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my daily thoughts and ramblings on motherhood, raising my kids, being a wife and everything else in between that matters in our life.

Monday, June 30, 2008

project potty training: success!

Potty training days are over. We have succeeded!

I have mentioned a few months back about our struggle to potty train kyle for the mere fact that he has this unexplainable fear of the potty. But, all the bribery, the rewards, the threats and pleading had paid off (yeah, bad mommy moment, but when you have kids, you sometimes resort to desperate measures).

So anyway, last satruday was the most amazing day ever. Kyle had finally peed in the potty. With a little help from yaya and mommy.

So, what was the tactic? At first, it was with the help of hubby to demonstrate to kyle how boys make weewee. It was hard for me to teach him since he knows mommy is a girl. One technique I figured out to have him pee was to let him play with water in a pail. But these moments were brought about by peeing on the floor, choosing to pee outside the house “watering the plants” which I let him but with a firm reminder that the next time he does that, he’ll pee in the potty.

After weeks of accidents and nappy-less mornings, kyle can now walk nappy free at home and informs us if he wants to pee.

Such an amazing milestone! No pictures yet since he prefers to have me there while he pees. Unfortunately for hubby who has been a great influence on his peeing skills haven’t seen kyle in action. Always late in seeing him pee. The moment he reaches the toilet is when kyle starts to flush his pee.

Oh, and imagine our reactions everytime he finishes peeing. It’s a celebration, even keon joins the clapping for his kuya. And the look of pride and accomplishment on kyle’s face. Priceless.

So now, project potty training has moved to potty training 2: the poo sessions.

We’re looking forward to a nappy-free kyle before the year ends.

Next on the agenda: project potty: keon xyrus. Which is in progress already.

Let’s cheer for kyle’s new milestone! This for sure merits a new toy for him for a job well done!

This is what a great mommy moment feels like. And thank you to the mommies who have shared their encouragement and tips! Special mention to KEROL!


cez said...

wow! congrats! :)

Paul and Toni said...

wow! congrats!!! sana si lance din ma-train na. mahal ng diapers eh. :)

@-->---- said...

glad to be of help :D congratulations little kyle!!! :D we're all very proud!