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My life unplugged

my daily thoughts and ramblings on motherhood, raising my kids, being a wife and everything else in between that matters in our life.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

mommy, the worrywart

it's 850 here in the office and kyle's in school. keon's at home most likely still sleeping.

and i'm worried on how kyle's doing in school right this moment. a lot of questions have been bothering me on the way to the office. actually the moment i stepped out of the school gates:

did he throw a tantrum already? did he fight over a toy with a classmate? did he join the morning song and prayer? will he participate in class? will he finally talk to his classmates?

funny thing on the way to school. kyle was eating his hello panda snack. in front of him was his classmate Ozmo (don't ask me why). i told him to give him some, he might be hungry. he obliged, but the funny thing was, he gave a piece to Ozmo's mom not directly to Ozmo. maybe he was indirectly asking his mom if it was ok to give Ozmo a piece of it. or maybe it was a ploy to play with Ozmo's thomas. he was actually holding the same thomas the tank toy kyle has at home. haha

i just love saying that kid's name: OZMO...

another day and i'm going to think about my kids.

and for sure i'll be more paranoid when keon starts going to school too. worrywart times 2. bah.


just got word from kyle's nanny that kyle had so much fun at school. along with the usual distractions from the given activities. but i have faith in his teacher. so tomorrow will be another day, this time, minus ate aisa in the classroom with kyle. oh, and i heard he made a new friend today. one step at a time! good job kyle!!

now i'm off to look for kiddie aprons. cooking class for kyle tomorrow! yey!

the only dilemma: they want the kids to bring their family pictures. uhm... we don't have that yet! haha!! sad :(

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