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my daily thoughts and ramblings on motherhood, raising my kids, being a wife and everything else in between that matters in our life.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

tagged! by maver: guys, men and boys

thanks maver! kahit sobrang late na hehe

It’s up to you how narrate your stories but there are two rules:
1.Post pictures (I want to see what is all the hotness about)
2. Keep the linky linky alive (Tip, highlight the text which has links, right click and choose View Selection Source and just copy the HTML).
3. Link the post where you wrote about the topic so women can find more drool-worthy men. (You might need to publish and then edit the entry first)
Hot Men List From:
1. Aggie 2. Thea 3. Litzie 4. Joy 4. Mich 5. Em 6. Maver 7. May 8. Meeya
9. Haze

Here we go:

all i'm posting are my ultimate crushes. no need for aishi to get all jealous. he knows i only have crushes on celebs not on normal people.

1. my ultimate crushyou really have to guess how old he is. with that boyish face, who wouldn't like him? and of course, watching back to the future 1-3 haha

2.i only have a crush on his body. period.

3.alessandro del piero. hot. one of the reasons why i root for juventus. italian men are hot and yummy!

4.ryan giggs. at first i didn't notice him playing for manchester united, but the moment i did, all the more reasons to root for the best team ever (and considering they were beckham's old team mates) one more crush-ables in my list. men and football = drool.

5. thank you to daiz for this oversight. how could i forget? bad bad bad!! he would be mad at me for doing this.thank you daiz! hehe how could i forget? tsk tsk tsk... as pambawi to BB, crush ka namin pareho ni hubby. haha (and to think i blogged about his art only yesterday... how sad. )

and of course, nothing beats the one who always makes me turn into mush regardless of all the pagiinarte, pagtataray and maldita moments. the love of my life (naks!)

my hubby. hands down, he tops my list of hot men. the ones mentioned above are just crushes. he is the one - cheesyness aside, he is.

tagging: ple, keh, wynzl, and to the LP peeps. :)


Daiz said...

What, no Brandon Boyd?! =p

Daiz said...

Ayan, ok na. =D

Dyes said...

di ka naman masyadong mahilig sa football, no? hehehehe