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my daily thoughts and ramblings on motherhood, raising my kids, being a wife and everything else in between that matters in our life.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Momma Stuff Question Week 3: Baby Names

i know there's a week 4 question already, but better late than never and no entry at all :)

Question of the week:
Now, for this week’s question: What are the names of your kids? Who picked them? Any significance of that name/s?

Here's my entry:

i never planned on choosing my kid's names based on their meanings but i based it on pure gut feeling if it would fit/match with their personality when they grow up and if it will match their surnames. it's hard thinking of a good name when the kids have a chinese surname. or maybe it was just me. :)

kyle xavier

why kyle? why xavier? well, even before i got married, i really wanted one of my kids to be named kyle. initially, kyle was supposed to be named kyle adrian, then changed to kyle anthony when i was pregnant with him. hubby thought it was unwise to name his firstborn after him thinking kyle might go down the same "path" as daddy when he was single. haha

in the end, we decided on kyle xavier. and with the momma stuff question, i had to do my research to find out the meaning behind my little boy's name:

kyle: means narrow or straight
xavier: means bright, splendid

now, isn't that a great description for my little boy?

keon xyrus

notice a pattern? haha when we found out i was pregnant again, without question, we decided that the next son/daughter will have the same initials as his/her kuya. at first i thought i was having a girl, a name was prepared already (i won't divulge here, baka gayahin eh) but still with the KX initals. lo and behold, we found out we were having a boy. so hubby and i thought hard for a name that would suit this little bundle of energy. so, why keon xyrus? keon, because it sounded unique and you don't get to meet anyone named keon right? for his second name, it was quite hard thinking of a name that would match keon. good thinking care of hubby while driving on the way home. xyrus was the perfect match. we tweaked the name a bit, since it was supposed to be cyrus. just to align with the KX initals.

keon: of Zeus
xyrus: sun, lord, throne

fits my little bunso just right. a name worthy of a god. haha

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