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my daily thoughts and ramblings on motherhood, raising my kids, being a wife and everything else in between that matters in our life.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

terrible twos part 2- the keon chronicles

we're back on the the terrible twos bandwagon, this time with keon. i blogged about Kyle's terrible twos and as much as i avoid comparing the two, it's quite different and literally a whole new experience for us.

it's amazing how i am raising two different individuals at such a young age.

keon's almost there with a few months to spare hitting the big 2, and he has started with his mood swings. to enumerate:

> his crying has become frequent. from crying because he wants to go upstairs to crying because he wants to play with his kuya's toys.
> to waking up in the middle of the night crying, and wouldn't want to be put down. so i had to try to sleep while carrying him - sitting.
> to using me or his nanny to manipulate us into doing the things he want. going outside, refusing to take a bath or preferring a certain toy while taking a bath, playing with my laptop while i work/surf at home, asking for food if he sees someone eating to basically anything and everything to get what he wants.
> hates the fact that when i say no. and would resort to going to daddy to appeal his case.
> knowing how to fight back when his kuya gets to bully him.

and the list goes on...

my little man is quite the character compared to his kuya. he can make fun of his kuya when kyle's the one throwing the tantrums, but is quite the relief since kyle would then stop crying out of humiliation because his shoti's laughing at him. which works everytime. what he does is he squats infront of his kuya and mock him - laughing or imitating his cry.

but the thing is, i'm usually at the losing end when it's his turn throwing tantrums, one minute he wants me to be his protector, the next i'm the enemy. there are times that he would run to his nanny asking for sympathy. good thing his nanny knows better.

thank god for parenting resources on how to handle the terrible twos or else i would have cried my eyes out with kyle and keon.

how did you handle your child's terrible twos?

1 comment:

mEldita said...

Deadma na lang until she stops sobbing and tell me clearly what she wants :D