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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Three Step bedtime routine for your babies

As published in Femalenetwork: LINK my first article ever, and it got published! yey! now i'm motivated than ever to write. and the feedback from good friends ( you know which ones are sincere and those said just to make you feel good) are overwhelming. :)

on with the article!


We all know that sleep is vital to baby’s development and mommy’s disposition in the morning. Yet mommies also know that getting the baby to sleep through the night is easier said than done.

Did you know there’s a thee-step process in ensuring a good night’s sleep for your baby? Establish this bedtime routine as soon as the baby is born.

Step 1: Give baby a five-minute relaxing warm bath using a mild baby soap or wash, which, over time, will serve as a signal that it’s time for bedtime soon.

Step 2: Give baby a two-minute massage using a gently-scented lotion or oil. Apply this with downward strokes on limbs, circular strokes on the tummy, outward sweeps on the chest, small circles on the head and face, and sweeping downward strokes on the back and feet. As you do this, try talking to her in a soothing voice to strengthen your bond. This is a reliable way of getting your baby ready for sleep.

Step 3: Have quiet bonding time right before slumber. Sing lullabies or nursery rhymes to your baby or with her if she can already speak. Cuddle, read bedtime stories, and say a prayer with her. As soon as she gets drowsy, put her to bed while she is still half-awake. This is to help the baby learn to self-soothe, so when she wakes up in the middle of the night, she can go back to sleep without your help.

A study shows that babies who go through this bedtime routine fall asleep 37% faster and experience 37% less night awakenings. In fact, total night awakenings decreased by as much as 49%, and length of babies’ continuous sleep increased by 23%. And we all know that with a well-rested baby comes a mommy who is less tense and tired and more energetic. Barbie Almalbis-Honasan (shown in photo with baby Noa Stina) is among the moms who can attest that having a good bedtime routine will improve baby's sleep.

You may try using Johnson’s Baby Bedtime line when you do the three-step routine. The line consists of a bedtime bath, soap, lotion, oil, and powder—all of which contain a patented blend of soothing aromas and essence of jasmine blossoms called NaturalCalm.

For other concerns and inquiries about giving your baby a good night’s sleep, check out Johnson and Johnson’s website devoted to this: It also gives mommies a Customized Sleep Profile, designed to help them better understand the quality of baby’s sleep, and which comes with personalized advice on how to improve it.

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