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My life unplugged

my daily thoughts and ramblings on motherhood, raising my kids, being a wife and everything else in between that matters in our life.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

when they cry

i was having a hard time sleeping last night because i was quite disturbed and concerned about our neighbor's kid. she was crying her little lungs out for a good 20 minutes. i wanted so much to go there and hug her and hush her to sleep. but obviously i can't, i'm not her mother.

isn't it quite surprising that once you become a mom, you gain this special sixth sense when you hear your kids cry. you instantly know what kind of cry it is. pain, hunger, boredom, wanting some hugs and comfort, etc. each cry has a distinct sound. and some people just can't get that motherly instinct that we have. but once you get to be a mom, a certain switch turns on. believe me ;)

so anyway, last night, this little angel was crying. at first it was a cry of hunger. she calmed down for a few minutes then started crying again. this time it was a mix of crying because of pain ( she might be down with something and couldn't do anything or maybe she still has colic) and a cry of frustration. can't blame the kid, it was late in the night and i guess she wants to sleep but she can't because of what she's feeling.

i tried to check them since we get quite a good view of their room from our window. i wanted so much to ask if there's anything i could do. but that would be too friendly and might be interpreted as eavesdropping on them. the motherly instinct in me wanted so much to hug her and calm her down. which i'm sure her mom's doing the best she can for her baby. and i could feel her frustration in trying to calm her baby. i went through that too. part of the mommy requirement.

and in that moment i said a little prayer to God thanking him that my kids are easy to calm down. all they need is a good hug and some kisses. thanking him that they're not as fussy as the baby next door. that my kids' needs are attended to the best way we can.

and i'm sure that little girl gets the same treatment as my kids do. she has a loving mom and dad.

it was just she was having a really bad night. hopefully tonight, she'll have a peaceful sleep and she gets better if she is sick.


Daiz said...

So true. Since becoming a mother, every time I hear or see a kid crying I want to hold him in my arms to stop him from crying.

Mec said...

maybe it's the heat getting to that baby....

weird no... when you become a mother, you want to mother every child :)