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My life unplugged

my daily thoughts and ramblings on motherhood, raising my kids, being a wife and everything else in between that matters in our life.

Monday, August 9, 2010

yaya-less, again

since the end of july, hubby and i have been struggling with taking care of the boys. our two yayas have left for the province for personal reasons. yaya jackie, had to leave even if she didn't want to. if she ha a choice she would stay with us, but then, she has a family of her own and her hubby had to go back to work after being ill for a month or so. now, she had to go home and be there for her own kids.

as much as i would not let her go, i understand her. being a mom and all, she has to raise her own family.

yaya donna on the other hand, being young and all at 19 years, had to go home to her ailing mother. again, family duties.


i would be a hypocrite to say that we rely a lo on household help. it's no joke taking care and looking after 3 rowdy boys. and our family needs all the extra hands we can get.

the past few weeks have been a slow uphill climb. but we managed to survive, with the help of my mom, who, as much as i would want her to rest and enjoy her retirement, had to be on second mommy duty. even if she sometimes complain of being tired as i am, deep inside i can see her enjoying the moment being grandma (mama) to her grandkids. same goes for my dad as well.

admittedly, i miss having those little stolen moments of an hour or so with hubby before we hed home. but sacrifices had to be made. on the other side, the kids are enjoying more time with us. we get to see them awake, tuck them in at night, see them off to school-and even be with them in school.

work may take a back seat for now, since family has to come first. but then, it doesn't mean that i forget about deadlines and other work related things. i just need to do a little adjustment. meetings, deadlines etc.

i tweeted a few days ago that looking for a good yaya is indeed hard. it's not about the workload but the amount of trust you can give a person to take care of your child. i don't go on relying on agencies alone. i have trust issues with those types. i would prefer referrals from friends, those who have first or second hand source into the type of person who's going to take care of my kids 70% of the time.

so at night, i pray that before the month ends, we get to find 2 yaya's that would be a keeper for us.

i hope so, i sure hope so...


Girlash said...

Living with yayas are so challenging! I sometimes wish we could without them. Sadly we can't. Goodluck to your search!

ohmygoddess said...

i agree, great yayas are hard to find. i had 4 in less than a month. the 5th one's a gem! goodluck and i hope you find yayas soon.