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my daily thoughts and ramblings on motherhood, raising my kids, being a wife and everything else in between that matters in our life.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

PPBC#4: Guess how much i love you

PPBC Entry: Hosted by Doc Joey in her other blog.

a parent's love for their child can not be measured. but what exceeds this is the way a child expresses love to their parents. an feeling that is hard to describe, to put into words.

so i'll just enumerate the things my boys do to make their daddy and i melt with the warmth of their love.

> kyle and keon loves waking us up in the morning by snuggling
> my boys loves running to us, arms open wide, big smiles on their faces when we come home from work
> kisses and hugs are always free.
> kyle loves telling me he loves me when i call home to check up on him when he comes home from school. keon on the other hand, would squeal his i love yous.
> the feeling of seeing them run after you when we leave for work, shows just how much they need us.
> that the moment we are home, they leave their yayas behind and involve themselves with what we are doing.
> that the appreciation on their faces after receiving something from us, be it a simple toy, a happy meal, or the grandest gift on their birthdays or christmas.

and most of all, the moment when they arrived in this world, i have never felt this loved in my life. the moment we both looked into each other's eyes, we knew we belong to each other. we were meant to be.


theworkingmom said...

Finally done with the PPBC4 Roundup!
Click here: Our Children Do Love Us
Thank you so much for participating!


Guardian Angel said...

I love this entry. I feel glad when I learn that there are sweet daddies who are close to their children.

By the way, I am the host of the 5th edition. Plase read my invitation here - Join the Parent Dreamers @ Pinoy Parents Blog Carnival 5th edition