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My life unplugged

my daily thoughts and ramblings on motherhood, raising my kids, being a wife and everything else in between that matters in our life.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Yen's Question of the Week

i've joined Yen's Question of the Week. :)

1. Do you ever think about how your actions affect other people?

> yes i do, most of the time. i'm more of the sigurista type, that i make sure that what i did/do will not affect people in a negative way.

2. How good is your “emotional intelligence”?

> i'd like to say, very good. but i would prefer if people would grade me on this. :)

3. You are cordially invited to my Virtual Masquerade Ball.
Who/What will you disguise yourself as?

> a courtesan. puffy gowns and all.

4. How far apart are you from your closest sibling?

> 5 years older. my parents spaced us. hehe

5. Do you trust your feelings?

> yes i do. and i find it difficult to hide it from people. you'll know when i'm pissed, happy, nonchalant etc.

6. How much time do you spend with your family per week?

> i make up the time lost during weekends with my kids. so weekends are for mommy and daddy bonding. and gives the nannies a break.

7. What do you do if everything seems to be going wrong?

> here's the scary part, i usually go into depression for a while until i get a clearer perspective then weigh the things that happened. and believe me, i hate it when this happens. i also tend to rant and rant and rant even if no one wants to listen.

8. How do you decide between “right” and “wrong”?

> i weigh options. what if i did this, what would happen, if i did this, what would happen. then decide from there what's wrong or right. but usually i go for the gut feeling and woman's instinct.

9. Is your personality more like that of your father or your mother?

> a mix of both, i'm more of my dad when it comes to being independent, friendly and musically inclined. i'm a bit of my mom in terms of neatness and holding on to things worth keeping.

10. Do you find blatant burping and farting offensive?

> if it's my kids doing it, not at all. we find it fun and amusing. but if the adults did it, especially in public, it's very offensive.

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