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my daily thoughts and ramblings on motherhood, raising my kids, being a wife and everything else in between that matters in our life.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

nobody told me preschool hunting was stressful

indeed it was. the first time we inquired about the tuition fees, i almost had a heart attack and wished dr. house would diagnose some fatal disease. is it really that expensive to put your kid through school? 80 friggin thousand pesos?!?! for a whole school year!

80k to let your child play with toys and other kids. i could do that if i'm not a working mom. hehe (i'm in kuripot mode.. kill me)

but, seeing kyle not wanting to leave the school because he found it "nice" was convincing enough to find a way to pay that bloody tuition. priceless i tell you when you get to hear your little boy say:

"moomy, nice o! wow! i like this one" and when you tell him to leave, he'll give you the saddest face ever.

ok, little man, you're going to that school in june. the only thing i ask is you be a good boy like you are at home. mommy or ate aisa can't be with you there but i know you'll do great. =)


maver said...

hay ganyan din pakiramdam ko ngayon. hindi pa din kami decided where to take Haligilet though we have a shortlist already? Where are you taking bulilit? Baka classmates pa sila ni Haligilet :)

mEldita said...

OMG!!!! :-o Pano na lang two years from now pag nag start na si Vera!? *himatay!*

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Daiz said...

Yikes, 80k! Sobrang exclusive ata nyang preschool na papasukan ni Kyle. I think the going rate is 30k for regular preschools. That's how much dun sa school na balak ko ipasok si Riel.

Maybelle said...

hi haze! what school yan haze? ganun na talaga ngayon. kaya dapat mag-ipon na talaga.

my friend sends her son to xavier (where hubby wants anton to study) and she paid P130k. her kid's in grade 1!