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my daily thoughts and ramblings on motherhood, raising my kids, being a wife and everything else in between that matters in our life.

Monday, May 11, 2009

WS Memoir Monday #2: Ideal Marriages

For this Week's theme: Ideal Marriages that inspire you

personally i don't have a specific couple whose marriage inspires me. i don't even consider my parent's marriage as ideal or as a benchmark on how we should pattern our marriage. same goes for hubby's parents. i personally think that marriage is and should be a work in progress between two people. like starting out with the same type of clay and it's up to the partners to mold it into whatever they want.

but what i would consider to be part an ideal marriage would be:

1. contstant communication
2. openess
3. trust
4. you bringing out the inner child in your partner
5. you both know when to be serious and when to act all crazy and carefree
6. never ever letting money get in the way of your relationship
7. and of course, having a relationship with god.
8. growing old together and still see each other the way you saw them the first time.
9. accepting the good traits and the bad as one whole package.
10. being good examples to the kids.

this would be the glue that would make it stick. some marriages would opt for an open one, some would even choose to just stay together without any legalities or contracts, as long as they have something that would make their marriage work, then it's good right?

there isn't a perfect marriage really since if there ever was, that marriage would be boring. it's healthy to have quarrels and tampuhan once in a while. it makes the relationship spicer and interesting.

and from the 5 years that hubby and i are together, we're still getting there. these 10 are always in our to do / to be list in marriage.

so i just found a nice photo online of an old couple since #8 on my list is hubby and i growing old and yet staying in love with each other. but with still the usual asaran, away and tampuhan that we signed up for when we decided to get married.


Twinkie said...

I especially like #5. :D

leira said...

totally agree with your post..

nel's bebi said...

ay tama yan haze! specially yung #5 and #7 :)
thanks for joining! ako rin nakihabol :)

jen said...

i love the list! and i also believe in #7. i've seen a lot of marriages/relationships breakdown because of that. :(