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my daily thoughts and ramblings on motherhood, raising my kids, being a wife and everything else in between that matters in our life.

Monday, May 4, 2009

WS Memoir Monday#1: Commitment

the wives of wifespeaks are back! and this time with something new and exciting! weekly themes and blog carnivals makes everyone happy. and for the first issue, it's Memoir Monday. a themed photomeme, the topic: Commitment.

here's my entry:

this is my favorite photo of hubby being spontaneous in being mushy and cheesy and romantic at the same time. out of the blue, he started assembling the letters while we were watching tv and shyly handed it to me. if i weren't that oblivious, wouldn't notice the little message in the middle.

as cheesy and as simple as it may be. it's quite a big gesture for me. the simplest forms of commitment. i may get my dream wedding next year but the past 4 years tops other dream/fairytale wedding anytime.

this is hubby's commitment at its simplest form.

happy monday memoirs mga misis!

sharing another photo. :)

*click on the button to join the blog carnival :)


ceztlavie said...

naks! ang sweet naman :)

Maver said...

asusss, kamusta naman ang langgam sa sweetness? hehehe! thanks for joining, yagie!

Haze said...

pagbigyan na, minsan lang mangyari yan hahaha =)

Paul and Toni said...

ang sweet naman!!! ganda nung 2nd picture! :)

Jen said...

Hi Haze! Thoroughly enjoyed this meme. :-) Got mine posted. My first. :D

Mec said...

wow... parang pizza, may extra cheese :p ahihi

pero seryoso... ang sweet nga nya!

MrsPartyGirl said...

kiligin daw ba ako :D and i love the second pic. :)

psst, dapat invited ang mga misis sa dream wedding mo ha, hehe! *muah*

Haze said...

thanks gehls! hihi nakakakilig nga. mahihiya ang mga langgam.

mama mee: hehe kung uuwi ka why not? (may ganun? haha)

d3nd3n said...

hi haze! katuwa naman ang entry mo. i like the second pic too. :)

Twinkie said...

Aw! Super sweet ni hubby mo a! :)

I joined too. My entry is here. :)

mirage2g said...

Wow, that is really sweet! ;)

May said...

What a sweet take from your hubby! From a guy, simple gestures of commitment mean big things to us. :)

Your second photo... omg, i heart!