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my daily thoughts and ramblings on motherhood, raising my kids, being a wife and everything else in between that matters in our life.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

IT for Me

One night while watching House, Aishi and I had an out of the blue discussion: What if we could go back to school, what would we pursue?

Aishi wanted to take up his masters, this would help a lot in the field and the management level that he is in. he would certainly learn a lot and share with his subordinates. i'm sure aishi would excel when he does take it up.

He then reverted the question to me, if i were given a chance what would i take up in school? i didn't wait for a second to answer, i wanted to take up IT, web design, and web programming. in the field that i am in, this is a huge requirement. as of now i'm just learning through online tutorials when i have the free time at work. i'd love to go back to school as much as aishi does. aishi was even kind enough and surprisingly very much concerned that i want to pursue an IT course, he recommended to get aCisco certification.

i have to agree, with thr growing need to be online almost 24/7, you need the best people with IT experience and the numbers are growing. take for example my bro G, who has one semester to go and a lot of opportunities have been presented to him. a degree / certification in IT would open a lot of doors to a great career whether in programming, design, animation. you wouldn't appreciate your disney movies if not for those cool IT guys. or the sites you visit everyday, it wouldn't be up and running if not for the IT guys.

once the finances are in order, you'll see lining up and taking up course on IT and web design. hey, i might even throw in a SEO certification. now that would be sweet!

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