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my daily thoughts and ramblings on motherhood, raising my kids, being a wife and everything else in between that matters in our life.

Monday, April 14, 2008

kyle's first day in summer school

playing with the toys =)


Today was kyle’s first day in summer school. And he was up for a lot of changes. One, he has to wake up at 630 for his 8-10 class. His service would pick him up at around 715 to 730. today wasn’t a problem. Minus the crying because he wasn’t in the mood to take a bath. But a little coaxing and sacrificing Thomas went on without a hitch. (poor Thomas though, he won’t run on batteries anymore since he got all wet)

Two, on the way to school he just drank his milk. Asking where’s the school. Then upon arriving, there were some kids already, kyle wasn’t too shy to enter the classroom. He was happy to wear his name tag and play with the blocks. His teacher was very attentive to each student making sure they would be comfy as much as possible. At first I was too shy to bring out my camera do document kyle’s first day, but within moments, every parent present was carrying a camera and one even had a video camera. How’s that for stage parents?

But the fun didn’t stop there. Kyle was quite clingy and would follow me where I went. I wanted to see if he can handle himself independently but I guess he isn’t that ready yet. In the coming days or weeks I guess. It was a first day so can’t blame my little boy for being a bit shocked.

There was this one incident during story time where kyle didn’t listen to the story. He saw this toy/mat that he wanted to play with. Since he can’t reach it, he started to cry. Which was quite embarrassing for me. But teacher was quite understanding. So I had to bring kyle out for a while to calm him down and explain to him that it’s story time and he has to listen to the story.

Good thing that the session lasted for an hour. I’m hoping tomorrow he would last 2 hours along with snack time. =) have to tell kyle’s nanny that once kyle goes inside the classroom, she won’t show herself so that he won’t get clingy and look for me or his nanny. And cross our fingers everything goes well.

Oh, and he got two star stamps on his hands. It was supposed to be one star each student but, he really fell in line and went up to his teacher to ask for another star stamp. How’s that for assertive? Haha.

This is such a proud mommy moment. And in that one hour I totally forgot I was down with the flu.

Good job kyle!!


Daiz said...

Looks like fine! I'm sure Kyle enjoyed his first summer class. =)

stranger by the day said...

Big boy Kyle!! =) He's so amazing!