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my daily thoughts and ramblings on motherhood, raising my kids, being a wife and everything else in between that matters in our life.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

happiness, thy name is Red Mango

i'm not really a fan of yogurt, but if i do get the chance to get my hands on one, i would gladly eat it. so far the only yogurt i had a taste of is the one from nestle.

but with the boom of the frozen yogurt business here in the country. almost everywhere you go, you see a stall selling for-yo. and as an officemate called it, fro-yo is the next shawarma. remember the shawarma craze way back when? fro yo takes the throne today.

i was given the chance to try out one of the most popular fro yo stalls/stores while doing our rounds for the restaurant reviews over eastwoord tuesday last week. aside from the happy tummy from all the good food, we get to try out a dessert place! yey!

and then i met red mango. and i got hooked!

i ordered the fro yo over shaved ice with 3 toppings. special k, peaches and blueberries. and according to the manager, the combination i chose was their highlyu recommended combinations to those who are aren't quite sure of what to get. as a first timer, i felt damn proud of my choice. haha.

the yogurt wasn't that too sour nor too sweet. it was actually just right for my preggy taste. and the mix of the blueberries and peaches and the crunchyness of the special k was a party in my tongue all the way to my tummy. and you can't go wrong with yogurt, it's much healthier than getting a huge scoop of ice cream. one small order is filling enough.

and that's not all red mango offers, aside from the usual fro yo and endless toppings, they also offer coffee and waffles for those who aren't that into yogurt. at least the owners / managemet thought of capturing a market of yogurt and non yogurt lovers.

a bonus: the ambiance is such a good place to hang out post date with you SO or that person you like. not too private, not too public. just the right coziness to chat and enjoy your fro yo.

now hubby and i are looking forward to our own red mango date.

Red Mango is located at:
Trinoma and Eastwood Mall

*photos to follow

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