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my daily thoughts and ramblings on motherhood, raising my kids, being a wife and everything else in between that matters in our life.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Not your Girly-Girl

I have been subscribing to several fashion blogs, just reading about their latest get up, outfits, finds etc. makes me envious, giddy and drooling at the same time.

Personally, I have no fashion IQ at all. Hold up a picture of a Gucci bag and a Prada bag and I won’t be able to tell which is which – as long as I can’t see the logo i'm lost. I repear i have zero fashion IQ.

When I get to read Cosmo, Preview, Marie Claire and all those fashion magazines, I can’t help but dream that one day, I get to be one of those lucky girls that were given an awesome makeover, from head to toe. or just get to own that featured, dress, shoe, bag etc. oh yes even make up and those beauty products.

And since i said i have zero Fashion IQ, I’ll let you in on a semi-secret. I can’t walk properly in heels. Imagine a guy wearing heels. Yup, that’s how I walk.

Growing up, I hated wearing dresses and other girly clothes maybe because growing up in the 80’s and being forced to wear those hideous dresses was traumatic on every sense of the word. But, lets say the dresses and girly things kids wear and use now were the ones in style during my day, I guess I would be one of those girly girls. Seriously.

At that time, boys’ and men’s fashion were more appealing to me. Shirts, jeans, sneakers, etc. I wanted to won one. Remember the time when guys would wear low waist jeans? I had one. Remember when birks with socks were in? I wore that too, with shorts and polo shirt to boot. Tomboy much? Yeah.

So I guess, it’s only now that I realized that I have to change my perspective when it comes to dressing up. I think I have been too casual when it comes to choosing outfits for work, for play, for going out and for formal occasions. And I think it’s time to be a girly girl once and for all. i think hubby’s having enough of a boyish wife. I thin deep inside, he’s screaming for a wife that can knock his socks off and show off to the world, not the me that can be dragged to drinking sessions being one of the boys.


It does not mean it’s a total 360 degree turn. I still love my own fashion sense, it’s just that I need more “personalities” to play with. Haha

Now, where can I find those makeover contests?

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