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My life unplugged

my daily thoughts and ramblings on motherhood, raising my kids, being a wife and everything else in between that matters in our life.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

last night's trip to the er

a few minutes after arriving home, one of the worst things i could have ever encountered as a mom happened. sure, there were accidents considering i am raising tow rowdy boys under the age of 4.

so anyway, while the nannies were clearing the dishes, kyle and keon running around the house. one thing led to another. kyle was running as usual, keon was standing still while eyeing a cartoon on the disney channel when suddely kyle collided with keon, and keon, well, bumped his head on the wall.

at first i thoughtit was just a bump, but hs cries told me otherwise. and then blood came gushing out. lots of them. i was panicking telling aishi that this is not the usual scrape on the head. it was literally a gaping hole on his forehead. my clothes were soaked with his blood. everybody was panicking, mom was trying to put betadine on his head, his nanny distracting him, while my little one was crying his eyes out. i told mom that this cannot be remedied anymore at home. so we had to take keon to the ER now.

kyle on the other hand, while everybody was preparing, sat quietly on the sofa. he kept on saying sorry keon, sorry keon. i guess, due to the panicking, aishi wasn't able to control himself and shouted at him causing fear and confusion with kyle. so i sat beside him, gave keon to his nanny for a bit. and told him that what he did was not his fault, he just has to make sure that next time it won't happen again.

so off we went to the ER. from the moment we entered the treatment area, to waiting for the bill, keon was crying his eyes out. can't blame him, his would was really big and thankfully, the ER doctors were patient and understanding.

as much as i would want to do a blow by blow account of everything, i can't. half of i was all a blur. and personally i hate going to emergency rooms.

by the time we got home, keon was calm, ok, back to his usual self dictating all the letters he sees. and was sleeping after 15 minutes.

i'm just happy that nothing bad happened to keon or kyle. the funny side to this though is that both brothers have been marked with scars from being too "malikot". but kyle still leads 2 to 1.

Here's keon this morning with the wound all covered up:

little harry potter in the making with that scar. hehe


ceztlavie said...

ay grabe! buti di mas grabe ang nangyari. i can just imagine kung gaano ang panic mo!

at least, keon's ok now. and i'm sure, kyle is too :)

ceztlavie said...

at sino naman si voldemort? hahaha! :P

Haze said...

cez: marami sila! haha

buti nga di pa sila nagpaparamdam eh. pero kung magparamdam man, deadma na. bwahaha!

Dyes said...

oh no! kakatakot naman yun! at least you had the mind to tend to kyle while caring for keon.

oh well, ganyan talaga maglabas ng energy ang mga bata. pero sana wag na uling hahantong sa er!