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My life unplugged

my daily thoughts and ramblings on motherhood, raising my kids, being a wife and everything else in between that matters in our life.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

bring on the cheese

last night, hubby called me up. his voice was a bit depressed. he must be tired from work, i thought. he said he's on his way to pick me up and we need to talk.

uh-oh this is something serious. i hope it's not family related, i thought. as soon as he arrived, he looked forlorn. he started his speech like this:

bear, di ko na kaya to eh. di ko kasi masabi lahat sa iyo kaya sinabi ko na lang kay tigger lahat ng nararamdaman ko. di ko kasi alam kung paano sasabihin sa iyo kaya idinaan ko na lang kay tigger.

huh? tigger? why is a disney character involved?

and then he handed this to me:

can you say cheesy?

we were laughing our heads off with his cheesy lines. kilig factor rating 100/10. perfect score. and totally out of the blue. rare, special and definitely romantic indeed.

why the gesture? because he knows i love tigger, because he knows we have been blessed the past few days, because he knows i've been biting his head off lately about being more of a dad than just the provider to the kids.

and basically, just because.

now, how will i top that? oh yeah, another baby boy for him. haha but seriously, it's so hard to beat this sweetness.

*now basil the plant has a new companion in my cube :D

** and yes hubby did ask me to blog about it. haha


Kreez said...

awww super sweet naman nyan!

Maver said...


nel's bebi said...

ay grabe, kasweeeetttt!!! mas masaya nga yang unexpected na kasweetan!

nakakatuwa naman si hubby mo ha at sya pag nagask na iblog eto. samantalang ang asawa ko e pag may something e hihirit agad na "o ibablog mo na naman to no?" pag sinabi kong oo minsan sasabihin wag na. kj, hahaha

stranger by the day said...

ayun namaaann! kulang na lang violins sa background hahaha!

theworkingmom said...


Mec said...

yey for cheesy husbands!!! there is hope for the world!!!


Toni said...

KILIG TO THE MAX GALORE! :) :) :) It's so wonderful to hear stories like this -- kahit gaano nang katagal magkasama, parang bagong bf-gf pa rin ang sweetness!