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my daily thoughts and ramblings on motherhood, raising my kids, being a wife and everything else in between that matters in our life.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

PPBC # 6: What type of Parent are you?

This edition is hosted by Daddy Angel, you can view the submissions here:

Today's Topic: What type of Parent are you?

From what i noticed with myself in terms of taking care of the kids, i'm more of a mom-in-between. i'd like to think of myself as the fun mom/parent but at the same time the disciplinarian as well.

Me being the fun mom: i've created a lot of make believe games and funny tricks to make my kids go to bed, eat their meals, stay put or just do what they're being told to do. and not to bad mouth hubby or anything, but for obvious reasons, the kids prefer to play with mommy than with daddy. i find it heartbreaking for hubby's part but, you have to give him credit in making all the effort for them to play with him. on the lighter side is, the kids have their own games with daddy as compared to mine. so i guess it's just a matter of preference and mood.

Me as a disciplinarian: there are times when they do test my patience, i do give them warnings, when i exhausted 3 warnings and they still continue to do it, i get their hands, palms facing up and spank them - not too gentle and not too hard either. just enough to let them feel the spank. but then after the deed, i explain to them what merited them the spanking. amazingly, we only had a few lapses. the spankings are at a minimal level since they know when to stop when they hear mommy's angry voice and see mommy's angry face.

Personally, i think i'm a student parent as well. i learn so much from my kids that i can never learn from school. my kids are one of the best teachers. i've learned to appreciate the little things, to laugh all out and without a care in the world, that it's ok to ask, that nap times are the best, hugs and kisses are free, that it's ok to cry. and in return i teach them to figure things out for themselves, to pursue what they want, never be afraid to be curious, to fight for what they believe is right, the privilege to argue/debate, and to know that we, as their parents can be their friends as well.

wow. i had fun with this week's topic. looking forward to the coming topics!


Guardian Angel said...

Wonderful entry. I agree, parents should also learn from their children.

Thanks for joining.

Guardian Angel said...

The summary has been posted last Aug 3. Sorry for the delayed information because I am having problems with my connection these past few days.

Thanks again for joining.

The Kind of Parent that We Are – Pinoy Parenting Blog Carvival 6th Edition

Jena Isle said...

I like most especially the line about you learning from your kids. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

theworkingmom said...

"Personally, i think i'm a student parent as well. i learn so much from my kids that i can never learn from school."

What a great comment! :)