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my daily thoughts and ramblings on motherhood, raising my kids, being a wife and everything else in between that matters in our life.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

wrinkles before 30? no way???

thanks to a client meeting yesterday, we (my officemate and i) were treated to a free skin consultation (for me) and make up/make over session (for officemate). thank you may for being such a cool client and new found friend. :)

anyway, during the skin consultation, i finally knew my skin type. i was a dry combination skin. meaning i have areas that are dry (the cheeks) and oily ( t-zone: nose, forehead and chin). i was sampled products that were fit for my skin type. and surprisingly, and not in a testimonial kind of way, right then and there, i saw some changes. and it was only sampled on the skin on my hands. i was also advised to start taking care of my skin especially the area under my eyes which was starting to show signs of fine lines leading to wrinkles (nooo!!! not yet not the W word! ) and from that warning, i decided to start with a beauty regimen that was advised. thank god it was only a 3-step thing. knowing how lazy i can get and how much i would prefer to just wash my face and go, this is easy for me to follow.

and the best part was, i got free products! yey! it may be samples but it's better than nothing.

and so day 1 started today and so far there were some minimal changes i can notice. #1 would be the pores on my nose which i call blackhead central feels a bit smoother vs using my usual facial wash that i thought exfoliates enough blackheads. oooh, this new product puts it to shame. i still have a week to go to really see the results according to them. which i plan to come back to them after a week to show them if there were any changes at all. so we'll see. :)

so what's this product? it's clinique. and their 3 step beauty regimen so far so good, rocks! try visitng the clinique counter in rustans makati, you might get a free consultation too and maybe some samples as well. :)

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