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my daily thoughts and ramblings on motherhood, raising my kids, being a wife and everything else in between that matters in our life.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

late for a meeting. i hate it!

one of my pet peeves is being tardy. as much as possible, i make sure to arrive on time. my being tardy often happens when there's an assigned vehicle. you have to wait for it as compared to commuting where you have full control on what time to leave. this is what i love about commuting, i can plan out what time i should leave, the estimated arrival time factoring in the traffic and other scenarios.

and this is one incident where i was fuming inside. i had a 230pm meeting in makati with a client. here in our office, we reserve vehicles a day before to take us to our meetings. unfortunately due to the cost cutting measures our office mandated, we had to make do with sharing vehicles with other people or having the driver drop off the first person then pass by for the next in the office to be taken to their destination. i'm not complaining about the procedure. i totally agree with it, with the weekly gas price increase, it's really going to be hell.

what i hate is the organization of the trips. i just found out on the day itself that i was scheduled with a trip all the way to alabang at 1230. take note mine is at 200pm. (i always include a 30 minute leeway) so i called the driver up and asked him if he's in the office already. but what do you know, he's stuck in traffic in Magallanes. i didn't pry as to what time he left and if he made little stop overs along the way. strike one: he answered in a cool manner like it didn't matter if i would be late for my meeting. stike two: called him after 30 mins (yes i was still in the office patiently waiting for him) took 4 rings to answer and said, mam nasa edsa pa ako. and he hung up. nice. strike three: when i was finally able to go to my meeting (thank god the person i was meeting with was still in a meeting) he had the guts to say that i shouldn't take long since he has to go back to alabang and fetch the one who was the cause of my tardiness!

the nerve! he was even trying to make small talk and making funny quips. which was rewarded with silence from yours truly.

this is absolutely annoying that i was late for a meeting that i scheduled. but was ruined by people who do not have any decency to know that our meetings are very important. palibhasa kasi nasa office lang sila lagi.

-rant over-

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