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my daily thoughts and ramblings on motherhood, raising my kids, being a wife and everything else in between that matters in our life.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

birthday date

last sunday, a day after aishi's birthday, we decided to go out. just the two of us, like before. we missed those days when we would just go out and eat and just enjoy each other's company. so after hearing mass, we decided to have dinner. he knew i was craving for pasta so we decided to eat again at A Veneto in Glorietta.

Never in our lives have we tasted carbonara so atasty and creamy and filling than in a veneto. it was heavenly and priced just right to share for two or three. and the pizza is equally divine. most of our friends and family would know that we like our pizza all meaty. i remember aishi and i would sometimes fight over the meat toppings in our shakey's pizaa because it was that good.

but i digress.

we went there around 7pm after hearing mass and braving the pouring rain on the way to glorietta. but after parking his car, the rain stopped. which is a good thing since we have to cross the street to get to the place.

what i didn't like about the place is the fact that there was a sign that said we have to wait to be seated but there's no one to greet us at the door. we stood there for a good 20 seconds in hte hopes that there would be someone to lead us to where we can sit. but i changed my mind since i was really hungry and craving their carbonara already. i could hear them calling my name. haha

so we decided to find a seat so that we could start eating. over-all service was ok, considering it was dinner-time and there were a lot of people. we didn't have to wait long for the food it arrived just in time for my stomach to give out one last growl.

i think we were done eating in 30 minutes. haha the food was that good. and we went home with happy tummies.

we ordered by the way:
carbonara with chicken
all meat pizza
and onion rings

next to a veneto, we love the carbonara from pasto too. but aishi can replicate the recipe. :)

1 comment:

Gil Garcia Velez said...

Hi Haze,

Yes, it is always extra nice to go out "just the two of us."

It was also Chief's birthday last Sunday, 02 March. We just had lunch at CYMA at Greenbelt. I really wanted something more romantic and different, like drive-off to Tagaytay or Antipolo, but we were having a long weekend with work in the way.

Cheers to all celebrating this March!