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my daily thoughts and ramblings on motherhood, raising my kids, being a wife and everything else in between that matters in our life.

Monday, March 9, 2009

feb 13, 2009 - friday the 13th

this date will forever be etched in my mind. this is the day that i experienced my first ever spotting. after 2 pregnancies, this is the only time that i was this delicate pregnant working mom. it sure did scare the poop out of me and hubby.

let's start from the beginning shall we?

friday, feb 13. i was scheduled to attend two presentations to clients. one in the morning at 10 am and the other at 130pm. i met up with my publisher at the client's office since our house was much nearer. and lessens the hassle of going to the office then back to makati. so anyway, presentation went smoothly, we even bought food for almost the entire agency. presentation was over around 12noon. just in time for lunch. my publisher and i ate at the nearest food joint since the next presentation was near and within the area.

after lunch we proceeded to starbucks to buy some snacks for the next presentation. i was feeling a bit tired after walking a few meters from the previous venue. and since we are in makati, the only way to go was the underpass. so anyway, on to the next presenation at 130. everything was going smooth. the clients enjoyed the presentation and the snacks of course.

after the presentation and while waiting for our driver to bring us back to the office, i went to the nearest washroom to pee. and from there, things went crazy. the moment i prepared myself to pee. i saw blood. lots of it actually, it looked as if i was having my period. i tired to compose myself after peeing. i slowly returned back to where my colleagues were. sent an sms to my ob informing her of what i found out. i nonchalantly told my publisher that i can't go back to the office with him. a bit puzzled, he asked why. i calmly told him that i was at that moment experiencing spotting. he started to panic, i told him it was ok, since i had called up my hubby earlier and asked him to pick me up. i asked him if he could possibly relay to our boss that i can't go back to the office and i have to head to the hospital asap and have myself checked. at that time, i kept calling hubby and reassuring him that i was ok and i just want to go to the hospital asap since my ob was waiting for me. thank god hubby was only 15 mins away from where we are.

my publisher and some colleagues were the first ones to leave and were a bit worried and concerned in leaving me all alone in the coffee shop. i told them my hubby's on his way and i'll keep them posted. a few mins after they left, hubby was there to pick me up. we headed over to his house which is near the hospital to pick up his mom so that i'll have a companion (my mom can't go with me since she has to look after the kids first) but she was the next person i kept on calling after hubby.

anyway, side rant, all the while i was keeping this calm composure since i don't want to stress myself out and add to the panic and worry vibe from the people around me. and here comes my MIL who in a way was indirectly insinuating that it might be my fault that's why i had spotting that i'm not taking care of the baby enough, that i kept on lifting heavy things etc. etc. in short it';s my fault. and from there i started crying. i mean if she was sensitive enough she shouldn't have said that. my own mother didn't say that to me. i just felt hurt and didn't talk to her after. good thing hubby had the right mind to tell her off.

anyway, once we reached the hospital, my ob ordered an ultrasound to check up on the baby. she did an IE as well to verify everything. i was diagnosed with a threatened abortion. she said it might be because of the stress at work that accumulated over time or it just happened for no reason at all. i told her i was stress free ever since i found out i was preggy. i avioded stress as much possible. (thank god i didn't hear anything from MIL after the diagnosis). but i was ordered complete bed rest for a week with meds to keep me and the baby safe.

the downside to the bedrest was the fact that i got bored easily. but i guess it's a blessing as well since i was able to catch up with the lack of sleep i had over the past few weeks and i got to bond more with my kids but with limited mobility.

overall, this experience was a blessing. that after all this ordeal, the baby is still healthy and on track with the development. seemed as if this incident never happened. i'm just grateful that there were people who were there who took care of me and made sure i was ok. and with that i am happy.

baby and i are doing great. both of us are growing by the day. (haha) and we're looking forward to the end of this month to find out the gender. (hoping for a girl this time )

now everytime i see that there's a friday the 13th, it reminds of that very scary day. so i'm praying that this friday the 13th would be smooth sailing. and nothing to worry about at all. :)

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