finally plunge myself into paid blogging. although i am quite new in this game, the potential looks promising. and i found another site that help with the finances. i created an account with bloggerwave, the site looks promising and i have seen people i met online accepting jobs from them and so far, they are getting paid for it.

if i were you, i'd sign up as well. you just have to follow what they want written, add a few links in your own style of writing to still maintain your blog's personality. check out bloggerwave it never hurt to make money by blogging you know.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

i miss my girls too...

terribly really.

being with them brings me back to the days where we didn't have any idea how stressful work could be. that working would be eons away and we all have the time on our hands.

but look where we are now...

a soon to be lawyer
a soon to be doctor
a freelance stylist
an engineer
an athlete and soon to be bride
a banker
and an ad sales diva (bawal kontra - blog ko to)

and KEH's post, i mean soon to be atty. keh. made me miss them even more...

miss you girls! what's up with you?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

cross post: missing my cousins in NZ

my cousins migrated to NZ. Kai and Renz. they sure have grown up to be really pretty and handsome teens! must be the good genes we have, hehehe (evidenced by kyle and keon, and me. hahahahahahaha )

i just miss my fave cousins!

RENZ: the once chubby, marshmallow little boy turned out into a hunk. harry potter is that you?!?!?!

KAI: the little princess turned into a fine young lady. little miss heartbreaker in the making? haha lagot ako sa dad mo. :P

i'm sure denise would look as pretty as you guys are now. :)

we'll see you SOON in NZ. :D

3 weddings in 2008

aishi and i are going to attend 3 weddings this year. one in september, and 2 in november. who's getting married then? just the 3 among the best men i have ever met. and aishi's good friends since highschool. we are just happy that we are part of this special event in their lives.

now, my only dilemma is, looking for the best dress for the wedding. the brides don't have any problem anymore since their bridal dresses are taken care of. the entourage wouldn't have any problem with their dresses, especially the girls who are going to wear really lovely bridesmaids dresses .

now when our day comes, i'm ready. i have the perfect wedding dress that i'm going to wear.

Friday, June 13, 2008

a father's day tribute: 10 best things about dad

since it's father's day on sunday, and a lot of father's day memes circulating the blogoshpere. i'm going to join in.

here are my 10 best things about aishi as a dad:

1. his love for his kids is the same as the love a mom first laid eyes on her baby after giving birth. sometimes, he's not aware that i see the look in his eyes while watching his little boys. it's so hard to put into words the exact moment. but i guess you really can't define unconditional love.

2. no matter how tired he is from work, he makes sure to spend quality time with his boys - and me. we both believe it's quality over quantity when it comes to the kids. with the kind of work we are in, we can't leave the office while the sun still shines.

3. he knows how to get along with the kid's temperaments and personality.

4. he's not afraid to wash their bums, wipe up vomit, change a dirty nappy, prepare milk in the middle of the night, get peed on, to get food thrown at him. he's a mommy in a daddy disguise.

5. the way he tells his friends stories about our kids, amazing! like he's telling the best story in the world. even if gets retold everytime.

6. his dedication to involve our kids into sports at an early age. and into the things they want - music, books, anything creative that lets them think.

7. he lets our kids be independent. to think independently. even if deep inside he's struggling to help them every step of the way.

8. the way he and the kids have their own funny moments. he has his own secret jokes with the kids.

9. you can only hear the most genuine, heartfelt, overflowing with love laughter when he's with the kids.

10. and most of all - he knows how to give attention equally to the kids - and me. for some quality one on one moment to bond with them.

to the best dad god my kids, Happy Father's day! Love you!!

and of course to my dada, who has been one cool dad / lolo all these years.

from our family to yours, happy father's day to the dads in your family.

what's in your "pantali"?

while browsing GirlTalk, i came across this thread.


better think twice when buying those hair accessories in divi and quiapo. i say stick with those branded ones like goody.

and the article is found here.

spread the word to your girlfriends and their daughters too. =)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

LP#11: Kalayaan

paumanhin sa mga ka-LP ko at hindi ako naka lahok noong nakaraang huwebes, ang aking dakilang point and shoot ay nasama sa paglalakbay papuntang HK habang ako ay iniwan dito at sawi =(

o siya, eto na ang lahok ko:

kuha ito noong nakaraang taon nang nagpunta kami ng aking butihing asawa sa tagaytay para sa aming anniversary.
naawa ako sa asong ito dahil mag isa lang siya sa isang bahay. kahol siya ng kahol at nagpapapansin dahil gusto niyang makalabas ng gate at gumala. tignan naman ang itsura niya, hindi ka ba maawa?
ang mga baka namang ito eh nagsisiksikan sa trak papuntang maynila. kung alam lang nila ang kahahantungan ng kanilang kapalaran... sa ating mga plato.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

growing by the day

kyle will officially start school on monday. and i'm the one having the jitters and anxiety.

yeah so he isn't potty trained yet, but we're getting there. found a sure ball way for him to pee. he has been diaper-less for a good week. a lot of leaky accidents, but at least he knows how to show signs that he wants to pee. i don't rush him for fear of him repressing it. one day at a time he's learning that it's ikcy when his pee trickles down his legs and his crocs has to be washed everytime. my little boy is a bit of a hypochondriac - monk is that you? =)

little keon's vocabulary's growing by the day. new trick he learned, he now knows how to kiss me and with sound! love it to bits! he's now running, and i noticed that he prefers running to walking. quite a steady balance already but still gives us the usual nerves when he runs around the house.

which reminds me, i should post more pics of the kids.

and i'm counting the days to kyle's first day in school! this is going to be exciting!! can't wait! [i may go on leave, and not earn a single penny that day, but nothing beats being there for your child's first day]watch out for pics to be uploaded in multiply =)

RIP nike watch - an update

surprisingly, the watch appeared today. when MIL was going through the things in the bodega, which yesterday morning i rummaged through before going to work empty-handed. magic? divine intervention? or just plain guilt and karma? take your pick.

i guess someone, had a few sleepless nights of guilt.

so now, i'm happy. and i thought it will forever remain a memory. thanks mommy! thanks karma!

and today has been the happiest wednesday yet. =)


the nike watch aishi gave me disappeared. in his own home. and i guess this happened while we were sleeping.

sneaky sneaky.

it would've been ok had it not been aishi's xmas gift to me. it was a gift! not a spur of the moment purchase. it was a gift, given out of love.

i hope who ever took it, would have a change of heart. and i will not punish nor torment the person. i'm sure karma will serve something right.

what goes around, comes around.

now i'm watch-less all over again, just when i was enjoying having a watch on my wrist again...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Pinoy Parenting Blog Carnival # 3: Generations

This edition of the Pinoy Parenting Blog Carnival posts the following questions:

1. What are the things your parents did that you would definitely still follow?
2. What are the things your parents did that you would do differently?

This is this month's topic. if you want to join or view other entries by parents such as myself, visit Doc Joey's blog HERE


i grew up under a disciplinarian and strict family. certain rules have to be followed or else:

1. when you happen to do something bad or gets the disapproval of my parents, it entitles you to a good spanking - either by hand, by belt or hanger. depends on the gravity of the misdeed.

2. prayers are strictly enforced. 12noon angelus, 3pm prayer, and 6pm angelus. and of course, night time prayers.

of course, there are upsides in my family:

1. gatherings are sacred. birthdays, weddings, christmas, new year any special holidays deserve a good celebration with the whole clan.

2. kids are given free rein on what they can do during their playtime as long as they are within the vicinity of the compound and within sight of the adults.

3. books are highly encouraged. they even shove books for you to read.

4. there is always food. as long as you finish what you get.

5. respect for elders, they don't require you utter po and opo after every sentence but the tone of voice when conversing is sometimes enough for them as a sign of respect.

so far these are the things that have been etched in my mind while growing up. i'd certainly enforce these to my kids except the first part. as much as possible i avoid spanking them. the only time that i spank them if they have been given 3 warnings about their bad behavior. and after an explanation why such behavior deserved the spanking. other than that, all these have been great influences on my upbringing.

i've been blessed with a family that believes that families should stick together no matter what and we're the first and last people we run to when we get stuck in a rut. and there's always unconditional love to go around, anytime. and free hugs too!

Friday, June 6, 2008

bulleted thoughts

pardon the ranting. i'm having the worst friday ever

> ni thank you man lang wala akong narinig sa iyo, tapos sa akin pa ang blame kasi mas inuna niyo ang bakasyon kasya sa bagay na mas importante. malay ko ba kung pano ang sistema. malay ko ba doon. i was just doing you a favor and this is what i get? ako pa ang mali after following instructions from you, him and the person concerned. ako pa ang mali? ayos.

> ikaw naman, i was very gracious and kind in lending our laptop (take note, hindi sa akin sa pamilya ko) pero the thought of using it like your own and even bringing it to school without asking permission from me or hubby, it was just low. i'm sorry i won't be that trusting again. ever. pag nasira yan, hindi naman ikaw ang pagagalitan eh. and besides, important files ang andyan, thesis ng kapatid ko, pictures ng mga anak ko, files ng parents ko. LAHAT.

> naloloka ako sa iyo. ang gulo mong kausap! ayaw mo kasi makinig sa mga sinasabi ko at tuloy ka pa rin sa gusto mong mangyari. pero may onting fault naman ako, pero ginawa ko naman yung suggestion na yun para sa pakinabang natin 2 eh. kikita tayo dun. eh ikaw ang nag decide na wag na. so ngayon palabok na lahat. naman!! ayusin mo na yan! pabor na nga lahat sa inyo eh.

> sana hindi totoo ang mga nababalitaan ko. baka ikaw ang maging reason ng pagbagsak ko sa depression. sana lang. pero deep inside bakit feeling ko totoo? kahit naman i-deny mo, ako pa rin ang talo eh. pero ang daming magiging apektado pag totoo nga. san pa kaya ako pupulutin nyan?

this is one of those days that i wish i'm living in a different country far away from everything. can i please have something positive in my life? a clean slate to work with perhaps?

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Moving To NZ

aishi and i have been discussing migrating to New Zealand. with the current situation that our country is facing, it has been decided to push through with our plans. we have always dreamed moving to New Zealand. my uncle has migrated there with his family and has been living their lives quite comfortably for more than a year now.

we have been exchanging emails for the past months about details in moving to NZ. and he has referred quite a number of sites and we have been getting a lot of tips and resources.

of course, we also have to take into consideration that we are going to leave the jobs that we have here in the Philippines and we have to start with a clean slate. but from the looks of things, in the industry that aishi and i are in, looking for jobs in NZ wouldn't be that hard. the country needs a lot of manpower to outnumber the livestock.

now, we can't wait to process our expression of interest. we have passed the required number of points to qualify. wish us luck! our target date by the way would be in 2010.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

tagged! by maver: guys, men and boys

thanks maver! kahit sobrang late na hehe

It’s up to you how narrate your stories but there are two rules:
1.Post pictures (I want to see what is all the hotness about)
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9. Haze

Here we go:

all i'm posting are my ultimate crushes. no need for aishi to get all jealous. he knows i only have crushes on celebs not on normal people.

1. my ultimate crushyou really have to guess how old he is. with that boyish face, who wouldn't like him? and of course, watching back to the future 1-3 haha

2.i only have a crush on his body. period.

3.alessandro del piero. hot. one of the reasons why i root for juventus. italian men are hot and yummy!

4.ryan giggs. at first i didn't notice him playing for manchester united, but the moment i did, all the more reasons to root for the best team ever (and considering they were beckham's old team mates) one more crush-ables in my list. men and football = drool.

5. thank you to daiz for this oversight. how could i forget? bad bad bad!! he would be mad at me for doing this.thank you daiz! hehe how could i forget? tsk tsk tsk... as pambawi to BB, crush ka namin pareho ni hubby. haha (and to think i blogged about his art only yesterday... how sad. )

and of course, nothing beats the one who always makes me turn into mush regardless of all the pagiinarte, pagtataray and maldita moments. the love of my life (naks!)

my hubby. hands down, he tops my list of hot men. the ones mentioned above are just crushes. he is the one - cheesyness aside, he is.

tagging: ple, keh, wynzl, and to the LP peeps. :)

if ever i get a tattoo

i'd have this. created by brandon boyd. his creations are quite expressive, creative and thought-provoking. i'm also saving up to buy his books. it takes me one step further inside his mind. i'm a fan of his band and his craft. di ba ple?

click the title to go to his book site. :)

this would look good either on my back or my arm. nice!