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my daily thoughts and ramblings on motherhood, raising my kids, being a wife and everything else in between that matters in our life.

Friday, March 14, 2008

10 years ago... tagged # 3

THINK BACK TO 4th year hs... Let's see how much you remember and how much you regret..

What section were you?- 4H

Who were your seatmates?- Mia VIllavicencio and Bernadette Young

Still remember your english teacher?- for Lit, it was Ms. Nerissa Guevarra, for speech/debate: Mr. Dela Cruz

What was your first class?- Homeroom with Mrs. Bucad. momma bear!!

Made friends to the lower years?- yeah. majority of the lower batches were my busmates.

How was your class schedule?- we had no choice but to follow it. but we had a great time.

Made any enemies?- does ako ang inaaway count?

Who was your favorite teacher?- Mrs. bucad, Mrs. Sigue, Poppa bear, ang dami talaga! lemme get my yearbook... haha

What sport did you play?- not the sporty type. but if eating is a sport, then i'm in the varsity. haha

Were you a party animal?- Nope. parents were too strict. and i didn't care if i didn't get to go out.

Were you well known in your school?- i guess so.

SKIP CLASSES?- if it meant not attending grad practices, hanging out in the library. but skipping classes like going out of the school premises, no.

Did you get suspended/expelled?- nope.

Can you sing the alma mater?- Yeah.

What was your favorite subject?- recess and lunch! haha joke! loved world history and lit.

Did you go to the dances?- Yeah. hehe

Where did you go most often duringbreaks?- you can find me and the gang in the quadrangle or if early dismissal, at colby's house, buying half a cake at becky's and eating it under 10 minutes. haha good times!!

What did you do on the last day ofschool?-can't remember, i think we went out.

tagging everybody who gets to read this. let me know if you answered it ok? =)

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