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My life unplugged

my daily thoughts and ramblings on motherhood, raising my kids, being a wife and everything else in between that matters in our life.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

if only it was that easy kid...

i seriously envy those moms who have jumped the fence to stay at home mommy-hood. the perks of being with your kids 24/7.

sadly i'm one of the few who has to work to make ends meet (dramatic yes) and to save up for their futures. not that i'm saying sahms are not earning. the mommy bloggers are quite the rage now and an emerging target market. i'm just happy and blessed that with the work i have, i can still blog and earn while meeting deadlines, making presentations, and reaching quotas. good thing the paid opps are usually given at night so there's no conflict with work. one click of the publish button and i'm done.

so anyway, the point of this entry is that, i wanted to share something my eldest kyle told me. he's been quite vocal already and the conversations that we have are quite entertaining. it feels like i'm not talking to a 3 year old but someone much older than he is.

it was only last week when we were both watching cartoons while waiting for his schoolbus to arrive when he told me this:

"mommy, don't go office na ha? stay here with kyle and keon. wait for me to go home after school"

right then and there my heart melted at the though that my son wanted to be with me more than the hours we spend when i get home from work. admittedly, i had a few lapses. i came home late seeing him peacefully asleep. keon, on the other hand has been prepped for bedtime.

i wanted so much to drop everything and not go to work at all. to bug and cuddle and play with my kids all day.

but reality-wise, it's not that practical at all. as much as i would want to, there's this me inside with pride that would prefer to work and earn money through my own efforts and struggles. i'd rather not let all the burden fall on aishi's hands. as long as we're here in this country, i have to make sacrifices.

maybe, when we get to migrate in 2 year's time. things might make a 360 degree turn.

but for now, kyle and keon, it's not that easy. but soon. mommy will find a way. i want to be a WAHM you know...


mEldita said...

hugs haze! true, it's way different if you earn your own money, getting extra (like in blogging) and helping the family, parang may sense of pride na I have a contribution in this family at hindi lang ako basta basta mom or SAHM! (batu bato sa langit, tamaan guilty! :D)

I'll be a SAHM again starting tom. if before ang blogging is just an extra savings for us, ngayon dibdiban na since for savings and contribution na din sa family. Hopefully i find another job. Ayaw ko na sa ortigas, hang layo! hehehe!!!

Good luck to all of us! In time, maiintindihan din ng mga kids natin ang mga sacrifices natin :)

my untamed world
my uncensored life
meme me

Maver said...

hay, hay, hay haze...

if only...if only...

but give yourself credit. it takes an extra amount of strength and courage to face the corporate world knowing that you leave a set of tiny hands and sad eyes (two sets for you, in fact) at home.

this too, shall pass. and i sincerely hope that you get your dream of being with your kids 24/7 soon.

kaya natin to :)

Haze said...

meldita: wow congrats sa iyo! karirin mo na yang pag blog. hehe

maver: sinabi mo pa. mag gugustuhin ko ata na ako ang sinasabihan ng bye bye kaysa ako ang nagpapaalam. haay... soon, darating din ako dyan.

salamat sa pagmamahal (naks!) =)

ceztlavie said...

naku haze! how i wish i could stay at home too. nasabihan na rin ako ng ganyan ni caitlin...

caitlin: "mommy, dito ka na lang sa house"
me: "di pwede. paano tayo makakabili ng toys, milk, diapers nyo?"
caitlin: "e di, si daddy na lang"

o di ba?! kaso si talaga pwede. sa panahon ngayon, di kaya na 1 lang ang nagwowork. unless siguro super yaman di ba?